Abhaya Waldorf School in HYD

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MayaVivek 2012-01-11 15:50:27



Does any of you have your ward / aquaintances studying in Waldorf schools - esp. Abhaya Waldorf in Hyd?

would like to get more info about the school and their effectiveness




Smitasi 2013-06-24 12:11:12


 My son 5 yrs old is studying in Ahaya.


Mydhili 2013-06-26 10:56:42


 Hi Smitasi..wud like to know more abt the school. how is the curriculum and how are the teachers


Smitasi 2013-07-17 17:30:58


 Hi Mydhili,

The school is very good, teachers are dedicated toward waldrof.

We are happy.




venkat75 2013-10-01 23:33:53


Dear Smitha and/or any other parents sending kids to Abhaya/Sloka,

                   Would you be kind to provide more detail on Abhaya.

How many kids do they have per class?
Are there restrictions like no computer/no TV at home? 
Do they not encourage any competitive tussle between students(mostly on sports aka like Vidya ranya)
Do they have adequate facilities for sports? How is the emphasis on sports?
Location wise I am looking for a school with maddening traffic around aka. Since they spend upto 7 hrs in school I am looking for a school in area where the possibilities of Vehicular/Industrial pollution can be minimized. So, long question short. How is the area where the school is located in
How does the school compare with Sloka?



MayaVivek 2013-12-20 17:35:54


Dear Venkat,

Not sure if this is a timely response for you - I logged in after quite some time! And one main reason is that Am Happy with Abhaya and don't need to look elsewhere!!

The school is located in Gundlapochampally village, in Kompally. Situated in a serene village, far from the maddening crowd! First, you will have to convinced with their philosophy and fact that you would want your child to grow in his/her natural pace rather than prepare them for the rat race.

The school discourages use of modern technologies like the Computer/Laptop/Ipad etc believing that they are not age appropriate (until when they reach higher classes). However, there is no serious compulsion either. It about how much you would want to get into.

They encourage kids to take up sports, and have come up with a good basket ball area now. Otherwise I have seen the children engaging in open air sports like cricket, football. In fact one reason why I fell for Abhaya is - seeing kids playing everywhere, on the ground, in the sand pits, and on the tree tops!

There is no "COMPETITION" and kids are not made "popular / celebrities" in the school. However the school encourages the potent talent discovered in any child very subtly, without really undermining other kids.

What makes this school different is its Teachers! I am yet to see the dedication, humility and passion in any school that I have come across in Abhaya. If not for anything, you can always trust this school for the quality of its teachers, who truly abide by a simple living and high thinking!

Sorry - I can go on.... to cut it short, every school/methods has its own pros & cons, its upto your conviction on what you want to adopt. please approach the school first, undergo an Orientation session and if you are convinced then go for it! However if you are a kind of parent who would compare your kids' learning status with that of the neighbours, then please do not move towards Abhaya. BTW, admission season has begun and they are very strict with the number of intakes.

good luck



Aswathi1 2018-12-31 15:06:46


Hi Everyone,
Hope by now your kids completed many years in Abhaya school. Can some one help me with details about the school circulam?
Can some one share their personal emailid , please?

Lifeagain 2018-12-31 21:49:03


Hi Ashu you can write to me on ranjith.puzhankara@gmail.com Cheers Ranjith


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