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induk 2012-03-21 02:23:28



I have relocated to Hyderabad from US and are looking for schools for my kids. I was leanng towards international schools. They would be going to 4th grade and Nursery next year. By this time admissions in most of the schools are done.  Of the schools I contacted , Oakrdige and Sreenidhi have seats still available for next year for these classes. I recently heard about "Sancta Maria" and plan to check this one too.

Of these schools, I was wondering if someone have some feedback on these schools  based on their experience. This will immensely help me to choose one among these. Also please let me know if there are other good schools that still have seats available, which I should be considering.

We are planning to live in the Gachibowli area. So the travel time for kids is another factor while considering the schools.

Really appreciate any feedback on this.



kyathi 2012-03-21 10:18:42


Isuggest you to check even with Epistemo Global School which is coming In nallagandla.


MKA 2012-03-22 17:56:42


Hi Indu,

Look,There are couple of good international schools present in hi-tech/Gachhibowli area like Chirec,Phoenixs Green, Sacta Maria,Manthan, Eurokids, etc when i did my research last year to admit my Daughter last year post my transfer to hyderabad. I had few criteria inmind to Judge a good international School against the selected few mentioned Above and the school which fullfilled my criterias are:

A) Pedagogy: 1) Sacta Maria,2)Phoenixs Green 3) Chirec ,4) Manthan, 5) Eurokids
B) Budget(Cost-Benifit Analysis): 1) Phoenix Green 2) Eurokid 3) Manthan 4) Sacta Maria 5) Chirec
C) Campus: 1) Chirec 2) Sancta Maria 2) Phoenix Green 4) Manthan 5) EuroKid
D) Transportation: 1) Phoenix Green 2) Sancta Maria 3) Chirec 4) Euro Kid 5) Manthan
E) Extra Curricualar Activities: 1) Chirec 2) Phoenix Green 3) Manthan 4) EuroKids 5) Sancta Maria
F) Student Friendly Environment : 1) Phoenix Green / EuroKid 2) Manthan 3) ChirecManthan 4) Sancta Maria.

Based on Above i had choosen Phoenix Green , as they are fairly good in most of the criteria except infranstructure which they are building really fast in an around 5 acre Kokapet campus.

After 1 year i am satisfy with my decision (again they dont hike money everyday like others ;) )

Rest is your decision. I would adivice ,do have a review by your self as well. All the best.


Ankit99 2012-03-23 01:08:27


If you are arround Miyapur/Kukatpally then i would like to ask you to check Claps International School and Silver oaks as i took application from both but yet decide from these two.


induk 2012-03-23 20:46:57


Thanks all for the feedback. Really appreciate it.


 Former member 2012-03-25 09:37:01


 Hi...... The schools info provided by MKA is useful as i too have same info abt these schools ..... All the specified schools have got gud reviews so its ur personal choice... If u r ready to spend huge amount then Sancta Maria (fees around 2lacs )is also a gud choice........ I suggest u to check the schools personally and take a decision....... also i enquired with lot of them but got a negitive response for silver oaks as it has now become a commercial...... I am also going back to India next month and will have to do enquiry for my kid....

I heard Abhaya- Waldorf school is also very gud and fees is also not very expensive... But it will be far if u r planning to stay in Gachibowli..... The school is located near Kompally


Priyaraj2005 2012-03-25 16:05:40


Hi ,

Of the ratings, I would actually give Sancta Maria the first place in all the criteria except budget ... This is one school that had the most number of activites for students ... and their infrastructure is one of the best ... no where in comparision with any of the other schools ... The ones like MAnthan or Eurokids do not even have a playground as of now ... You can check out the FB page of Sancta MAria whr they hv their activities along with pics ... As for Phoenix Greens, yes their activites were good, infrastructure is coming up ... but there were a few queries about the teaching staff for higher classes ... BEcause of which I had to withdraw my decision of joining my kid there .... It is a new school and would need time to improve on all these factors ... but still ... cudnt go with the decision with so many questions on mind ... Also, I had read a couple of negative reviews on it where parents withdrew their kids after an year in PG ... I dont remember the thread ... but its in the forum itself ...

