need information about OI playschools sister of Oakridge

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nehakiran 2012-05-25 08:30:14


Hi to all,

i am a new member of parentree, i was read some discussions  of preshools in kukatpally.i quite impressed with Micky i joined in this site.

it is very usefull to every parent to share openionsof theire experiences.

we  are located in kukatpally ,vivekandha nagar.

My son Pranshul is 2.3 yrs,plan to join Nursery.

i was  visit the all the schools in V v  nagar.

the OI play school start the new baranch this area now.

so dont know the feedback of other located Oi playschools.

please guide me if any one knows about this,

is it good in teaching?

fee  27000

there are saying 1:8  teachers

16 students in each section

please give the reaply  if anyone knows other braches Oi schools  teaching methods like that


mickey 2012-05-27 22:15:07


 Hi Nehakiran,
The pre- school looks quite impressive from it's website. 
Sorry, I don't have much idea about oi Pre-school. It's better to interact with the Principal/headmistress and teachers too about the curriculum and their methodology before you take any decision to admit your child in this school.

One shouldn't just go by the website or reviews of an established branch. 

Please have a look at the classrooms, facilities, hygiene, caretakers n talk to a few parents in the pre-school.

Good Luck !


scorpionbeauty2000 2012-05-30 11:14:38


 Hi Nehakiran,

Oi is the sister branch of Oakridge International School and they currently have around 34 playschool centres across Hyderabad. Of these two are company owned-company operated centers - Jubilee Hills and Mahindra Hills. All the others are franchises and probably the one you are looking at Kukatpally is also a franchise. The franchise's fee is much more affordable compared to the main branches. The franchise are independently owned so it would be difficult to judge them without taking a look at the center.

However, each has its own advantages/disadvantages. In Jubilee Hills, they have a good campus and I preferred it for my son compared to all other schools in this area. I have just joined him so I cannot give you an accurate view of how everything inside it is but I am happy with what I have seen/heard until now. Some of the franchises may be in small houses etc so do check it out first to see that you are happy with what they are offering. Their syllabus is a combination of IB/PyP which is also called Sparkz in OI.

Do let us know how you found the school.




almondeyes 2012-05-30 12:20:02



I stay at Attapur. The Oi play school have opened a branch close to Janapriya and I am planning to admit my 2.5 year old daughter in Nursery.

The centre is opened in a duplex house and i found it to be small and good! I already took an admission in Bachpan two months ago after having a look at the near by schools but I feel that it is too congested and also the ratio is 1:20 in the small classroom.

I was also looking out for reviews on Oi play school but found none. Am not sure if am taking a right decision! ..







scorpionbeauty2000 2012-05-30 13:52:06


 Almondeyes, since this is a new school - we will have to wait and watch with bated breath and provide review here after a year or so ourselves :)

Most franchises have this as the first year of their operation. Only the own centers are two years old.



nehakiran 2012-05-31 00:07:46


thanks for reaply,

yeah  i  agree , this is a new school . i was watch this school in our location

(v v nagar)

this is also in duplex  independent  house.

compare to other schools  which are  running in duplex,it is better only.

anyways it is new branch  , they have to make impress the parents.

in this location kukatpally all the schools were charging more fee.

the small school not having   proper facilities having same fee structure .

i am personolly watched all the schools in this location.

i cant guide the school have to choose.

but i can  give the details if any one need information about preschools in this locality.

the main problem for me to join my kid in the school is transfer the location.

my husbend would like to change the city after 6 months like that

for that purpose  i had  watch kidZee and Eurokids.

kidzee (balaji nagar) that is  oppsite to kukatpally Coupons opposite line,

eurokids that is at KPHB 1st phase.

but  i am not happy with these centers.

could you please tell me  Is there any school having the branches in chennai,banglore and hyderabad.

that will be easy to move mid of the  acedemic also  .

other wise could any one tell me the solution.





 Former member 2014-11-10 12:00:05


Hi Scorpionbeauty2000, What is your opinion on OI playschool? My son is 2.2yrs old..Am planning to get him enrolled in OI for the coming academic year. Could you please throw light on the admission/annual fees as well? Kindly advice... Rihaan

rajurao 2014-11-10 16:21:36


hi nehakiran u see bachpan school kukatpall its good for play school


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