Dilemma position on Admission of my child in Class 1

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DVVSN 2012-02-28 07:26:38


Dear Mickey,

I need clarification / suggestion from you and other parents for my dilemma situation.

My son born on 17-02-2007. Right now he is 5 yrs old.  I am looking for admission for son in to class 1 for the next academic year 12-13 in CBSE Schools.

My situation is that, as he started talking lately i joined him in nursery lately. so now he is studying LKG (but according to age he should be in UKG) in Smartkidz playschool.  I tried so many schools for admitting him in class 1, but they are telling it  is better for him to complete UKG and also he is not able to attend the written test which is based on ukg standards( but some schools they are ready to give admission for him provided they are asking us that we need to put some effors / pressure on child).

Now what I have to do? Shall I continue him in UKG? Or Shall I proceed with Class 1 admission?

He is good at his LKG Standards. If I continue him in UKG he will be one year back in his academics and he will be loosing one year in his career.

I am unable to judge and in very much DILEMMA that am I wasting one year in his life or am I building right career for him? Some times I feel joining him in UKG is better as he acquires good knowledge and standards, but some times I feel is it necessary to waste one year at this early age? Will this ONE YEAR gap will become problem for him at any later stage of his life??? This is the kind of confusion going in my mind.

Please address and advise my situation ( hope most parents do posses this) as early as possible as school admissions are closing soon.

 And if I continue him in UKG will there be any problem for him for 2013-14 admission in to class 1 with regards to age? By the time he will be 6.4 Years(by june 2013)?

Request  Mickey and other parents to give their suggestions in this.

Thanks in advance...

With Regards


abhayaparent 2012-02-28 07:52:08


Hi Satya,

Feb 2007 born child in any case is eligible for only Sr KG for the academic year 2012-13 in most schools and more over you are saying your child is studying Jr KG now, so he should definitely go to Sr KG only.

You can't skip a year at this early stage as a lot of fundementals about Math, English, Gross and Finer Motor skills development happen at this stage even if you don't want your child to miss a year.

More over there is nothing called missing a year in career, it hardly makes a difference to any one in the world incl the child whether a child passes 10th at 15 or 16, what is more important is how well a child has grasped the subject knowledge, how good is his communication and how confident is he as a person.

We should let the children grow at their pace and not rush them.

Hope that helps.



DVVSN 2012-02-28 10:10:18


Dear Abhayaparent,

Thank you very much for your detailed reply.

I am very happy to note all the important points mentioned by you. Now i am free from the dilemma.

I dont have any person who can address my issues / confusions in my family / relatives.  Now i will become reference in my relatives.

Once again Thank you very much





rosinha 2012-02-28 10:35:41


Hello Satya

Like ur kid , my son too started speaking late & he is 5 + in LKG but he is doing good . Earlier even i wanted him to be one class up like any other kid but so many fundamental learning goes in young stage & if that is not strong then his performance would have affected .

It is more imp for lkid to learn & good in his fundamental ...at this age parents cannot put pressure as they learn with there own pace .




abhayaparent 2012-02-28 11:15:30


You are always welcome Satya!


DVVSN 2012-02-28 11:33:31


Hello Rosinha,


Thank you very much for your suggestion. I am happy that these many parents are clarifying my situation with their valuable suggestions.

Once again thanks a lot !!!





DVVSN 2012-03-21 21:41:31


Dear Micky,

My Nephew is also in the same situation. I showed the above messages to him, but he is seeking some more clarification on this. He is saying that at a later stage we sholuld not feel bad about our step or decission that was taken. He is very particular about his daughter and his further steps.  Can you please share your views and ideas in this matter? if you can share any discussion link for this also would help for him

With Regards



ningyo 2012-03-22 11:39:50


 Dear Satya,

I think you should concentrate on the childs skills and ability rather than her future.If she is going for UKG this year, then only one year is wasted but if you skip her Sr.KG and get her admission for class 1 then her whole life is wasted, if she cannot coupe up with other kids.She will be completely stressed.If you are really particular then its better to think about present not future.If her present is good then defintely her future will also be good.This is what my perception is, being a mother of 5 year old daughter.

