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RITZANAND 2009-12-02 09:44:56



Any reviews for Jain Heritage School in Hyderabad. Its apparently a new school opened in 2009 with not much information available.



joyefun 2010-01-28 19:05:06


hi...currently my son is in the pre-primary of jain and we regret our choice for our child..We found many flaws in the infrastucture  that r not suitable for primary wing..The teacher  student ratio is 1:22 as on jan2010.Not as 1:10 as promised during admission.....just checkout the campus before taking any decision......

good luck.



Luckyy 2010-02-10 14:58:12



my kid is going to first grade in this school. He really loves it.

1. I'm a working parent. In his previous school for everything we (parents) has to get things done... like costumes for Dance program or Home work etc. Here they take care of it. Peace of mind.  2. Mode of teaching: I have seen his class teacher Ms Rashmi doing a very good job. I really appreciate the way she deals with these kids. She appreciates for small things also, and boasts their confidence levels. I don't believe in huge homeworks, mugging up or stress on kids. They have to understand and then explore. This school does not impose such things on kids.    3. Transport: very responsible. Though they are in their infantry stages, doing well.  4. Teachers, Principal respond very well. They kept their promise on new play ground.  5. Food: This school teaches our culture and values to kids. Imagine my son can say whole bojan mantra. My son is a pricky eater. But he says he likes the food there. And he never had any stomach upset etc due to food. I'm going to continue in this school next year also.  I’m Happy with this school.  



roshi 2010-02-25 17:05:03


hi, where is it. and my daughter is now going 2nd can i shift there and  wht about fee structure.                                                                                                                                     


abhay1122 2010-03-27 20:18:24


pleaseeeeeeee don't put your child into jain heritage school ,they are totally fraud ! using the bangalore name ,even there also they don't come in a good school .check with any parents of class one to know the real thing about the school ,they didn't had any thing ready before the school started ,wheather it is ,campus or a playground or school bus or uniform any thing ,too much partiality is there in the school specially  in class one coo's daughet is there who onl get to participate every where and get the prize,full focus is on that girl only ........ now another latest prob is that there are 2 boya in class one who use abuse language in the classs hit other kid badly  dhows there middle finger ,still school is just counsling ,and other children are learning that language ,they hit badly to some children and school couldn't do any thing ,it's not at all safe school .even the teacher's are not experienced enough... they only say lot of thing about the activity but don't teach any thing to child ,just a good food and busses ,children can't breath enough in the class room .now when the session is getting over the play ground has been redy which is also there focus is more on to start the morning classes rahter then focus for school children .


Neha79 2010-07-13 09:21:42



can you please provide me contact number of  this school .. i want to join my daugher in this school jain haritage hyderabad .. we recently move to india .. so it would be great if u provide me contact details about this school 





mickey 2010-07-13 10:18:20


Hi Neha,

Below are the contact details of Jain Heritage School at Kondapur.


You can also contact Mr. Chandrasekhar for admissions on +91 9949488181



chinnnna 2010-10-07 10:16:39


jain heritage school is very nice..its an international school with all facilities......AM unhappy for you because school is not providing holidays for dussera..very unhappy.........


Nimz 2010-10-20 14:43:24


It will be personal experiences that decides ones opinions.. esp when it is do with small children.

I surely wouldn't recommend this school for small children.. my son studies in nursery.. he cant even come and complain.. and i get to  know things much later..

only thing i know is he comes home v upset from school.. the teachers are not bothered.   and i have had many bad experieces and their school transport is also pathetic..

may be bcoz its a new school.. but i surely wont recommend for small children.

My word of caution is do not put you young children there..







aysh 2011-03-21 15:28:44


 I am happy with Jain Heritage, in the way they have bought up my child, they are not just good at acedamics but also tremendously good at sports...

Would recommend Jain Heritage to every parent, as theres lot  your child can learn from them. My child says learning is fun there... 


Snehu 2011-04-30 19:33:38


 Hi everyone, 

I am new to this forum. Having read through the comments - I feel sad for Jain Heritage team. I know them since an year now and trust me they are very approachable and very straight forward. I have had many occassions to meet their management and the teachers in connection to my kids classes and activities. They are doing a decent job and are trying to make evrything possible to provide good exposure to the little kids. They have their challenges, but when you see so many schools mushrooming like weeds around this part of the city (Madhapur - Kondapur Area) - Jain is the safest bet for our kids. They have a background and I think they are good in their core delivery. I have seen a remarkable change in my son and we as a family has decided to shift our daughter to the same school. 


gkr101 2011-05-03 16:59:54


Jain Heritage is not a great school and their fee is also very high, and the response is also not great from them..


