Looking for international schools in Hyderabad

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Gunjan2015 2015-11-29 21:04:44


Can anybody let me know about quality of education in Sancta Maria . Is it really the value for money . My daughter got selected in PP1/LKG  of chirec and Sancta maria both  ,but every where the offer was made for Cambridge IGSCE/CIE only . . 
 While the preference remains CBSE , it seems CBSE option only available at DPS where i am having the interaction on 8th Dec . 
Challenge - both Chirec and Sancta maria are forcing to take admission by 2nd Dec .Is it possible for us to push their demand to post 8th dec  date , any Experience?
How is IGSCE of sancta maria , i liked the infrastructure and approach . dont know abt teachers , any idea or suggestions?


Syam82 2018-01-14 05:41:30


Dear Mrs.Shailaja, We are now in Copenhagen, Denmark and we have 4 year old son born in March 2014 who is attending his kindergarten here in native language Danish. We hold an admission in an international schools here with IGCSE. Apart from that, we also would want to relocate to Hyderabad in mid of this year. We are looking for good school with IGCSE or IB with good faculty with an average budget of 300 thousand per annum (we might live at Chandanagar/Alwal). We are still wondering where should we continue his studies eithet India/Denmark. As parents, we are really worrying about to choose. Your advice would help us. Looking forward to get answer and thank you very much Regards Syam

suryasai 2018-08-08 10:41:58


Can some one suggest about international school near kompally area I am new to hyderabad.


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