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prasuna 2012-05-15 11:57:13


Hi Parents,

I would like to tell every parent NOT to admit their children in EUROKIDS,OLD ALWAL branch as this is a very irresponsible pre school ever seen.Pls dont go by the school name.check with the branch and the centre head as their behaviour might be different.

Looking at the positive reviews on EUROKIDS,I put my child in this branch on 10-10-2011 thinking that my child would learn something(she has a minor speech delay).

before she started going to school,i taught her abc song and numbers at home.after she finished her nursery in this school,she forgot everything that was taught by me and her brain is blank now with no words.

Great thing to say about this school is that the teacher has given me assessment card for the months of june through october 2011 also along with other months while my child was admitted to school only in the month of october 2011.The teacher has assessed my child even before she was admitted in the school?

The centre head always shows interest in boasting of children who are very fast in learning.My child has a minor speech delay and this was told to them before admitting in their school.She always blamed my child for not talking as other children and indirectly told us that my child is not capable of learning as she doesnt talk.

In the final parent teacher meeting,i was told to put my child in nursery again as she is not capable of learning anything in LKG.

i was seriously put off by their words.

i then decided to teach her myself ,put her on speech therapy and started teaching her alphabet ,words ,numbers,shapes,colors etc.Now she has taken admission into LKG after clearing a small interview held by a reputed school.

This is my experience with this centre.

I sincerely advice all the parents whose children might have speech delay not to admit their children in this branch as they do nothing except to blame the child for not talking.

thanks & regards






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