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srvv 2012-06-05 20:47:16


can any one please provide me some info about CGR school how are the teachers , staff and teaching. my kids will be going to 5th grade and ukg  and we recently moved from Us..any other good schools nearby..


mickey 2012-06-06 13:02:01


 Hi Srvv,
CGR is a good school and picking up. One of my friends daughter was studying here before she relocated to US. You could also look at Manthan, Meridian , Phoenix Green ,
Global Edge n DPS. All these schools are in and around Madhapur. ( near CGR )



kanniah 2012-12-28 21:31:50


Hi Mickey,

 I have seen lot of suggestions from ur end to all the worried parents.I m very much happy to see someone responding to the concerns especially for the people who relocate from other countries who are really confused to take admissions in hyd..I m one among them..I think u will reply me also..

We are planning to relocate from USA to HYD in coming may..I have tried and tired in searching of the vast number of schools.I m not going for Hifi schools but when I make a call to the concerned school they say that admissions are closed for 2013..I f we ready to pay 2 lakhs per annum I think we might get admission.My son needs admission into 3rd class..Afterall ..I got an email from CGR international Madhapur asking us to pay the admission fee to cofirm the seat..before I pay the fee I want to know the school standards..can you please suggest me how the school is??like play ground,teaching methods etc..Any kind of suggestion is highly appreciated..


mickey 2012-12-28 22:54:32


 Hi Kanniah,

 You don't have to pay anything for  reserving a seat. It's just a marketing gimmick.

You could do it as well when you come here. You will be able to secure a seat in CGR Intl.  It is comparatively a new school. The fee is not that high n quite reasonable. I wonder why the school is asking for 2 lakhs...

Iam not aware of the current fee structure as such...

I will tell Angele to get in touch with you or respond to u in this thread.

Her daughter was studying in CGR Intl before she relocated to US last yr.

She was quite happy n satisfied with CGR.

Give me 3-4 days time.




kanniah 2012-12-29 02:05:48


Mickey,Thank you for ur quick response..Actually I didn t mean that CGR asked us to pay 2 lakhs.It is the other schools like oakridge,silveroaks,manthan which is almost reaching to that huge amounts..CGR fee stucture is quite reasonable when compared to others ..only thing I want to know is how the school is in terms of education and extra activities..Any suggestions about other schools in and around Hi-tech city??


angele 2012-12-29 08:04:47


 Hi Kanniah, 
As Mickey has said, CGR Intl is a new school opend 2 yrs back, and my daughter went there for 1 yr before reloction and we were very happy with them.

As far as studies and extra curricular activities are concerened, they were doing quite good and  teachers and principal are always reachable. Transport was also good.

There are many schools in that area, frankly speaking it is quite difficult to select one school bcz more new schools open every year and still u have any question on CGR, can solve ur queries.

Best of luck 




mickey 2012-12-29 08:42:30


 Thnx Angele for such a prompt response...

You could decide after visiting the schools, kannaiya.

The schools which you hv mentioned are good but i would rather suggest you not to pay such  huge amt for reserving a seat. You never know... You could have better options when you come here. You could add Meridian, Phoenix Greens , DPS or Chirec in the above list.




kanniah 2012-12-29 11:00:36


Thank you very much Mickey and Angele..

Is getting an admission in reputed schools like BVB,and kendriya vidyalaya,hps is too tough??As I have gone thru the websites most of the schools in and around hitech city are too Angele said,it is too hard for me to choose a better school in respective of fees,studies and we are in US it is hard for us to see the school environment on behalf of us..I wonder how Angele worked this out from here.



mickey 2012-12-29 11:51:45


 Hi Kannaiya, Angele was in Hyd while searching for schools. She relocated to US last yr.

Getting  into BVB in higher grades will depend on vacancies. Usually the entrance tests are conducted in the month of Apr/ May n its better to be here during that period.

