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saagarwa 2009-12-02 11:59:33


Hello All,
Does anyone has any idea about the Nasr school admission for LKG? from today they have started giving admission forms for nursery and the eligibility criteria is 2yrs 6mon - 3yrs 6mon.........and they are charging 500 per application form......then u have to submit the application form followed by interview, of my relatives daughter will be 3yrs 8mon by June they might reject the applicaiton in Nasr and they are saying if they have vacancy in LKG......any idea what to do? and are they any good schools nearby this area........

mickey 2010-01-19 09:11:44


Hi ,

Nasr interviews are going on. You can  join the child  in Nursery only as they don't admit children in PP1(LKG) and PP2(UKG). Some kids repeat Nursery if its really a good school . U can as well talk to the management and see.....






sufh 2011-09-05 17:14:14


 hiiiii,my child will be of exact 3yrs in this dec.2011,will she get admission in nasr easily..i taught her basic essentials like oral alphabets and their recognition,counting,identifying colours.animals.fruits etc..i would like to the fees structure and when and how to take admission.


mickey 2011-09-06 12:35:14


 Hi Sufh, Admission notification for Nursery ( Nasr Pre-primary) will be given in Dec. You can look for it in Deccan Chronicle or  keep in touch with Parentree.........

The fee should be roughly around  60- 65K or so. I paid 52K, excluding transport (12K)  for 2010-2011. Transport this yr is 15K.



Cherri 2011-09-14 19:27:50


Hi Mickey,

Could you pls  give your feed back/ insights abt Nasr Pre Primary school . You are the right person to give the complete review on this school as your daughter is studying in this school. Many parents are interested in this school. Your feed back will be greatly helpful to parents.

Sry mickey , i am asking too many questions.

1) Are you fully satisfied with this school. are there any negative points abt this school?

2) how is their way of teaching  and methodologies ( i knew it is ICSE school).

3) do the  teachers give any home work  for LKG and UKG children?

4) do the teachers pay attention on each child?

5) how is the teachers and students ratio?

6) do the teachers maintain dairy from Nursey?

7) as the children at pre primary level are too young, they can not communicate/tell their parents what is being taught to them in the school and the parents do not know what is happening in the school. how the teachers communicate with the parents in this school. how the parents know what s happening in the school or class?

8) what are extra circular activites do teh children participate at pre primary level in this school? do teh teachers encourage all the children to participate in extra cicurlar activites?

9) how the weak children cope up ? do the teachers pay any special attention on weak students?

10) in case , if teh childrens mother tangue is telugu and as the pre primary children knew only telugu language,  how the children speack english when the teachers insist them to speack in english in the school premisis?

11) what is the syllabus taught to LKG and UKG children ?

12) when do children start learning the second language either hindi or telugu etc alphabets?

thanks in advance.



mickey 2011-09-15 10:19:10


 Hi Cherri,
Please go through my detailed review of Nasr-Pre-prmary written to  Namita on 4thJan 2011 in the below link where you can find answers to many of your questions.

I will reply later to all your questions as soon as i get some time. You will find most of  the answers in my above post.




Cherri 2011-09-15 18:22:57


Thanks for your quick reply Mickey.

appreciate your help.

I think you are a working mom. How do you manage  your kids and things at work place?



mickey 2011-09-16 18:04:26


 Hi Cherri,
I quit working coz i wanted to devote more time to my  daughters.
Presently at home and planning to study further and improve my skillset ...

Cheers !


Cherri 2011-09-16 18:24:08



Good to hear  Mickey.   I really appreciate you.


mickey 2011-10-19 20:27:30


  Hi Cherry,

 Hope you could get answers to all your questions from the above link.
I will however post the answers in brief.

1. I am satisfied  to the extent of  90 %..... No school can be perfect in everything.
I find the class strength more and the campus a bit small.  But as there are two teachers per section, i  haven't  found any problem till date. The teachers are well trained n very considerate, so that makes up for any loopholes.

2. They have a mix of all teaching methodologies.  There is no stress.

3. There is no HW in Nursery/PP1 (LKG)/PP2 (UKG). However, a worksheet is given every friday by which we can make out what has been taught in that week. The worksheet consists of 2 or 3 pages.

4. Yes, the teachers do pay attention. We can make out from their detailed report card and their feedback during Parent Teachers Meeting and every thursday too. You can meet the teachers n see  your child's activities n books on thursdays if u r interested and know the progress / feedback of your child.

I only have problem with  my daughter's tiffin box coz she hardly eats in school.
As the school is just for 3 hrs, i don't bother much coz she is at home by 11:30 am. 
One can't blame the teachers for that. 

5. It is almost 40 /41/42  students  :2  teachers in PP1. It was less in Nursery.

6. There is no dairy in Nursery, but the communication is done through  slips/circulars from school which is pinned to their activity sheet (colouring or craft)  which they do in school  everyday in Nursery. In PP1/PP2 too, the notes are sent whenever something has to be communicated to parents. At times, teachers do call parents on phone too.