Anyway, at the end its just the parents decision to decide for their kids ... I have read both gud and bad  reviews for almost all schools ... What is gud for one can be bad for the other ... So ultimately as parents, pls make a personal visit, decide the pros and cons as per ur exp., talk to parents of other kids of the shcool, decide ur criteria and then make a decision...

BTW...We have enrolled our kid for Grade 1 in Sancta Maria.




shailajakaranam 2012-03-26 21:33:19



All the parents I have referred so far to Sancata Maria are very happy.





singhvivek1973 2012-04-26 03:35:35


Hi Priya,


Whats the fees structure like in Sancta Maria and whats is the admission fees?






shailajakaranam 2012-04-26 09:42:19


Hi Vivek,


The fee structure at Sancta Maria is around 1.8 L +transport. May slightly vary for higher classes. The best part is there is no admission fee.





Priyaraj2005 2012-04-26 10:31:19


Yes ... there is no admission fee for this year ... as a kind of promotional offer ... they waived off the 1Lac admission fee ... So you can give it a try if any one is interested ... And for Grade 1 it came upto 1.79L + 18K (transport for max belt) ... We stay near Tolichowki ... This includes everything except uniforms ....





Deepikamit 2012-04-26 14:31:55


Hi Priya,


Finally we have taken admission in Sancta Maria for my son in PP1


Feni 2012-04-27 12:41:46


Hi Deepika,

Could you please share the fee structure for PP1 in Sancta Maria.




Deepikamit 2012-04-27 13:51:15


Hi Feni,

The fees  is 1.67 which includes evertyhing (acedmics and transport). This will be taken in 3 installment.  They are not charging any admission fee this year next year onwards it will be 1 lac



Priyaraj2005 2012-04-27 14:57:50


Congrats Deepika ... Good to know that you finally made a decision ... All the best to ur kiddo ... I just hope we made the right choice ...  




Deepikamit 2012-04-27 16:09:53


yeah Priya I hope so.........but at present I am happy lets see after a year


URP 2012-04-30 09:38:39


1.8L !!!

Ask yourself .... Is it worth to spend such huge amount for pre-primary students !!!

May be childrens of politicians, film stars can afford such huge amount !!!


Priyaraj2005 2012-05-01 10:53:15


Sorry to say but, politicians and film stars are not the only ones who have kids ... Why is it that any expensive school is always meant only for them?

When a school seems to be promising with a good management and  a well laid future plan, why should we not go for it and offer the best to our children. Afterall it is for their future that we are earning ... Moreover, you can always withdraw if you are not happy ... But considering the established management there and their expertise, I dont think there would be such a need ...


URP 2012-05-01 12:43:01


Everyone ensures good education for their kids. But the issue is even if someone can afford, Is it really worth to spend such money !!! At the end of the day a nursery kid will have to learn A-Z or 1-10. At the same time we have ensure that our kids are also able to cope with the life out of their AC schools and thats the reality of life. Again it depends upon the mindset of the parents.


Deepikamit 2012-05-01 14:12:04



Its all about how you percieve that what education is? I beleive that apart from learning A-Z and 1-10 kids learn a more then this and thats the attitude, behavior,respect for people,aptitude, exploring the surrondings which I feel is more important in your life. If one feels that its only about A-Z or 1-10 then you can always go to munciple schools where they teach the same things.

I dont see anything wrong if someone can afford something and if he feel that its good then why cann't use it. You never know if it comes out really good.


URP 2012-05-01 15:49:32


BTW, I did not mean ONLY A-Z or 1-10. I know its much more than that. Still I'm not able to understand whats the diff between a 1.7L and 30-40K nursery student. Anyway, best of luck to you.


Priyaraj2005 2012-05-02 12:43:42


May be the difference is not seen in a nursery student ... but definetely can be seen higher up the ladder ...

Also, at the same time ... not all 1.7L schools can guarantee this ... It depends on how much you know about the school before joining the kid ...


singhvivek1973 2012-05-02 15:15:40


I think that education/environment/interface etc at school is not a  function of school fees, its about the teachers, their commitement, philosphy of school, and engagement of parents in the whole excercise.