NiluT 2011-05-14 09:38:15


After having read through the various posts - I am to conclude that the best thing in choosing the school for our kids is to personally visit the school, meet the management and the staff, go thorugh their offerings and decide. It is unfair to come to conclusion on such comments as they can be easily manipulated and  doctored to promote or harm the reputation of the school.

What does it take for anyone to create an ID and post positive or negative comments about a school. Innocent and geniune parents like us who rely completely on such parents forum as we are relocating from other parts of the city are misled and left confused.

I personally feel that this accesibility of technology to all is turning out to be a competitors weapon and not a forum for serious parents.



Nimz 2011-05-14 11:39:25


 I dont think that it is completely true.   Yes there is a possibility of creating fake ids as they do in many other networking sites, but the comments from many of us are genuine.  

It is completely up on you to go through the feedback on the websites or not. But giving a sweeping statement that all these are fake and hence it is misleading is misleading in itself.  It is just your personal opinion and not the truth.

As for myself I am a genuine parent and the comment I gave is also true from my side. There is no compulsion to believe the feedback written here.  But the main idea of this kind of medium is to help each other and share views and opinions.

Do keep us posted on what school you decide for your child and your feedback as it will help many other parents in the future.


Happy Schooling!!


Snehu 2011-05-23 14:15:24


I do agree with the point that all the comments / posts here are not fake. there are genuine parents like us who feel the need to share their veiws and help their fellow mates about the schools.

But one thing I would like to make it clear thorugh this forum that NOTHING WILL SUBSTITUTE PERSONAL VISITS TO SCHOOL and learning the schools philosophy through observation and discussions.



BV 2011-11-21 08:53:50


 I have been reading articles from this site since July 2011. I must say I dont think I have come across, atleast to my belief, a bogus/fake review. The details are far too personal to be a fake one.

Having said that, its upto the parent to take the decision based on his/her own opinion. And many often go to the option where there are no negative comments. After all, its the child's health and mind in question. And once you put your money in, you are stuck for an year atleast.

So read a lot, search a lot, take notes, visit the school, locate few parents and talk to them. Then finally take your decision.



Chaitusri 2011-11-22 17:57:29


read a lot, search a lot, take notes, visit the school, locate few parents and talk to them. Then finally take your decision.


Yes BV exactly this is what we need to do...even then also we may not get a school which we want .That was my experience in the selection of good daycare and scholl for my son. In the last 2 weeks I am going through many posts in this forum, and personally calling to friednds to know about different schools which people are refering as a good one. Finally with everyone and with every school feedback I am getting only one summary point, that is "it's not the one exactly what you want or atleast not to near by to the definition of education, though comparitively it's a good and above average school".

This answer is throwing me into a deep well and saying still need much research, and myself totally in a confused state on what basis we need to call a school as good one.

That doesn't mean I don't know the answer. As a daughter of two government teachers,I know the basics what I need to expect from a school,still an unhappy parent with today's education system and it's business.




HyderabadParent 2012-05-17 13:08:27


We had our kids last year in Jain Heritage Kondapur.  Within a few months we realized this is not the right school for our kids. We are not very specific about academics but discipline, hygiene and sports. They are poor in all these 3 categories.

Their school ground is not attached to the school building. Kids need to go by bus (though it's 200 mts away). Kids go to offsite swim pool which is again not efficient (most of the time is gone in getting ready, boarding on and off the bus) and not safe as they tend to fall down in the bus with we fett, clothes.

Sometimes kids don't even get drinking water in the sports ground in hot summer too. Can u imagine they don't have a wash room (toilet) in the sports ground. Kids need to go to the other school building (Jain Toddlers) for this purpose.

The wash rooms in the school building are also pathetic. No proper doors, bolts, health faucets, hand wash soap etc...Management is more focussed on publicity of the school via facebook, annual day etc...but not managing the school.

Discipline is very poor. It's almost a stampede when the kids get out of the gate or board the bus. No one takes the responsibility.

