Good school with lower fee @ Miyapur/Kukatpalley/or Near by

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prasadkonda 2012-04-08 14:07:32



We are moving to Hyd unexpectdly and we are looking for good schools with econamy/ lower fee so request you to suggest few if there are any..

(As we can not afford much at this point of time, so please guide us in econamy range, and the kids(both of my niece ..) 1) Elder to have to join in 8th standard and the younger one to enter 4th standard).) )


Thanks in advance.

daughters 2012-04-09 09:55:53


1. Bhasyam kphb AND Triveni talent school miyapur/madinaguda are  good schools for 8th class with normal fee

2. For 4th class St Martin high school main road miyapur is good with normal fee. Triveni also good one for 4th class.


This is kavinder reddy. G father two IITians from hyderabad you can reach me at


tilak 2012-04-09 14:40:14



I am also looking for good school within 30k CBSE near kukatpally

Sparkling stars, Ladders, Vikas,Akshara, Rajadhani residential nizampet,Global Edge school

pls give you opinions with fee details on these schools

Is geetanjali Olympaid is good? than Akshara




daughters 2012-04-09 16:23:33


Is geetanjali Olympaid is good? than Akshara both or same

please mention which class your looking admission


tilak 2012-04-10 10:14:30




My daughter is in Akshara school completed UKG. I am happy with the school. But I am looking for schools which are near and good than Akshara.

I came to know that SSD Grammar School is starting KIDS N CRAYONS with XSEED with CBSE Cirrriculum, is it good? lokking for my son Nursery. I been to school and the school is good and class rooms are also good and spacious than other schools, they are providing digital classes and XSEED books from Nursery to Class V. The XSEED Books are very nice and interesting.


pls share our opinion?



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