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Sidsumi 2012-01-16 13:08:17




My son got into grade 1 at Nasr boys school.  The fees is reasonable and their admission process was very very transparent.  We were very impressed wtih the management as well.  We went to Chirec too but their fees is expensive and they were unable to answer a lot of questoins that the parents had. 


Can you pleaes advise about the school and the faculty?  Since there were a lot of minority group attending the interivew, I wonder if it is the right school for my child.


Also the date to finalise is tomorrow.  Please advise ASAP.



KarSwap 2012-03-30 10:09:42


Hi Sidsumi

I feel the school is really good. My kid is is Pre Primary at Khairatabad and will be joining Nasr Boys Subsequently. Regarding the minority issue... well its the elite minority and more over we are in India a secular country and we hope nothing ill happens. Keeping this aside.... the infrastructure is top class. I have not seen many schools with such a good playground barring HPS.

I visited the school post their school hours and all kids were busy with various activitites.

The only negative I feel is its not a Co Ed. I really hope and wish the management of Nasr makes it a Co Ed. I assure you managemnt..... every parent will be very happy with this decision.

Parents with whom I interacted were very happy with the institution.

Would request you to please give your latest feedback on the subject.


nk123 2012-04-05 13:08:02


  Hi Sidsumi,

Can you please tell me what is admission process ?

In which month do we get appl forms ?

Is there any interview ?

What is fee and admission fee/donation


Thanks in advance,



 Former member 2013-11-07 22:02:07


Hi Sidsumi & KarSwap,

Can you please tell me how is your experience with Nars Boys? I have a concern that it is a only boys school, that is ok. But the other major concern I have a feel after talking to various ppl (they are not necessary parents of the students studying there, but people like friend, neighbors etc. )majority of the students there are from Muslim b/g & they are mostly from all rich b/g. For my son, my personal preference is to find a school with mixed culture, people from all region/religion & various economical b/g. Any thoughts you wanna share?



iindu 2014-11-17 23:57:51


Hi Sidsumi & KarSwap,
I am also considering Nasr Boys for my son for grade 4 so want to know their admission process and also other concerns. Your kids have completed 2 years by now in the school so I am sure you can give us more feedback.

KonduriMallik 2014-12-08 19:20:07


Hi All,

I have received good feed back about NASR boys school.
Now new principle is having greater vision of enhacing the facilities of the school and
making efforts to no to make it with "minority" brand on it.
New principle is CEO of the NASR Edu foundation and grand son of the founder chairman.

i am looking for 1st std admission and only concern i had in my mind is about minority branding of the school.
Also heard that school is 40% emphasis on acadamics and 60% on activities.
So parants are also required infact little bit more than other schools to be part of the childs education.

parents of the current students can answer these questions and concerns.

so request current students parents or Micky ji to publish the latest feedback / review on the school.
which would be very helpful to many of us.

looking forward eagerly.

Thank you

 Former member 2014-12-09 00:18:53


Hi Mallik,

Even am trying for admission for 5th standard.

As you mentioned you received good feed back from some one.
Please share the following,

1)Does nasr boys school follows standards similar to nasr girls school?
2)Does nasr boys emphasize on children communication,will they strictly follow to talk in English while in school?Have you visited the school? got the chance to talk to any kids? 

3)Teachers are equally good for all grades(for higher grads)?

4)As its ICSE syllabus and its vast,5 days of school from 8.00 to 1.30(including break if any),around 5hrs will it be good enough to complete the portions?  As you have mentioned 40% emphasis on academics and 60% on activities,60% are these study/academics related activities?? or extra curricular(games/other activity)?
my son has to travel around 1 hour to reach the school, so please some one provide latest feedback on school to help me decide on admission.



 Former member 2014-12-17 17:30:11



Very disappointing...not even one reply from any one.

Thank you.

KarSwap 2014-12-18 10:42:39


Dear Aashu

As you have seen above... most people have shared a very positive view on the school. I also agree with the same.... from a parents point of view... my only submission is, if your ok with a non co ed school... go ahead, its a good place. 

We have chosen not to continue our kid in Nasr after his preprimary for the above reason, we want him to grow up in a coed environment.

KarSwap 2014-12-18 14:44:40


I dont know how to send personal SMS....but I know that feature. So Admin, please let me know, next time shall use the same. Since Aashu seems concerned, and I know its a V imp decision, Im sharing my number.
You can call me at 7702400157

 Former member 2014-12-18 15:44:02



Thanks a lot KarSwap...I really appreciate for your suggestions and feedback..

Thank you.


KarSwap 2014-12-18 17:16:35



revathd 2019-07-05 17:26:52


I have my kids in this school. It's a normal school, some teachers are good, some are ok-ok. But if your child doesnt open up/, he'll be like that through out his entire schooling. No special attention for the kids who are average / below average . 
Expected more, but disappointment with this kind of environment. School fee was very high for the money we are paying. 

khans2021 2021-01-30 15:58:11


Hello friends,

 My son is currently studying 4th Class in JGS ICSE Habsiguda, He is a brilliant in studies. School is very good.. We are planning to relocate near Tolichowki/Shaikpet/Sun City HYD, Looking for good ICSE school for next academic year i.e. for 5th Class 2021-22.

 1) Can someone please suggest how is Nasr Boys School Gachibowli compared to JGS? Discipline/Studies/Teacher and overall feedback?

 2) My son is 4 months less than the age criteria of Nasr school for admission into Class 5, did anyone managed to get admission when age criteria is not met? Do they strictly follow the age criteria? Pls suggest, how to get admission in Class 5.. Can anyone share your Realtime experience with Nasr admission please...

 3) Please share admission process and Annual fee structure (Breakup) of Nasr Boys School Gachibowli & Yearly how much fees is increased?

 4) Can anyone suggest any other good ICSE school within 10 Kms radius to Tolichowki/Attapur? 

 Friends please reply to this thread in details so that it will help to me and others as well... Thanks in advance and I really appreciate your early response...


chotubheem 2023-11-13 20:17:30


Hi All,

Can anyone send the latest review about the school. I'm looking for an admission for grade 6 in this school


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