7.  You can meet teachers every thursday after 12 noon  to know the feedback of your child . 

8.  Yes, children are encouraged to paricipate in various activities. Every child is also given an opportunity to recite poem or tell a  short story in assembly. Apart from these, there are dress codes for every festival and children are told the importance of those festivals by making  them do a relevant activity. They have poem recitations , fancy dress competitions, group singing /dancing. All activities/events/holidays are followed strictly as per the school's calendar. 

9. They do pay  attention to weak children n  tell u the alternate ways  to  build the confidence  in your child  and how to improve upon. You can always talk to the teachers and keep a track of your child.

10.You don't have to worry about the language. Children automatically learn. The teachers and caretakers are considerate enough. It is better to speak to your daughter in English too at home along with your mother tongue coz the teachers insist on English and they have a special  grade alloted for speaking n comprehending skills too.

11. I find the syllabus quite less  for PP1 & PP2 when compared to other schools. 
You can make out  the syllabus when the books are given in the month of June or so.  In Nursery, everything was oral. In PP1 along with alphabets , the kids learn the usage of  vowels, 3 letter words and numbers from 1 to 20 only.  You don't have to worry about the syllabus. It is quite less.

12. Second language starts from class 1 in Nasr.

Sorry for the delayed response. .. Actually I thought  of calling up and letting u know. If there is anything more, u could call me anytime.

Hope this helps.



Cherri 2011-10-19 23:13:48



Thanks a lot for your detailed reply. . really it is very helpul to  parents who wants to join their kids in NAsr school.

really apreciate your contribution to parenttree .





Salim9 2012-01-23 16:26:53


 Hi Mickey,

My daughter is studying in Nursery class @ Bachpan School Tolichowki . In next month(Feb) she is going to complete 3 years.  I am planning to repeat Nursery but definitely not in same School. I heard lot about Nasr School. Many parents are interested in this school. Your feed back will be greatly helpful to parents.

Is there any chance to get admission in Nursery class for 2012-13? I know this has started in month of December but due to some personal problem I was out of Hyderabad city for 2 months.






mickey 2012-01-23 17:04:47


 Hi Salim,

Interviews n admissions are already over in Nasr. You can meet the Headmistress in person and talk to her and see if she can consider your case.
The final list is yet to be displayed. You can see my feedback in the above post.



Salim9 2012-01-24 11:24:10


 Thanks Mickey for your swift response.




Kajjol 2012-12-06 08:54:03


Nasr school is still following traditional methodology of teaching without any practical exposure. They do not follow much activity based studies.Icse course is vast and they have close to 50 students per class so personal attention is not possible to every student. Parents need to put lot of effort to make children learn things at home. They do not have term tests but they conduct frequent weekly test and if kids will not score good marks consistently in that then teachers do not hesitate to put blame on parents. So if you want a school with good name and can effort to teach most of the things to kid at home go for NASR.

 Ignorant of all these things we joined our daughter in NASR paying heavy donation. School timings are from 8:15 am to 11 am. Things were ok till pp-1 but from pp-2 onwards when the real studies got introduced we came to know the real picture. Teacher give preference to the kids who are outgoing however if your kid is not among the top performers they just neglect them. In extra curricular activities as well they only select the student who can win trophies for their class. I found there is competition among the teachers not students. Lot of stress on kids of tender age and parents as every teacher want more number of student to get A+ grade in report card. It must have been good if teacher pays some attention and parent can take care of rest. But due to 40-50 students in class teachers fails to pay attention to all in the limited school time. As it is an old school with good name they do not even care if any parent have any concern. I tried multiple times to express my concern to teachers , in fact to principal as well but no use. They say no exam till 5th class but surprisingly they do weekly test and give scores to pp-2 as well. My kid scored well in all papers but still I found very bad comments about her in the report card. When I enquired the reason, class teacher argued for a while but after showing my kids evaluation papers and good scores she was ready to change the report card. I was wondering about their system. Many times teachers make kids stand outside the class, on bench, even slaps too if they forget few words from rhyme or spellings. I got highly disappointed with all these things. Finally decided to move my kid from there. Bad part of the story is, it is 2 months we discontinued from nasr but no one till date from school called to ask why suddenly a kid is stopped coming to school. They took pp-1 and pp-2 fees at the starting of pp-1 only. So they do not care if any one leaves the school or if any parent is upset with teachers. My lesson is we should not go just with name of the school. Many of my daughters friends parents are still going through same trauma , god bless them!

ukr 2012-12-06 17:33:18


 Hi Kajjol,

I am interested to join my daughter in NASR. May I know how much donation you paid. At least a rough figure so that I can take decision based on donation figure too.


Cherri 2012-12-06 20:01:58


Hi Kajjol,

which school you opted for your kid now?  can you pls give your feed back about the new school. so that many parents will be benifited.

