Looking for a play school for my kid around begumpet area

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Akhil007 2012-06-12 16:27:19



I’m also in same boat as many of you are in, saw lots of sensible discussion about play shcool so thought of utilizing this privilege :)

 I stay new begumpet station and looking out for a nursery school for my kid who is 2.5 yrs old now , enquired with Bachpan in balkampet , Eurokids in Ameerpet and kidzee in Begumpet and found Bachpan is better in terms of infra , not sure about staff though.

meanwhile i came to know that esperanza is opened in begumpet , i heard good feedback about Banjara hills branch , however its far from my place and if Begumpet branch is equally good then i woul certainly prefer that. May i request you people to provide me your feedback about this please.




vamseekolluri 2012-06-12 17:10:40


my feedback abt esperanza gachibowli...

1. high fees (5 - 6K per month)

2. hygenic and secure environs for the kid. their usp is that they have a webex link that broadcasts live feed from the cameras installed in all rooms in the building. so you can watch your kid whenever you like. but i feel this might be a big thing initially, but we might not have that time to actually watch every day.

3. good and timely food for kids...

4. 24hr day care..so for parents like us who are both working, its great we pickup our daughter at 8pm while we go to home..

5. highly money minded management

6. Not great with academics..its a good day care than a school. so i have stopped sending my kid from PP1 onwards, as i wanted my daughter to get better education in a regular school.

7. in the gachibowli branch atleast, i saw couple of times the kids were packed in a room and are asked to watch movies/cartoon shows in a laptop. i dint like this.

8. after 4pm the kids are more under the supervision of ayas/caretakers than teachers.

i joined my daughter in esperanza abt 1.5yrs bacl. offlate esperanza is adding more and more branches and at the same time they are adding more kids per each branch. i have found that their teacher-kid (or) caretaker-kid ratio has drastically shooted up. this means lesser personal attention



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