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NMRK 2011-08-06 19:16:46


 okay... thanks for the detailed information


MSumana 2011-08-23 21:21:39


Wow!!! This school sounds great! Does it have pre-primary section?


MSumana 2011-08-23 21:23:04


Hi Mickey!

Does your elder daughter's school have a pre-primary section? I really liked your description of the school.




mickey 2011-08-24 14:53:51


 Hi Msumana,

It does have Pre-primary.  (LKG & UKG)

Kindly check out the details of pre-primary in the below link  where i have written to Keerthu ...



SaiRLTH 2011-09-13 18:42:54


Hi Mickey


Does Chinmaya school offer French as second language in higher classes?


Appreciate your reply.





mickey 2011-09-13 19:35:43


 Hi Lakshmi,
Yes, It does offer French as second langauge in higher grades.



PraveenMK 2011-10-24 15:42:31


Hi Mickey,

Saw your replies to many of the queries on the forum. They were so useful and helpful.

My Kid is now in Nursery. Am looking for admission for 1st std in Chinmaya, Chaitanya Vidyalaya, Vidyaranya. Could you please let me know the process of taking the admission from these schools. Also the timelines.

Also please suggest some good schools in and around Secunderabad, Himayathnagar or RTC Croaa Roads.




mickey 2011-10-28 15:14:38


 Hi Praveen,

Vidyaranya usually gives the application forms in Oct so please check out.
Chinmaya gives it in the first or second week of Dec.  Usually u need to keep a track from Oct onwards.

Chaitanya would be the best choice near RTC cross roads as the school is in Lower Tank Bund.

Iam listing a few well known schools in and around Sec'bad

DAV (Safilguda)
DPS in Nacharam / Mahendra Hills / Diamond Point , 
Indus World School in Yapral,
GIIS (Global Indian International School) in Uppal, 
Johnsons Grammar School , Nacharam 
Secunderabad Public school,
Pallavi Model school  (Bowenpally)
Bhavan's Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya (BVB) in Sainikpuri
KV Picket

All the above mentioned  schools follow  CBSE 

You will find a few good ICSE schools like Gitanjali (Sec'bad & Begumpet), HPS (Begumpet), Niraj Public school (Ameerpet), Johnsons Grammar High School in Habsiguda & St Anns( only for girls)

You will find  good SSC schools like 
St Pauls in Hyderguda,
St Josephs (SSC &ICSE), Oxford , Little Flower n Rosary Convent in Abids/King Koti. All these schools are near Himayat Ngr.

You will find RPS (Rishi Public School ) and Howard in Himayat Ngr. RPS is good but lacks a  proper playground.

It is the right time to approach the schools for application forms. Diff schools have diff dates... n  many of the schools  don't put notification in newspaper. You need to keep a track...

All The Best 



Plutos 2011-11-07 15:53:46


My daughter is 2yr  old ...  we stay at ligampally.. Can you plaese suggest a good school like BVB  in and around Bhel / kukatpally/ Kondapur .. i heard that BHEL BVB is not that much good.... Please suggest some good school with good education and extra activities......... :)


santamon 2011-12-14 23:10:36


Hi Micky ,

I went through all the older posts . I still have a query regarding Chinmaya Vidyalayaa .My Daughter studing at Pallavi Model School , 2nd Class . She is very Active in extra-curricular activities like English and Hindi recitation , Handwriting ,Art and Dance and received many Accolades since LKG, but the school is very biased to some students and transparancey is very poor. As you already have a good information about Chinmaya Vidyalayaa , can you tell me if there are inter-school compitition there for English and hindi recitation . How much they are biased with students . I'm planning to move her to this school looking into your forum.


mickey 2011-12-15 12:36:02


 Hi Santamom,
The school does encourage inter-school competitions but parents have to take an active part in telling the school about the competitions. At times, they are unaware of the competitions and we have to take initiative to tell the in-charge and register other students too. However, the school too  keeps a track of such events.
Just for the sake of competitions, i feel you shouldn't change the school. You will find such instances in every school. As your daughter is already adjusted in Pallavi and you too like the school, i think such minor things should be brought into the notice of management instead of taking a drastic step of changing the school altogether. Well, this is what i feel. I may be wrong too. But I would suggest to u to bring it to the notice of Principal or the concerned authority. Think of changing the school only if you aren't satisfied.

