nursery admissions 2013-14

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traptee 2012-07-23 17:35:08



when to start nursery admisssions for yr 2013-14.

please suggest some good schools name in hyderabad.

varsh4 2012-08-03 12:29:33



That depends on the locality you live in. You should look at Oi Playschool - they have many centers around the city. My son in enrolled in Oi Playschool and I'm very happy with the learning occuring in his classroom. Also, as a parent, I'm being made to feel very involved in the school and the activities.


hope this helps. Good luck!





Alapati 2012-08-08 13:03:51


HI Traptree,

Even i am looking for schools which ahve nursery,

Nasr school

Obulreddy do have nursery

once we join them in school they can continue till 10th std

if we have to get admission into nusery for 2013-14 we have to try it from oct itself , if not we have to try for LKG in the year 2014-15

Even i am confused about nasr as i have heard there is minority upper hand and also it is not that old as nasar girls no idea about the infrastructure.. etc..

obulreddy is CDSE adn is good and also old school..




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