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anusuresh27 2009-11-25 10:42:52



I have recently moved to the Kondapur area in Hyderabad from Bangalore. Have a 2.5 year old son for whom I am looking out for Nursery admission.

Looking at various forums, I found the following schools in the vicinity:

Chirec, DPS, Meridian, Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan (BVB), Jubilee Hills Public School (JHPS)

The issue with BVB and JHPS is that they do not have Nursery admission and start from LKG only when the child is 4 yrs old. Other schools such as Chirec, DPS and Meridian have Nursery admission at 3 yrs.

I am looking for a school with good academic credentials and that does not have an exhorbitant fee structure. I would prefer some extra-curricular activities in the curriculum but am not very particular on these aspects. Could anyone please suggest to me schools that meet these criteria? Any help is greatly appreciated.



Sagna 2009-11-25 14:37:31


Hi Anusha,

There is a school named Genesis International High school at madinaguda. Though it is far from ur place, they give nursery admission for 2.5yrs child. As fas as i knw about the school it covers all the criteria what u said.. 

All the best!!






PraveenC 2009-12-02 14:39:52


Hi, I am also on the same page looking for admission for my 2.5 yrs daughter ard Kondapur :)

To my knowledge BVB,JHPS look for 3yrs by May end for LKG. BVB.Filmnagar doesnt have bus to Kondapur, there is new branch of it in R.No.45 which has the bus. Meridian gives admission for 2.5 yrs by May end for Nurserry and i hope the same with Chirec,DPS as well

There is other school Maharshi (next to Novotel Road) again no Nursery but for 3 yrs can be taken into LKG.


savitri 2009-12-03 18:27:39



Future Kids is good. They have nursery. Their play school is in Filim Nagar near Apollo Hospital. Check their site at

The feeses are little higher side, but less than chirec etc.

There is one more school Obulreddy which is in Jublieehills. Check

This is a very good school and feeses are less compared to BVB and JHP.

I recommennd PROPS.

Good Luck



anusuresh27 2009-12-10 21:11:03


 Thanks for your responses. This should surely help me make a decision.



RSV 2009-12-11 12:37:24


Dear All

Please share your views about MERIDIAN SCHOOL, Banjara Hills vis-a-vis Andhra Mahila Sabha Obul Reddy School on:-

academics, infrastructure, co-curricular activities and how does it fare on economics?

Many thanks in advance.




savitri 2009-12-11 14:08:42



My Son studied in AMS 4 years back, so I can give my opinion based on that experience.


  1. Very Expensive compared with AMS,
  2. The final decission on any aspect recides on the Principal
  3. No "Play what ever you want" classes. Extracutrricular classes also like proper classes.
  4. Teachers not experienced and not attached to school
  5. School trips are too expensive.
  6. They have excellent bus facility


  1. Not that expensive
  2. Middle class parents also send their kids to this school
  3. Final decission is on the commity who runs the school
  4. They have scholorships and encourage children to get those.
  5. Teachers are very experienced (20 to 25 years). They are attached to school
  6. School trips are not expencive.
  7. Buses condition is very poor
  8. They have very good infrastructure





roshi 2010-02-26 13:50:39


Hi, do you know about genesis cpmpletely why because i want join my daughter in 2nd now she studying in mvm kondapur .


mickey 2010-02-27 12:43:00


Hi  all !

You can also try SilverOaks too in Bachupally .I heard its a good CBSE school.




mickey 2010-02-27 13:06:22


Hi ,

If any of you are in transferable jobs (central govt / public sector/ State govt. ) you can also try Kendriya Vidyalaya Gachibowli . The building may not be that attractive but I think u can have a look . First preference will be given to Defence personnel then public sector and state govt employees. Civilians can also apply but they will be preferred after the Central govt employees. Admissions for the new session will commence shortly.

Kendriya Vidyalayas maintain a high academic standard with due stress on co-curricular and social activities and have a very good result in CBSE board exams. KVs in Hyd have excellent track record if you go by the website.

You can visit these  sites    (about KVS regional office  in Hyd)    ( KVs in Hyderabad)

List of KV Schools in Andhra Pradesh:

website of KV Gachibowli

email id   of school      -

You can also write to the alumni of KV Gachibowli and know the feedback .





Yogo 2011-01-16 14:12:43


Hi everyone,

I am looking for a good paly school as well as nursery near Kondapur for my 2yr 4months daughter. I visted couple of playschools bachpan and time for kids in hanuman nagar. I wud also like to knw about MVM and other schools in the vicinity where they care for children really well and teach good sanskars, our indian culture and activity oriented. any response is greatly appreciated.

Tks and rgds,



rk1 2011-01-31 13:51:10


hi, can anyone tellme how will be the maharshi vidyalaya, kodhapur. 


savitri 2011-01-31 15:21:49



I was not at all happy with Maharshi school when my kids studied there. That was long back. I took out my daughter from that school in the middle and joined her in FKS.

They used to give print outs of the subjects at the end of the year and asked children to study them without completing the syllobus. Even though it was said to be CBSE, the teachers never encouraged on out of box thinking. Kids had to mugup question and answers.

I am not sure about the present condition.


sstomar 2011-01-31 19:54:06


 A few points about MVM: 

1) This is simple with nominal fee structure school.. They follow CBSE standard, academic activities are good . They complete prescribed syllabus on time but sometimes give more home work. Upto UKG, they tell model papers for exam also but not after that ( I feel that is good as well bad ) .      2) They have extra curriculum activities but parents need to monitor for which activity their son is more interested otherwise they try to join all in drill. they have good ground ..which they utilize too .  3) Principal is good in nature and you can talk / meet / report your issues to her.    Concerns which I noticed :  Frequent change of teachers and most of them are having very less exp. in teaching. Discipline in ground: They have only PT masters, it seems they are not able to control all the students in ground. Most of the students are from Telagu community and as soon as they come out the class, they start to speak in Telagu .... my son also learnt Telagu ( I feel, in school they should control but their argu, how to monitor and stop a student out side of the class... )        


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