good CBSE schools near Nagole / Uppal

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Citylover 2012-03-26 12:32:02


 Hello everyone,

This is the third time that I am posting a same query. I do hope someone can help me with information here.

We are looking for CBSE schools in Nagole / Uppal area and would appreciate input from parentree. From some postings in parentree this is the list I have:

1. DPS, Nacharam

2. Johnson's Grammar school, CBSE (heard that they do not have a playground??)

3. LIttle Flower (no idea how the school is)

4. Unicent, Child centric school, Nagole (any inputs on this one??)

Would very much appreciate help. We need to make a decision soon and if we are not able to find a good school, we have to reconsider the job offer.

Also if someone can recommend good community areas to live in and around these schools.

Thank you. 



MishtiB 2012-03-26 12:57:55


Hey Citylover,

Really sorry to read that you are posting for the third time, with no repies to the earlier ones!

I reside around that area and am a mother of 3.5 yr old lil girl.

DPS, Nacharam has good reviews and I know few parents who got admission to that school recently... not heard anything negative about this school till now... If I had to choose amongst the above schools, it would be definitely this one!

Jhonson Grammer school is in Habsiguda and is scattered over few independent houses.... true... no playground!... However, heard that they opened up a brach/extension in Nacharam... pbly that premises has all facilities... i have no idea about that. As far as the academics go... haven't heard great feedback! ... heard all old teachers left and so last academic year children suffered.

Little FLower school was very famous a decade ago... not hearing much about it now. and i never heard of Unicet as well.

There is one more international school in Uppal.. GIIS - Global Indian International School, if got it rt!!! .... Heard good feedback about this school form the staff of the preschool, to which my lil one goes.... they have a tie-up though!!!

As far as location for your residece goes... there are couple of options - Habsiguda (st No 8 or Kakatiya nagar), Ramanthapur and Nacharam.

Hope all this information helps!!

You don't have to change plans, just due to lack of info!!! ...

Please let me know incase you need anything else in specific!!!!

WELCOME back HOME (read INDIA) !





Citylover 2012-03-26 21:23:18


 Dear Mishti,

Thank you so much for this info. Atleast it gives a point to begin and explore the options...

We moved from the US to Hyderabad 5 months ago and are forseeing a move within Hyd. in the next 6 months..hence this search. Life does bring us to difficult junctions at times and before we jump into something we must be sure...cannot make kids suffer.

Will see what I can find in these areas and take it from there. Will write to you if I need more info. 

Once again thank you very much! Really appreciate this. 




MishtiB 2012-03-27 10:17:15



You are most welcome dear.... I was just reciprocating what I got from this community!...





mickey 2012-03-27 13:19:17


 Hi Citylover,

Sorry to know that u posted it thrice to get a reply...... But there are many threads on the same topic, so you could as well use the search engine found above to get the answers.. 

Misthi has already given u the details. In addition to the schools mentioned by her, i would suggest you to try Aurobindo International  in Vidyanagar and KV no 1 & KV no 2 in Uppal.

You could also find St Josephs.

Out of all the schools, prefer DPS Nacharam followed by others. KVs are low budget schools which are equally good and competent.

 Pl visit the schools and decide.



Citylover 2012-03-27 20:20:49


 Thank you Mishti and Mickey. Really appreciate the input.

Need to trouble you more, for another area.

What would be the CBSE schools to look at if we were to live around Masab tank?

If my husband does take up this job, it is currently in Koti (opp. Karachi Bakery) and in 3-4 years time will move to Nagole. Right now Nagole is not much developed at all and we would prefer living closer to the current location.

Hence info on schools in and around Masab tank / Nampally / Mehdipatnam.....Also if you know of any good residential areas / colonies in these places.

I am using the search engine here and gathering information, but if there are any more inputs from you, please do write. 


mickey 2012-03-27 20:42:16


 Hi Citylover,
If you are at Mehidipatnam/Masab Tank, you could try for schools in Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills n Ameerpet. Try for BVB Vidyashram(Rd no 71) and Atmakuri (Rd no 45), P Obul Reddy School , Meridian and Sister Nidedita (Ameerpet).

There aren't many CBSE schools in and around Nampally. Most of the schools follow SSC.
Oxford Grammar in Abids has started CBSE too. You could have a look at it.

Vivekanada colony is a good housing colony in Mehdipatnam. You could try here.

 Nampally/Abids/Koti /Basheerbagh is more of  a commercial area.  But you do find couple of Apts. Not much idea abt the residential area in these places.



Citylover 2012-03-28 20:45:49


 Thanks a lot Mickey.

This is very useful information. I had been looking at couple of the schools you mentioned here, will look at the other ones. 

Will check out Vivekananda colony....

Really grateful. Thanks again. Will write if I have more queries after I do my search.






barapraveen 2012-09-04 15:19:26


 Hello Mickey,

DPS Nacharam is from which standard? I have heard they do admissions from Class 3rd. Also please let me know where is St Joseph School.

We stay at Uppal and looking for schools nearby. Aurobindo is it a new school and how is it. Any info about that.

Sorry to trouble you with many questions as we are shifting our base from Bangalore to Hyderabad and lot of thought going in the mind for now.

Also getting admission in KV how easy is it?

Looking for your reply.




barapraveen 2012-09-04 15:20:49


 Hello Mishti,

I read your kid goes to Global Internation School am i right? If yes how is it doing. How are the studies there. Its quite nearby to my place and would be the best option if the school is good.

Please let me know.





krishna29 2012-10-28 20:01:42



I'm looking for admission  in DPS for my 2 1/2 yrs old son. Please let me know the admission criteria.

Will there be any interview for the kids? If yes, what would be the kind of questions they ask?





Rudra16 2015-12-05 08:00:34


There is no good school which is having Good Play Ground, attention to all children, good computer lab, other activities as well Encouraging child for play also.
In southern part of India every time teachers will talk about studies only and nothing else.
I am fail to understand how children will grow psychically also?


Rohan12hyd 2015-12-07 14:01:28


Hi Rudra 
There is a school in bodupaal with big playground good computer lab,  just visit Kiran International School

Anitha1903 2019-06-07 14:40:22



I have a good understanding about Unicent school,  its a good school with beautiful building located in a very congenial location,  though a little interior from the busy roads but worth sending children to such school.  Academic wise and over all  development of the children is taken care.  Found best  when compared to the rest of the schools in the surrounding areas.



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