Thank you



Kajjol 2012-12-09 20:01:01



For Nursery they charged us 55K+ at once, no term wise fees concept! After that for PP-1 and PP-2 they took 45K+ at one go, that to in the beginning of PP-1(for both the years) so even if we think to change the school in between the terms, basically we will be losing our money. My personal experience is just for 3 hrs schooling and old infrastructure 50-60K is not worth. Again I heard from few other parents that the fees they paid was little different from ours. Basically range of 40k-80K. Looks like they treat people differently! Try your luck.Hi Cherry,After series of bad experience in Nasr I literally did a research on schools. I personally visited international schools like Manthan,Rockwell,CGR, Sri… and other established schools like Meridian, Global edge, Euro school, Oxford Grammar list is long. Thing is that, I did not want my kid to go to such a worst school like Nasr anymore where the basic teaching ethics are missing. I found CGR is good, especially the principal and their teaching methodology. My only concern for CGR was, it is a new school with less number of students and it has up to Grade-V. My search ended at Orchids The International, Madhapur. I really loved it. They have all good infrastructures, cooperative staff and an excellent principal. The admin people spend close to 4 hrs with us explaining each and every small thing they conduct for students at school. They have good transport/mess facility(optional),caring teacher who pays personal attention to each of the kid (student teacher ratio is 1:15 per class and max 1:20), apart from studies they motivate the kids to participate in all extracurricular activities like chess, classical dance, karate, swimming, assembly performance… many more. In just 4 weeks my kid participated and performed on stage, won prizes in various intra school activities competition and primarily coped up with studies in the new school due to supportive environment.  Management is really doing a great job in communicating things to parents by sending emails to personal ids, SMS, updating important things in school website/class blogs, sending notes in daily home diary. ! I feel it is important for the kid not just to do well in studies but having over all personality development where both school and parents have an equal role to play. So far my experience is very good with Orchids. Hope this good experience continues… Thank you             

Syrus 2013-01-19 23:01:51


Hi Kajjol,

Sensing your frustration is easy from what you wrote and empathy is a small word here. I would like to share my thoughts here specifically for the "Donation" part.

For 2013-14 session I put into lot of effort to find a good CBSE school for my kid.
(Below are my personal opinion and I don't wish to hurt anyone here.)

Chinmaya-Kundanbag - In the year 2001 One leading newspaper put this school in highlights as the best school in Hyderabad. Things have changed since then and very rapidly in last 3 years. Quality of education is now questionable. Especially you will find unhappy parents and teachers putting comments on social sites / blogs.
Also I came to know that if you are not attached to any Mission/Trust/Holy-Cow (apologies but this is the word fits here) then you are not worthy there.

BVB-JH - 30 seats : 1066 applicants (WOW) Yes wonderful school but not so wonderful admission procedure. 120 - 30 = 90 seats are reserved for Alumni, JH Society and teachers....really!! Hard to find. But there is no doubt that the school is good.

JHPS - 7 to 8 sections and nice facilities to have but at cost. The society takes your interview and not the school teachers. So there is a good business done. This year parents were so liberal that they donation amount rocketed upto 2.5L
and not so good school (not so hard to understand).

The list is long......and I can go on. I hope you are intelligent enough to understand what I am trying to establish here.


AnuGeorge 2014-02-06 09:24:27


What Kajjol mentioned about NASR is absolutely true.
I am a parent of NASR student till the previous year.
They are highly rude towards the students who do not score A / A+ grades (of course, my daughter was always in A+)..
It is pathetic in academics and can be advised for slow learners.
My best suggestion to parents is that you can join your children in NASR if you like them to pass on their time with functions and parties.
If you want serious academics with reasonable activities, do not opt for NASR.

cdacpenguin 2014-02-07 12:26:34


hi AnuGeorge
Do you still plan to continue in Nasr for your good then.

AnuGeorge 2014-02-07 20:15:54


I have already changed the school in 2013-14 academic year.
Their Nursery class rooms are classic examples of how a so called reputed school can exploit the parents.
It is not at all worth of a fee of Rs. 80000 for Nursery.

kanna4455 2016-03-28 22:34:05


hi... i am a parent of nasr too...i do agree to most of the things u have mentioned but things have changed this year n a lot many changes have happened this year.. a few to quote....the pyjama party which was organised last month had all the children participating and they all had a blast..also  for the sports day all the parents were given a choice to make their child participate.the parent teacher meetings r also organised with timeslots with not much waiting...but i totally agree to the fact that that the teacher to child ratio is very high which is why the teachers are unable to manage....anyways lets hope for many more changes in the next years....

rehab285 2017-12-14 17:55:51


Hi Mickey is ur daughter still studying in nasr school ..I m seeking admission for my daughters in nasr for pp2 and 3rd grade...can u please guide how to go about it and give ur updated review about the school now


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