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rkrishna 2012-03-27 15:30:18



  I have two and half year old son who has few symptoms of autism (doesn't respond by name, doesn't pay much attention to others etc). otherwise he is active and no other issues. I heard this can be cured with diet changes, speech and occupational therapy etc. could you suggest some good child specialists in Hyderabad for his treatment? thanks in advance.

Payaswini 2012-03-28 17:44:23


hi, we have moved to attapur in hyd in jan 2012. have a 3 yr old who is borderline austistic. well, docs describe it as a broad spectrum and do not want to label a child as anything at all. we have met dr. gauri reddy and dr. kanaklatha who have guided us further. u too can try if u'd like to. both are available at niloufer hospital. we are wading in untested waters too. all help is welcome. all the best. dont  be afraid. ck out as well.


rkrishna 2012-04-06 18:42:02


 thanks. hope this can be cured completely. 


raunak24 2012-05-16 14:55:41


Hi Rkrishna,

With my personal experience i can advise you to meet Dr. Kanaklatha (9848035962) .Any other help required ctc me on 7799851851.




rkrishna 2012-05-16 16:35:33


Thanks for your reply. she is the one I met first and came to know that my son is having Autism. she suggested GFCF diet along with vitamin supplements which I am following for past one and half month. in addition to that I am following homeo treatment as well (from Dr. Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary). I also met doctors in rainbow hospital to get some opinions. but then I stopped going to that hospital (it looked very commercial to me). today I went to "Aarambh association for Autism" in Ameerpet and they told me my son needs a special education first and Occupational therapy. they said they are more important than the speech therapy.

I am now looking for a special educator for my child. I live in BHEL (MIG) and looking for one in that area. if you are aware of any, could you please let me know?




raunak24 2012-07-06 16:18:49


hey rkrishna, 

sorry for replying late but you can contact dr kanaklatha for the same as in her clinic they have arrangements for special teducator and trust me he is very good at it.His name is srinivas and is very experienced.

All the best,



deepti11 2022-04-20 19:18:17


Hi rkrishna

My child is diagonised with adhd and also having speech delay who is 3 years old. I saw ur post and seeking help from u about ur experience in treatment. U also mentioned about homeopathy. Is this helpful?
Please et me know


qa121 2022-07-27 12:09:42


Hi your number isnt working raunak24, could you please update your recent number


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