Lot of teacher rotation. U may not believe, there were 3 maths teachers changed within 6 months in our Kid's class.

No schedule for sports. Any sports on any day. Kids need to carry skates, swim wear on almost every day if they don't want to miss out.

Un-professionalism. Lot of favorism to the kids of the management/teachers who are working there.

Only good thing may be the food where we don't have have any complaints.

We have pulled out our kids for a better school.

We had a lot of bad experiences and do not recommend any one to this school.


Priyaraj2005 2012-05-17 13:23:51


Thanks for the detailed review HyderabadPArent .... Charging such hefty amts for these facilities is really disappointing ...

At this point i think reading reviews on any school throws the parents into more confusion I guess ... What may be gud for one will not be the same to another ... IT is about the same school that we are reading here ... But the reviews in the beginning of this thread were so gud that anyone wud be +ve on the school ... its international standards and sports and everythng ... But the latest review is so scary that it puts us entirely on the -ve side of it ... It sounds like an International Govt school ...

Parents, when giving reviews ... just dont go by the curriculum or the visible things alone ... Pls give a first hand review of ur experience like the one above ... that wud serve a better purpose ...


Pennajay 2012-05-19 22:44:00



This is a detailed feedback ..however  as some of the feedbacks appeared good, i am curious to know if this is specific to some grades or overall conditions.. i have a kid that goes to 1st grade this year and I am looking out for some good school around that area. i am surprised that some schools i enquired show that they work on saturdays too and claim to be international? 6 days a week for grade 1 kids appear to be little hectic for me.. as i am still in US..

if anyone in this link have info or other schools that are convenient for 1st graders, pls do share.. that will help me a lot.. thx


 Former member 2013-02-19 11:22:35


Hi ,


Im looking to admit my child in Class 8 next year . Can you please provide feedback for higher classes - academics and co-curricular activities or help me connect with any parent whose child studies in higher grade at jain Heritage Kondapur ? Thanks in advance.


 Former member 2013-02-19 11:27:46


Dear Snehu ,


I would appreciate if you can connect me to any parent who child is in higher grade( 7and above ) in Jain Heritage Kondapur . Thank you


JerryM 2013-02-19 18:27:38


 Hi Sheetal,

I too was looking for an admission for my son for Class 8. Hadn't considered Jain heritage at all till I heard about it from an acquaintance. The school isn't big as far as Infrastructure is concerned. It is part of the Jain chain of schools though.

Basically we were looking for a school where our child gets individual attention and the teachers are responsive. We also spoke to a parent whose child just shifted to 8th std. The parents are really happy with their child's development. The child had to learn French as there was no option for Sanskrit and he didnt even know a word of French. In this one year not only has he learnt French, he is able to give short speeches. I found that really great.  As parents, we can't entirely bank on just the teachers. Some effort has to be put from our side as well. After hearing the feedback, we have decided to put our son in Class 8. 

Feel free to contact me if you need to know more. Shall share whatever I know.



 Former member 2013-02-20 22:38:29


Hi JeryM ,


Thank you for your prompt response. Hope once you admit your child , you will keep updating his progress and this will help others like me to make an informed decision. My critieria's for choosing a school are 1. Experienced teachers 2. Healthy teacher to child ratio 3. Hygiene 4. Extra curricular activities

I have a friend whose kid goes there in grade 3 and they are quite satisfied



JerryM 2013-02-21 10:17:26


 His session will start in April. Will let you know..:-)


Sribabu 2014-05-06 15:13:09


Never think of Jain Heritage School for higher education like 7th, 8th,9th and 10th CBSE  They do not have CBSE affiliation till date (May 2014) and sending their school children to other states of Jain Heritage to write the board exams thus making the children & parents tense, worried  and non local as well. (till the last date, they used to say that they are going to get the affiliation but they never get due to not having adequate ground & infrastructure). There is no adequate competition in the class room as well due to majority of the students are below average in academics. Food also not good. Their transport buses always breaks down. However, it is okay to join in this school up to 6th std and few teachers are good. Even principal is very good. Just in the interest of parents itself, above comments were made and I do not want to make any intentional harm to the school or school management/staff (my only principle is whatever the sufferings we undergone, should not be experienced by others. That's only the moto and not willing to harm to the school/school management/staff).


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