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humaira 2012-05-29 12:41:43



I got my son admitted in DPS hyderabad this year. I wanted to check with other working parents on how do they manage after school for kids?

Does the school have any day care or arranges for any such thing if both the parents are working?

Any pointers would be very helpful.


Priyaraj2005 2012-05-29 13:57:54


Hi Humaira,

For past 2 yrs my kid was goin to a preschol only ... which is a preschool cum dayc care ... So i used to pick my kid in the evening only at 6.00. Now that he is goin to Class 1 ... even I need to see how  to manage this.

But almost all school transport will have the facility to drop ur kid at any day care center that u mention ... So u need to go directly to the day care to pick ur child in the evening ... or if the day care has trasnport ... well and gud ... they will drop them home ... You need to give the correct name and address to the school transport when you register at the beginning of the year ... At the same time .. you also need to talk to the day care regarding this ... and make sure the bus drops the child at that time to the correct place... Most of the schools including DPS have this facility ... But u need to pick the proper day care for this ... one which manages this well and makes sure the child is ther ... If there is any prob they shud let the parent know immediately ... My son's class had many of his frends in the afternoon day care coming frm various schools like Chirec, Meridian, DPS etc ..




Priyaraj2005 2012-05-29 14:09:23


However, note that this process has got nothing to do with the school ... It is all in the hands of the transport system ... which is kind of outsourced in most of the schools ... So need to check with the transport manager ... This was what we were told in DPS when we went to check the school initially ...

Also, some day cares will also have the facility to pick kids frm the school itself with their own transport ... and get the child to the day care after school...But this is only when ther are more kids frm the same school to tht day care ... My son was in Kinderkare till now and I think they have this facility for some schools ... not sure if they still have it or not .. So if you can check any day care like that it shud be fine ... moreover one which is near ur location .. .

I found it better to leave my son in the day care rather than with servant maids and all at home ... mostly they r not reliable ... and in day care he will have lots of time for activities and frends and playtime and of course nap time in the afternoon for preschoolers ... So, I prefer a day care over anything else ... when u dont have any other family members at home to supervise the maids ..


Ruwaida 2012-06-01 21:25:40


Thanks Priya. This is very helpful. I am not sure what would be the bet solution for me but I guess the first step would be to search a good day care.

Thanks once again.



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