It can't be said that schools with heigher fees would be better but if nothing else atleast  they would  have better hygine and quality of facilities would be better. However I also beleive that its important to provide good environment to kids when they start their schooling via kindergarden to lay the right foundations. They should look upto it as a positive experience where they are encourged to be curious, know more etc. Most importantly develop good social skills, and brought up as happy kids :) - who look upto living life rather then look it up as struggle or fight that they need to win !




sjr1975 2012-05-14 19:44:04



For some 30-40k is okay and for some 1-2 L and for some even 2 plus is not a constraint.

Lets not forget that there are millions who cannot offord even 5k, they think even this 30k is too high......what do we say............it all depends on what you want and for how much. Sort of business transaction.

Some times you pay more for less.....and in rare occassions you get more for what you pay. 


abhayaparent 2012-05-15 08:21:11


The higher the fee the better the infrastructure and in all likelihood teachers with better pay and communication skills, however in itself it doesn't guarantee a good education for our children. Also the contrary need not always be true, that lower the fee doesn't always mean teachers with lesser ability or lesser learning. There are schools that charge very high fee and provide very minimal education and there are schools that charge very low fee and provide very high quality education. In the end one needs to understand what is education about and see what one is getting in each of the schools which is with in their reach. I wouldn't subscribe to the philosophy that we have to break our backs to put our children in the costliest school, as that neither guarantees good education nor good life skills, and in all likelihood when children only come from families that can afford a Rs 4 lacs per annum in school fee (given most of the families have 2 children), there is a bit of danger of them being cut off from the realities of the society and not knowing the value of money or importance of it unless unitl the school and parents go the extra mile in making sure that they are well grounded. Of course this problem might find an automatic solution with the implementation of Right to Education Act (RTE) where by every school has to admit 25% children from Economically Weaker Sections at very nominal fee, that too paid by the government. However the danger in post RTE scenario is the elite schools will have to take that much more care in integrating the children coming from very diverse backgrounds as the diversity here will be much starker than that in schools with lower fee. 

All in all unless until parents educate themselves in what is good education and are able to measure and demand the same from the schools, there will be a bunch of schools that will charge very high fee show casing the excellent infra as automatically leading to excellent education. Infra and education are pretty much two different dimensions and one doesn't mean the other, parents who can evaluate infra easily should learn to evaluate learning as well, only then we will get what we want.

Also my request for parents/educators like Shailajakaranam on the blog, who are doing an excellent job otherwise, is to recommend good schools in different fee ranges rather than one or two schools at the highest end, that way parents can study and decide on the schools that fit their budget.


tua 2012-05-15 15:34:36


Just a correction : It has been clarified by the concerned minister  that private schools that are completely unaided (no govt funds coming from anywhere state or central) need not implement the 25% children from the weaker community clause in the RTE.

This was in response to a query by the Delhi High Court with respect to a case filed by some of the leading international private schools in New Delhi. Also schools run by  minority institutions under certain categories are exempt from this clause. 

Liked the discussion on this forum.  Very sensible views expressed by most people. I would be interested in reading about the quality of teachers in different schools in Hyderabad. However, I have found very little discussion about this in this forum. I myself  have very little to offer at this point as my daughter is too small. I would request parents to discuss the teacher quality  when they review a school especially if they have children  in higher classes.



Narender 2012-09-04 14:21:11


 Hi Priya, when we checked out early this year, they mentioned 2 lac fees plus 1.25 admission fee totalling 3 lac plus becuase of which we backed out. Do you have to bargain or something with these guys to get rid of admission fee?


Uncle7Scrooge 2015-11-04 11:29:16


Namaste Sailaja garu,

Your insights were very objective about schools in Hyd. May be we are also having a similar mindset.

We are currently living in Pune and planning to shift to Hyd by next schooling year.

we would be very glad to talk to you about schools and home schooling as well. 

May I know how to communicate to you? Is Parentree the only option?

Thanking you Namaste

praveen Kumar Atmakur


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