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miragevenki 2012-02-13 11:18:56


 Hi All, 


I came across this new School, Epistemo Global, Started by The Vikas School Management. 


This is a new school, coming up near Aparna Sarovar, Nallagandla. I had discussion with their Principal, Mr.Ravichandran. He was the principle of Oakridge, Vizag. The vision , mission of the school looks very promising. The fees is also not huge. Infact its very good, when we look at the infrastructure . 





saimom 2012-02-13 12:10:24


Hi MirageVenki,

can you please post more details about the school, as there is no website for them as yet. Are they following CBSE std and also how difference it is from Vikas Concept school.




miragevenki 2012-02-13 13:22:13


 Hi saimom, 


There is  indeed a web site for them.  http://epistemoglobal.com/.

You will get all the details in the web site. 






 Former member 2012-02-13 22:06:55


 Hi MirageVenki,

I have checked the website. Also can u tell how much is the fee structure and any reviews about this school? Have u visited this school and if yes how is the infrastructure and other things?


miragevenki 2012-02-14 06:15:30


 Hi Kspeketi,


Please find the fee structure


Admission Fee - 15000

Caution deposit - 10000  (Refundable)


Fee                             KG                    I To V                          V1 To X

Annual Fee             10000              10000                           10000

Tuition                      30000              35000                          40000

Lab Fee                       -                       5000                             5000

Activity Fee               10000              10000                          10000

Total                           50000              60000                          65000

Lunch                          15000             17000                          19000


This year 2012 will be their first year. So I dont have special reviews. But the management is well established and expereiced in teaching (Vikas). So should be good. The principle as I had posted before is from Oakridge.  


The campus is under construction, I have been to the site, and the engineeres say that it will be handed over by May. June 6th is the opening of the school.

Hope this helps.



vamseekolluri 2012-06-12 16:37:11


i have joined my daughter in Epistemo Global for PP1. Good things i found here.

1. this school takes a middle path between traditional schools and the so-called international schools. this way the kids dont lose out the global exposure to new teaching methodologies while still remain grounded to the realities of the world.

2. i especially liked the teaching methodologies that the vice principal Mrs. Pamp Choudary told me about.  the only concern i had when i spoke to her, was "if the teachers who are going to be recruited have the same passion and committment" as her. For this she told me that she is going to monitor the training to teachers personally and i was satisfied.

3. impressive infrastructure (atleast what the brochure shows). i personally dont like schools that grow vertically. i feel they should provide ample space for the kids to play. this school has all that in the 2.5 acres campus.

Now for the glitches/cons...

i visited their campus today (12th June) as they told me the school is going to start on 14th June. i was totally disappointed. the construction is still going on and even though the staff and the principal say the classrooms are ready w.r.t. basic needs like water, toys, bathrooms, textbooks etc. i personally argued with him today that the school is not yet child-friendly atleast not in the current stage of construction where i can see 15ft ditches, iron rods peircing out of the ground, unmanned stair cases which do not yet have railings, open 1st and upper floors that dont still have parapet walls... i am concerned with the safety of the kids going to the school.

i even suggested the principal that they rent out some good premises in gachibowli/madhapur on a temporary basis and run the school for an year or so and when the total construction of the school is completed (which is supposed to be some time in june 2013), they can move into the new campus. but this suggestion was overruled by him.

however i have already paid the amt so i am kind of stuck..nothing i can really do now.. i hope they make it more safer for the kids studying there...

at this point of time, except for the safety of the kids because of the on going construction i really dont have any complaints.. let me see how it goes...



preetigarg 2012-06-18 12:53:34


 hi mr.vamsi , 

                         my child is also in same school , even i am facing the problems with school ,daily they r postphoning the opening ,ur suggestion is right , they should take new premises on hire , bcoz present building will definately take 6 mnths to complete the construction.even i am confused what to do now.


Natureworx 2012-12-06 23:04:16


 hi Preeti/Vamsi,


May i know whats the status now ..?


Are you guys happy with the progress of your kids.




vamseekolluri 2013-01-02 23:16:42


Update on Epistemo Global school...approx: 7 months after my previous post...

1. our concerns were heard by the school management. they conducted a meeting with all the parents. the chariman and the principal tried to answer the questions/concerns the parents had.