If you are a Central  govt/ state govt/ public sector employee, chances of getting into kV are bright as they are given first preference ...




srvv 2012-12-30 21:09:42


 Hi Kanniah,

we moved from US last year. after 15 days of roaming around the schools finally we took the admission in CGR  and i am very happy with my decision. school is very good teachers are very cooperative   and are willing to work with the kids .one reason of choosing this school was also that the strength is less so more attention towards the kids . both my kids are doing good . transport is also very good. price compared to many international schools is very take time and decide on schools when you reach here. most schools will give the admission as i took the admission for my kids in june so its not that difficult.  good luck. 


kanniah 2012-12-31 03:56:34


Thank you very much are the chances of getting an admission once we reach HYD in may??do u have any idea??


kanniah 2012-12-31 04:53:37


Hi srvv,

Thank you very much for your reply..My son needs admission into 3rd do you advice him for that grade in CGR?BTW in which grade are ur kids??I'm very much wexed in search of schools from here.It is hard for me to decide..some schools are too much where they are making big hole to our pockets..we are planning to come back by May ,is it fine if we start searching schools after coming back?coz lot of schools say that the admissions for 2013 were done..


angele 2012-12-31 06:33:05



In tdy's age, there is so much of movement due to jobs, I don't think that there would b any problem in May or in any month in a  year. I will also say, if u go personally then u can better judge the School for ur kids.

In CGR, u will not find good strength of students bcz it's newly opened but yes, they give personal attention to the kids and in this competetive world, they are giving best to the kids.



shyla197712 2013-01-01 20:18:26


Dear Kanniah,

I would advice you to visit CGR once as you will get a clarity on all your queries. I am sure you will be attended well as has been my experience with my two children studying in the school in PP2 and Grade 4. if you choose to take admission there, you could also register your kids now for their admissions for the session 2013.

This is the third academic year of the school and the strength has gone up to 150 students though it was low till the 2nd year as the school was new. At the same time special attention is given to each n every student. They have various co-curricular activities too. The school is uptill Grade 6 and has plans to go up by one or more grades every year.

All the best!




vikky2529 2014-04-16 17:00:48


Hi Angele,

We are planning to take admission in CGR International school for my daughter in grade 1, so could you please tell me the review about the school, how are the teachers etc,  and why don't they advertise about there school. Please provide us the review about the school.    


divinepower 2014-07-24 18:36:25


Hi ,
Can someone give me review of cgr ?
Hws the academics,teachers they converse in english ..i m looking for senior k.g 

meghanasingh 2014-10-12 01:55:18


no playground

RKA1 2014-11-06 21:11:10


Hello EveryBody,
I visited the CGR  and felt good about the school.
Fees is reasonable.Everything seems good. For ground they will take students to professional place to play.
It would be great if some one with CGR can guide /suggest further.
Regards and Thanks,


purnima09 2014-11-20 10:43:29


Hello Ravi We selected CGR school last year for our son who now goes to same school and is in PP2. I have all good words about school, as they believe in all round development of the students. Their curriculum is neatly designed and my kid simply loves going to school. Hope this helps. Purnima

purnima09 2014-11-20 11:32:26


Yes, my son studies in Upper KG and we are very satisfied with the curriculum and extra curricular activities at school. Teachers encourage kids to converse in English. Hope this helps. Regards Purnima

Tej7 2015-07-25 14:56:13


Hi.. I have to join my kids for 3 rd class and 1 st class. 
Searching for schools. Heard about CGR intnl school
Can you plz share more info about the school .. 
I dont actually want my kids to go for highend school.. So steping back on oakridge..chirec ..meridian etc
but even CGR is an international school...??

but confusedd.. Plz help

bbb 2015-11-18 17:10:58


We(me and my wife) are in Hyderabad for last 3 days searching for good CBSE schools. We shortlisted cgr on account of its teachers , vice principal and principal mam. School is more towards education and development of child. On our tour of the school we were greeted by students which shows the value system they are trying to build in the kids. Pro Teacher student ratio New school so hunger to perform is far higher then reputed brands. Reasonable fees Cons Very small playground( they have a tie up with sports academy and they take kids there to play) Very small corridors. Ronak batham

purnima09 2015-11-19 09:47:38


Hello parents, my son studies in class 1 now and I m very happy with his overall development to which school is playing a very crucial role. His love for studies and extra curricular activities is rightly balanced. Teachers are approachable and principal ma'am is an inspiration. It has all qualities of international school where value education is not being compromised. Thank you CGR school.

mPradhan 2016-02-12 23:32:43


Day be day the quality is deteriorating. Some classes they don't have EVS book also. Every year they are changing the teacher. And currently except one or two teacher they don't have any good teacher. Even in English also not able to find any improvement. Although the fees are less compare to other school but it will be waste of money. Simple subtraction logic also they are teaching in wrong way. If you want kids growth then think once again before admitting this school. 

Srilatha66628 2017-12-08 15:35:05


I want to know fee structure in cgr


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