Dont worry.





Priyaraj2005 2012-03-22 13:38:19



When my son had to go to PP1 (Sept 2006 born )... Some ppl suggested me to change the date of birth and get him admitted into PP1 earlier rather than the next year  (like how it used to be when we were young  ) ... But i didnt want to... I talked to some teachers and other ppl and  finally decided against it ... They said .... by the time the kid finished UKG and goes to Grade 1 ... he shud learn to write words and short sentences of atleast 5 or 6 lines .... and i tell u its not an easy job to do that for the little ones who just know to write ABC in LKG ... The more you pressurize them ...the least they can perform ... Moreover,even if it is just one year that you want him to skip it will make a diff at some point of time in his learning capability ... since their brain develops according to their age ...We can probably spend time andmake him learn things ... but u cant force brain development ... It isbetter to leave  it naturally ... One year willnot make a diff in any missed opportunities... My son is now in PP2 now and we r happy with his progress ... He is now ready for Grade 1 in June ...




mickey 2012-03-24 11:11:29


 Hi DVSSN (Satya),
Sorry to have missed your query and the thread too. I do agee with Abahayaparent, Rosinha, Ningyo and Priya. I too  would suggest the same. 

The ideal age for class1 is 6+. Yes , a few schools do admit kids at 5.5 too. But it is always better to go by the child's abililty and pace rather than the norms. 

+ or - 6 months/ 1 yr doesn't make any difference in one's career considering the vast syllabus in higher classes/grades now. Infact it would prove good in the higher grades.

It isn't advisable to skip UKG/PP2 and put your child in Class 1 now as he will not have proper fundamentals. Children should be able to read small sentences, write sentences, perform addition n subtraction and much more before going to class 1. You could always have a look at Class 1 syllabus and decide if your child could cope up. Even if he does, it would put unnecessary burden on him at such a tender age.

My daughter is Apr 2007 born and she is going to UKG/PP2 in the academic yr 2012-13.
Though she is in an ICSE school, the same is advisable for CBSE too.

Hope this helps you and your nephew.  If your nephew's daughter has completed her UKG , he can always go ahead with Class 1, but if he is sailing in the same boat, i would suggest the same for him too.  Please do weigh the pros n cons and take  a proper decision keeping the kids ability in mind. 








DVVSN 2012-03-31 16:15:08


Dear All,

I am very sorry for not replying to all your valuable suggestions due to Financial Year end busy.

First i would like to convey my Heartful THANKS to all the parents name by name, especially to Abahayaparent, Rosinha, Ningyo, Priya and Micky who gave me their experiences and cleared my dilemma position.

Now i am very much clear by reading all above valuable suggestions and personal experiences of our other parents. My main intention is to give a very valuable, organised and right path to my child which was not happened in my life. So really i was so confused and due to that I was lead by myself to a dilemma.

Now my son is performing very well in LKG. Today we went to school for parent teacher meet and felt very happy by seeing his excellent performance in academics along with extracurricular activities.

Now i am CONTINUING my son in UKG which is now apt for him according to his pace. I hope now my son will have very good foundation.

Micky : Today my nephew is also there with me (as we both are sailing in the same boat ) and he felt very happy by seeing these many valuable suggestions and guidance that we are receiving. He is also planning to continue his daughter at her own pace.

Today by seeing these many responses and suggestions i feel myself proud that i am also a part in such a valuable site. Now i am so much confident that at any time i can post my doubt in the site to have a clear, organised suggestion in a constructive manner. Thank you MICKY ..for such a wonderful site.

Once again i convey my heartful thanks to one and all.

With Warm Regards,




mickey 2012-03-31 20:20:45


 Hi Satya, Nice to know your decision. I am sure you wouldn't regret later.....

The contribution of all the parents has made this website so valuable............

It is not my website...... I am a member like you.......

Good Luck to you and your nephew !




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