2. as an immediate action, they cordoned off most of the construction areas there by making it better for the chilfren. ofcourse construction is still happening but i guess they have a deadline to meet to ready the campus asap. so i dont mind it as long they ensured the safety of the children. currently i am satisfied with the safety arrangements.

3. my kid is happy in the school and i am happy with that. there is no big pressure on the kid for the academics, i guess the kids are learning the happy way. so its good.

4. they are conducting regular parent teacher meetings and updating us about the progress of the kid. also they send weekly transaction report (as a PDF) descibing what my kid learnt in various subjects in that week. this update is a nice convinience.

5. one particular thing that i am happy about: once in a parent teacher meeting, the parent told me that i need to speak in english with my daughter, as her english spoken skills are not very good. however i did not do much on this front. but to my pleasant surprise in the next 2 months,  i observed that my daughter picked up her english speaking skills very well and she now speaks very good english considering her age. when i enquired about this improvement with the vice-principal, she told me that they were conducting some special language labs to PP1 students and they saw this kind of improvement in most of the students.

6. overall, i now feel happy about my decision to join my daughter in Epistemoglobal school.

7. One thing i am really looking forward to is the completion of the swimming pool (so that the kids get to learn swimming) and the completion of the play ground, so that they can play outside.

Some concerns i still have...

1.  The school has announced a fee hike that is steep (tuition fee increased from 50K to 58K ..an increase of approx:14% which is far greater than my salary hike and the inflation). I told the management that this kind of steep hikes in tution fee should be avoided as their previous fee structure was optimal.

2. the bus comes to my house (in beerumguda after BHEL) at 7:10AM and i am having horrendous time preparing my kid to be ready by that time. She reaches the school at 8:40AM. This means she spends 1hr:30mins in travel which is scary and tortorous for a 4 yr old kid. when i traced the bus route to find out the reason for this long travel time, i found that the bottle neck was in the BHEL MIG colony where it spends a good 30-40 mins (reasons being, roads are very narrow and this big bus has to navigate through these narrow bylanes). i suggested to principal that they arrange a small bus/van (tata-winger) and there by break up the MIG kids and non-MIG kids in to two seperate buses/vans. this will ensure that the travel time for kids in all these areas is reduced by half. recently when a road-show of the school happened in my colony, the vice-principal assured of this arrangement, but i will have to wait and watch what unfolds in the next couple of months. but i will be very happy if my daughter's pick-up time is not before 7:45AM.

Rest of the stuff.. i guess i am ok with what ever the school is doing.


Amolphadke 2013-01-03 09:31:26




I am planning to admit my son this school starting next academic year. Please suggest whether it is good option or not.


Will appreciate your speedy response.






koushik 2013-01-04 21:25:56


I am seriously considering my daughter's shifting from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Public School to Epistemo global in VIth class next student year 2013-14 since it is a prestigious school very near to my house at BHEL MIG Colony. I have seen that the neighbouring kids realy picked up english conversation  after admission into the school.My query is how much they prepare the students for highly stressful intermediate course structure of A.P. or do we have to make extra efforts by admitting her into FITJEE? Thanks & Regards Koushik


smilyraj4u 2013-01-10 10:53:53



I am also looking to Join my KID in PP-2,  Please provide me the review of the school

Even my kid is studying Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Publi School in PP-1.




 Former member 2013-01-25 17:47:18


Hi Koushik

BVB is one of the top schools in Hyderabad, also a very prestigious organization where most of the parents prefer their child to be in. But what is the exact reason that you wanted to shift your child to Epistemo Global. Your feedback in more clear words will help other parents too. Even I'm very much eager to know the exact reason for this decision of yours.


vizagdesi 2013-01-26 04:09:24


 Hi Koushik,


My son is currently in VIth and we will be moving to Hyd for the next academic year. scoping out for good school but since I am non local, finding it hard to even identify the right school. 

Did you consider FIITJEE World Schools? I am in the same boat as you... want a good school that focuses both on extra-curriculars as well as academics. Can't make a wrong decision of going for a flashy international school if they can't prepare the kid to come back into mainstream after 10th/12th. 


SreeniK 2013-02-13 20:45:47



My kids are in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Public School in BHEL campus. I am planning to shift my kids to different school from this academic year. The very reason is, though BVB has good name, the class strength in BVB BHEL campus is 58 to 60 per section.

