Schools near Miyapur for Grade II

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pradeep873 2012-01-23 09:48:57


Dear Parentree,

Firstly, i would like to appreciate the Parentree community for all the efforts they put for taking up this site live.

I am currently looking for admission into Grade -II ,currently my daughter is studying in Sri Vidyanjali High School in Vivekanada Nagar, KPHB.  Recently, we have bought a flat near Miyapur and intend to shift my daughter's school to Miyapur. She has attend  Silver Oaks assessment program and failed to pass through as the exam questions were not in the syllabus and not taught at any time in the current school. So , i am at cross road and cant able to judge which school i should approach for her admission. I have to quickly make my decision in taking up the school near Miyapur/bachupally else i may be left out with no options.

So, Parentree Groups in Hyderabad, please help me in providing various schools near Miyapur and what will be the admission procedure /tests. Thank you in advance for your suggestion.




daughters 2012-01-23 17:43:46


Hi pradeep

1. St Martin School

2. Triveni talent school

3. Unicent school

4. Vikas the concept school

5. Lotus National school

6. Rao's High school

These are good and medium and best schools

you just approach them and ask them if they are conducting a exam

then ask about the syllbus and prepare your kid and sit her to write the exam

all the best,

this is kavinder reddy father of Two IITians from miyapur, 9949184890



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