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Priyaraj2005 2012-05-18 10:25:05


Hi all,

Of late I have being going through many thread with reviews on different schools/preschools in Hyderabad. Inspite of reading them, I had a tough time for 6 months trying to finalize a school for my 5 year old son because the same school may have both good and bad reviews from diferent perspective of different people ... So I thought it would be nice to have a composed thread with reviews on preschools and schools in Hyd. Just visiting a school and talking to the principal or some teacher does not seem to be enough because each parent seems to be having a diff exp. at the same school ... So, a feedback from parents who already have kids studying would be more better to help in deciding the schools for others in the next year or so.

Request any interested parents who have their kids already going to a particular school / preschool, to give a first hand review of the pros and cons they have observed in the school be it the environment, hygiene, staff / principal approachability,  kids behaviour, development academics, etc ...

Priyaraj2005 2012-05-18 10:41:22


To start with, my son had been to KinderKare Daycare and Preschool in Kondapur. He joined there in playgroup for the daycare and then nursery and then continued full time PP1 & PP2. He just finished PP2 this month and is ready for Grade 1 from June. I would rate the overall experience as satisfied since we are happy with his development over the years.  The school is located in a prime location and is easily accessible. It is maintained well and the principal is a good qualified person backed with years of teaching experience and hence can understand the kids capabilities. She is very approachable and has a good support staff too. I felt the  aayammas also did a good job as my son never had any complaints on anyone ... One good thing is I observed that any -ve feedback given would be taken into consideration and corrected which is a +ve sign ...

The actvities are well planned for kids of all classes as per their age. The classrooms are well ventilated and the play area though not big is just enough for a class of 10 kids ... and they are allowed to the play area one class at a time and have enough tools to play there. The ride ons are also available for free play during certian times of the day ... I guess the food is good and appealing to the kids as my son says  he likes some items in school better than wot i make at home :) ... Moreover since they have it together they feel like eating better ...

On the whole I have seen great improvement in my son's behahior and outlook. He was initially a very shy kid not willing to mingle in groups ... That was the main reason I let him go to the same school for 3 years and it did work well. He is now very talkative, easily mingles in groups and makes friends ..and I happy for that. His English skills have improved a lot as they are encourgaed to communicate in school in Eng.

The only con I see is that the fee is a little on the higher side.





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