My daughter is completing class IV and son completing class II. Principal and staff have been telling that they will get more space and split the classes into to more sections. But it's a never ending story.

Due to high class strength, teachers do not have time, energy and interest to check the home works, project works and work sheets. No care on students, neither on studies.

I strongly recommend not choosing BVB public school, BHEL campus.

I am considering Vikas concept school and Epitstimo Global. I request parents of Epitstimo Global to give more feedback for higher classes like 3rd and 5th.


AnuV 2013-02-25 20:15:20


My son is studying in LKG in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Bhel Campus. I am looking to change the school for this academic year 2013-2014. After reading reviews on parenttree, i am leaning towards Epistemo. Can somone throw light on the admission procedure, and the academics and extra curricular activities? 

Did anyone join their kids for this year? I am yet to visit the school..Kindly provide feedback on the school.


koushik 2013-02-25 22:47:34




The main argument going against BVB public school BHEL campus is that the no of students in each section sometimes even touching 65 or more.Obviously the large classes lack the quality and quantity of interaction with teachers.On the other hand the growth and development of children studying in Epistemo is quite visible.




AnuV 2013-02-25 23:44:19


I wouldnt recommend BVB , BHEL campus to anyone. The student teacher ratio is way more which lacks the quality. The only good thing is the timings of PP1/PP2 classes. The school gets over by 12. 

 Koushik, did you join your kid in Epistemo? If yes, then kindly provide some feedback about how easy/tough the admission process is..


koushik 2013-02-26 19:49:01


Hi Anu,

Right now Epistemo has classes up to Std VIII. From the ACADEMIC year 2013-14 onwards Epistemo Gobal School will have classes from Std IX to Std XII.Construction of School infrastructure is nearing the end.

Needless to say that knowledge of proper English language is so important for career and social mobility and I have observed the kids of Epistemo have picked up English really well. It is because all students are expected to speak strictly in English once they are in school campus.

Meals are an integral part of the school program and the food is well balanced.

School believes in behavioural counselling for stubborn kids instead of any corporal punishments.

Music, dance and swimming form a compulsory part of the curriculum.

Fees for lower classes

Rs. 20,000/- admission fee

Rs. 10,000/- caution money (refundable)

Rs.  1,000/- registration fee

Rs. 58,500/- Tution fee per annum

Lunch and transportation charges are extra.

There are some corporate discount schemes for children from the same area and for siblings.


Natureworx 2013-02-26 21:46:07


 HI Kaushik,

Can u pls drop me a mail at natureworx  at hotmail dot com would like to speak to you.



Sheetalg 2013-04-06 18:34:31


Is anyone planning Epistemo for their kid in 1st Std? I am new to Hyd and moved in just yesterday. I was considering Epistemo for my daughter who will be in 1st std.


Can someone please tell me about school timings? I am also looking for accomodation nearby (probably Aparna Cyber or Aparna Sarovar). Any suggestions?


BBansal 2013-05-03 15:03:51



We are also moving to HYD in 2 weeks and have taken flat in Aparna. if anyone has more information/experience  about Epistemo school, please share. My daughter is going to join LKG.

Thanks in advance!


Aarushini 2013-05-20 20:27:51


Hi Sheetalg

have you found flat in ACC? where did you join your kids?





vpavithra 2013-06-18 16:16:29



What is the age for LKG admissions at epistemo? Is it 3+ or 4+ years?

I can't seem to find this info anywhere.

It'll be really great if parents who have their kids at Epistemo can shed some light on this.



nrikids 2013-08-27 16:39:14


 I second the above view. The school did not deliver on any of its promises and the vice principal is hopeless.

Management promised removal of the dumpyard even before the school launch and never delivered and did not care to answer parents until parents put pressure on them. The dumpyard is still there. Practical problems are common in every school but the vice principal's attitude is the worst.


Chinnu1975 2013-09-19 17:09:10


yes, Its not good as like last year. Now Mr. Ravichandran is no more with EG. My kid is also studing in EG school. Really not happy this year and Dump yard is never ending story...all are false promises.




NagaVasantha 2013-10-24 13:35:16


Hi Vamseekolluri,

As u joined ur kid in EG last year, can you please provide more information how the school is performing this year. Would you recommend EG and satisfied with the school. Please share the information.



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