Sending my child to Hyderabad India for studies

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SantoshGanpath 2012-07-16 02:14:44


Hello Everyone,

I am planning to send my son to India for studies from next year, he is at the moment in year 7. So, he will be joining 8th next year.

I just would like to know which schools are the best schools where he can get overall development. I saw some schools online which are charging exorbitant fees. My budget is around 75k per annum.

I am living in UK at the moment but I don't need any boarding school as my mum, dad and sisters live in hyderabad and also I have support from other relatives. But I would also like to know how much does boarding school(s) charge?

Basically, I am looking for a school which can impart good education and also good at play activities. My parents live near uppal which is near to secunderabad. I heard about DPS Nacharam, how is this school?

Would be greatful for your answers.

Many thanks & kind regards...

prasanthip 2012-07-16 14:28:00


Hi Santosh

I heard that Abhyasa residential school is good, my friend's son is studying 5th class in that school. send your email id to parentree inbox i will connecting you both, then you get details and reviews directly from her.




avijaya 2015-05-02 10:22:00


hai iam new to hyderbad .can u please suggest good residential school for my son who is going to 4th class.
i heard about abhyasa,indus,sreenidhi and ivy league are few boarding schools,but don't know how they are 
in academics,extra curricular activities,most importantly for boarders facilities in hostel.please help me out.


sreshtamomy 2017-11-13 09:54:11


Hi  Prasant, 

Can you please connect with me ur friend i need to talk about Abyasa  International school .


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