The school concentrates more on Bhagwad Geeta Chanting competitions (Inter school /district n State)





SunilD 2012-01-10 08:34:17


Managed to locate DPS PlaySchool in Begumpet area. A nice and cozy place perfect for our children in a peaceful residential area. I had a problem in locating the school as they have not put any boards anywhere. Close to Lifestyle near Country Club. Had to call their landline on 65352446 twice to reach the place, but after reaching I knew I found a great playschool for my daughter. She has joined the session 2012-13, but I started her to go from this year itself so that she can adjust. THANKS to all parentree who helped me choosing the right school for my daughter. THANKS AGAIN!!!


NMRK 2012-01-25 14:35:10


 hi!! mickey,

Am in dilemma.. please help.. jst chkd HPS admission result for class 1 where my son name was not on list.. i dnt knw whts their selection criteria?? was very much interested to put him there...& they are not even allowing us to go to Admin Deptt. & talk.

The other schools i have applied is Bhavans & again they select through lottery ..and reult is on 28th this month.. which is again sheer luck..

Dnt knw what to do.. Other school where have applied is the global Edge.. but its a new school.. wnt my son to go in established school.

please suggest asap.. unable to make up my mind.


mickey 2012-01-25 17:29:44


 Hi Nmrk ,

Were the admissions in HPS done only through lottery  this year ?
It is a sheer luck, if the lottery system is adopted. 

Don't worry. There are other schools too where you could try.. May be there is something better in store for your son.

Try calling the schools  first before visiting.
You could also try in DAV & Meridian and P ObulReddy in Banjara Hills (CBSE). Generally class 1 admissions start during  March end/Apr/May. 

You could also enquire in Kalpa (ICSE) in Banjara Hills and Gitanjali in Begumpet and Sec'bad, Secunderabad Public School (CBSE), Johnsons Grammar(ICSE) and St Andrews(CBSE) in Sec'bad.

All these are established schools and would be within your budget.

Where do u stay in Hyd ? If u plan to relocate towards Miyapur/Kukatpally, you could try in DAV/ Sentia / Vikas or The Creek.

You can also have a look at Sloka. THis school follows waldorf method but quite far.

If u plan to relocate to Jubilee Hills / Madhapur/ Hi-Tech city , you could opt for Global Edge. The school was known as Euroschool before. It's a good school too and coming up with a new campus. The present campus doesn't have a proper playground. 



NMRK 2012-01-25 19:13:49


 Hi!! thanks for your prompt reply.. yes HPS admission was only through lottery :( ..looking forward for Bhavans result.. lets see what happens.

We stay in Umanagar, Kundanbagh right now my son is in UKG of Glendale Edufun n very happy with this school. The Glendale academy is excellent but very expensive.

have visited the Global edge.. its okay transport is not a problem.

Want school provides best quality education & extra curriculars activities.

I do like Meridian a lot but heard the fee structure on higher side. 

Looking forward to hear frm you again.



KJReddy 2012-01-25 20:20:09


The no of seats in HPS is more for 1st class compare to Obul Reddy, BVB, JHPS. So, there are more chances of getting admission in HPS even if your kid is in waiting list.

Global edge is very good except the play ground.

Compare to Glendale Edufun the Meridian fee should be less.


NMRK 2012-01-25 21:31:25


 hey .. thanks.. I know HPS have 7sections & 35 children in each section.. I dnt knw how to appraoch school again & find out..thy hd jst put on list at entrance & not letting parents enter :( & phone nobody picks up.

I can really arrange recommendation letter also if they ask.. am very fond of this school & was thinking as it starts frm Grade1 with so much strength will get admission smoothly. 

