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RAVEE 2012-03-19 00:06:28


Hi Parents,

I am planning to join my Daughter(For LKG) in EPISTEMO GLOBAL-Vikas learning school at Nallagandla.

Only thing i am worried is that it is their first year of operation starting in June 2012 though we are aware about the Vikas concept school at Bachupally.

Please let me know if anyone of you have heard about this upcoming school from Vikas Management.

---- Ravi Varma ---





kyathi 2012-03-31 15:42:46


Hi even am thinking to join my son in epistemo global vikas school because my couple of frnds suggested me this school.even i went there and personally met the managent i felt quite impressed with their methodolgy of i decided to join my kid im epistemo.and i hope they will keep their promise.



miragevenki 2012-04-02 09:36:43




I have joined my kids for LKG and 4th Grade in this school. As said above, the school management looked impressive. Hope this comes up as promised





DefectCrusher 2012-04-07 22:41:02


 hello kyathi

did you meet the teachers and could you describe the metholody details, is it thier own methodology or they buy different trainging books and teach to children

if its own methodology, lot depends on skill teachers/teaching staff

if they are buying the training books do you know which firm it is

is your decision based on thier good management and good reviews of 

Vikas concept school




globalcitizen 2012-05-26 22:30:00


I visited Epistemo school today to enquire about admission for my son to PP1 and I spoke to the counselling team. I also met Mr. Ravi, the Principal of the school. 

I got impressed with the promises made and also with the methodology that will be used to deliver the subjects. What I understood is that school has collected lot of resources from British Council, Smart boards, Educational Softwares etc that will be available for teachers to deliver the subject. It is CBSE curriculum but for Kindergarten they have gathered the best from Cambridge, IB. But the school is not yet affiliated to IB or Cambridge.

Teachers are undergoing training on the school methodology and the training will end by May end. 

I was told that School construction is in progress. Needed classrooms are ready and final touches will be done by June 1st week. Play ground is ready. For my satisfaction I visited the construction site after speaking to Mr. Ravi and I saw that the construction work is in full swing. But I didn't see any play ground and there is at least another 1-2 months of work.

Everything sounds good except the concern with construction work and it will probably continue for another 2 years as they add more students to school in the coming academic years.

I got to know that there are corporate and group discounts. If anyone else planning for Epistemo for their kids this academic year, we can group together to get the discount.




vamseekolluri 2012-06-12 16:40:51


i have joined my daughter in Epistemo Global for PP1. Good things i found here.

1. this school takes a middle path between traditional schools and the so-called international schools. this way the kids dont lose out the global exposure to new teaching methodologies while still remain grounded to the realities of the world.

2. i especially liked the teaching methodologies that the vice principal Mrs. Pamp Choudary told me about.  the only concern i had when i spoke to her, was "if the teachers who are going to be recruited have the same passion and committment" as her. For this she told me that she is going to monitor the training to teachers personally and i was satisfied.

3. impressive infrastructure (atleast what the brochure shows). i personally dont like schools that grow vertically. i feel they should provide ample space for the kids to play. this school has all that in the 2.5 acres campus.

Now for the glitches/cons...

i visited their campus today (12th June) as they told me the school is going to start on 14th June. i was totally disappointed. the construction is still going on and even though the staff and the principal say the classrooms are ready w.r.t. basic needs like water, toys, bathrooms, textbooks etc. i personally argued with him today that the school is not yet child-friendly atleast not in the current stage of construction where i can see 15ft ditches, iron rods peircing out of the ground, unmanned stair cases which do not yet have railings, open 1st and upper floors that dont still have parapet walls... i am concerned with the safety of the kids going to the school.

i even suggested the principal that they rent out some good premises in gachibowli/madhapur on a temporary basis and run the school for an year or so and when the total construction of the school is completed (which is supposed to be some time in june 2013), they can move into the new campus. but this suggestion was overruled by him.

however i have already paid the amt so i am kind of stuck..nothing i can really do now.. i hope they make it more safer for the kids studying there...

at this point of time, except for the safety of the kids because of the on going construction i really dont have any complaints.. let me see how it goes...



globalcitizen 2012-06-12 20:03:12


 We choosed a different school this year for PP1. I will take a relook at Epistemo next year. I will also have a choice next year as Manthan is also starting near Aparna Saravor, Nallagandla.



 Former member 2013-02-23 08:39:20


Hi ,

Would you know till what class they are taking admissions ? Im looking for grade 8 and above. Please keep updating your experience nad insights with Vikas Epistemo will enable parents like me to make an informed decision.

thank you


parentzone 2013-07-08 14:18:50


 good campus, bad surroundings no safe for kids, rubbish dump yard just sitting beside school.



parentforum 2013-07-17 15:44:34


 Epistemo should keep its surroundings very fine. looking at the garbage yard, construction ,incomplete works of pool, inadequate sports facility the asking is too much. I hear the school compared to the first year is losing on many issues. a reckless attitude in response from top to office.Whats wrong? The Mgt should get into only school related issues and handover construction to some agency. The spirit is missing .



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