Dnt knw wht to do


KJReddy 2012-01-25 22:29:48


If you are able to arrange recommendations it will work out in HPS.  But it will be better to arrange asap so that you will have more chances.  I could able to speak with HPS people thru phone, may be you can try again.   If you go with recommendation letter probably they may allow you inside.

Good luck


mickey 2012-01-25 22:42:22


 Hi Nmrk,  
Did u enquire in the schools which I listed above ?
Yes, Meridian is good but expensive. You will have to pay the initial admission fee which is on the higher side. I don't have the  exact fee details.   You can always find out by visiting the school as the fee details are generally not told on phone.

 If nothing clicks, u can send your child to Global Edge. Personally i  feel, a school  should be near  and the commute shouldn't be stressful for a 5yr old child.

You could prefer a school which satisfies 70% of your requirements.  If you are very much interested in HPS, you could always try recommendation and tell the concerned official to call up and talk to the management. If there is any possibility, the  school will look into it.




NMRK 2012-01-26 13:42:03


 yes Mickey have chkd P Opul reddy admission are over there & kalpa havnt called us yet fr an entrance.

will go & see Meridian soon

My son name is in the Waiting list  of Hps.. will talk to thm & arrange the letter.

Hope he gets admission.

Thanks Mickey & Mr. Reddy


NMRK 2012-01-27 17:29:06


 heyy one thing i got know about HPS - they are very strict with kids & even hits them..

is it really true??  sm how i feel its ok being strict but hitting children is quite weird to hear



DipsRoy 2012-01-27 18:54:29


Hi Mickey,

Can you please provide me some information and feedback on Pallavi Model School in Bowenpally. Looking to join my son who is now 3 years.




mickey 2012-01-27 19:31:53


 Hi Deepthi, It is quite good. One of my friends  kids are studying here and she is quite happy as of now. You may meet other parents too in the school and know their detailed feedback.



DipsRoy 2012-01-30 17:12:14


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for the feedback. I went to the school on Saturday to collect application form. The pre-primary block is newly constructed and quite decent but there is no playground. Moreover, they are suggesting nursery for my son as he will be 3+ in June this year and their criteria for L.K.G is 4+ . So I have decide not to go ahead with this school.




Aahiri19 2012-02-24 10:43:08


Hi Mickey,

I am so happy to read about Chinmaya Vidyalaya. I was on a lookout for such a school with a good spiritual and character building orientation. You have really helped me a lot. I was thinking of Vidyaranya and Nasr and St. Ann's (I live in Tarnaka) but now I am convinced That i should put my daughter in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Begumpet.

If they don't accept her then I can think of other schools. But I so so so hope she will be accepted. She is 2 years and I want to put her in nursery

cannot thank you enough.



docveda 2012-05-09 23:00:31


 Hi Mickey,

I just saw this site today and went through your most helpful (and more importantly unbiased & impartial) reviews on various schools.

I am relocating from UK and secured place for our daughter in class 3 at Chinmaya for 2012-13 academic year. She has also been offered a place at Meridian (banjara) and we are awaiting a possible chance at BVB (J'Hills). I found a review at another site ( about Chinmaya posted in the last 6 months that lots of teachers have recently left the school as well as couple of head teachers and that the standards have fallen. I would very much appreciate your opinion on this issue as I gather your children go to same school. 

Secondly, how does it compare to BVB / Meridian mainly in terms of numbers in the class and parents being able to meet the teachers on a regular basis, because that is something I really like to see in a school. 

Many thanks for your help.



Iris 2012-05-11 11:38:31


Hi Mickey,

Your inputs are very helpful, thanks a lot. Could you please advise if Gowtham Model School provides good education and overall development.

I had been to one of the branch offices, they were helpful, they said that the class strenght is not more than 30 and folow CBSE. I'm planning to put my child in HImayatnagar branch. Please provide some inputs or feedback as it wil help me to decide for my child's 1st class admission.



caillou 2012-05-27 08:23:44



    We will be relocating from the US in Oct 2012 to begumpet hyderabad.Looking for a good international school for my 4 & a half  yrs old son.Plz help.




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