Jubilee Hills Public School Admission and Day care ?

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Priyaraj2005 2012-01-10 16:53:16


Hi all,

I am planning to apply for admission in JHPS for my son for Class 1. They said that the admissions for vacancies would only take place in Feb 2nd week ... I just wanted to know how much would they expect for a donation ... Atleast how much quote would guarantee an admission ... academis wise my son is good ... so I am sure he would get thru theinteraction or test whichever is theprocess ...but apart from that I have read about this amount that we need to quote ... Any probable figure would be fine ... so that we will have an idea of how much we need to quote if we need admission ...
any parents whose kids are studying currently in lower classes can help me ...

Their website gives the total students enrolled in class 1 for current year 2011 - 2012 as 229 out of 280 seats ... So i guess it would be similar for PP2 of current year also which goes to Class 1 in 2012.... so there would be atleast 30 - 40 seats vacant ...

Also, is there any day care facility near by to this school ... where the school bus can drop the kids to the day care so that we can pick them in the evening or so ... Any parents using such facility ... please give some information ... Or anyone using some kind of private transport for thispurpose or so ... currently my son goes to Kinderkare Preschool and daycare near Kondapur ... I am not sure if the school bus of JHPS would drop him there or not ...

Priyaraj2005 2012-01-12 15:46:47


Any feedback parents ???



mickey 2012-01-12 21:59:35


Hi Priya, If you quote 1 lakh, seat is guaranteed........ You can specify some range say 50K to 75K and negotiate. I just didn't like the way i heard from parents this yr and last yr too. They have become so very open n commercial. 

Sunshine is a good daycare in Jubilee Hills. You could engage a private van. I am not sure if the school bus would drop at the daycare. You can always find out from the transport in-charge once u get your kid admitted. You could also have a look at Esperanza in Banjara Hills. It's a bit expensive though.




ndathyd 2012-01-13 00:23:53


I have had the bad luck of meeting the idiots in management here.

Evaluation of kids is prohibited by "National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) Act, 2005 " But my both 3 year old kids were subjected to evaluation.

The same act also prohibits interview of parents, but I was immediately called for "interview with management"

The same act also prohibits capitation fee (or any similar fee). The broucher which was sold to me for Rs. 500/- did not advertise admission fee. But then I was called inside and was shown another fee structure which had admission fee of Rs. 30000/-.

and then this was nothing, the lady had shown me a letter, which stated that I "voluntarily at my will" will like to make donation and I was asked to put a number which is "reasonable" for me. The lady also informed me that other people have put numbers in the range of 1 to 1.75 lacs per child. It is very clear that the timing of this donation and the target audience (parent who are looking for admission), is designed as an auction process for the seats at the school. I put Rs. 30,000/- per child as the number, I was "comfortable" with.

and wait friends this was nothing!!

After going in, the idiots were sitting on a round table, and they made me sit like a student and started questioning me. The first question was "WHY DID I NOT MENTION MY ANNUAL INCOME!!", The idiots in management were more interested in my salary. They even went to the extent of asking whether it is 6 figure or 7 figure or 8 figure. and when I told them, it is none of their business, they almost drove me and my family out and asked me to check the notice board on 18th.

While entering the school, I saw that the school operates under strict security, there is a stringent warning to parents, that if you go against the school's interests, your child will be expelled. I also saw children sitting on cement ground in scorching heat waiting for bus.

SCHOOLS LIKE THESE ARE SHAME ON INDIA. I will advise parents not to look for this option and start their lives at the hands of with corruption.

I absolutely wonder, why does Andhra pradesh government not yet have State commission of children's rights and how does it allow such practices to go on in schools.


Priyaraj2005 2012-01-13 09:55:14


Thanks Mickey and NDatHyd for the feedback.

I am having second thoughts about this school now. Moreover, their vacancies would be annouced for Class1 only in the second week of Feb. But by then the other schools like DPS will complete the process ...So I am not sure if i can wait till then or not.



mickey 2012-01-13 10:03:27


 Hi Ndath, There is a GO to curb this malpractise ...... It is better to bring it to the notice of DEO again. But who has the time to go behind these ppl ? .....



Priyaraj2005 2012-01-17 13:32:59


But this is something which is present in almost every school ... even prestigious ones like DPS itself demanding money and some parents said they dont give a receipt for the amount of admission fee that u pay ... which is quite disturbing ... that the child starts his education in this way ... Inspite of all this ... people still flock for it just for the brand name ...(Even we have taken the application for my son ...though it is not on my priority list ... just for its proximity... and because we cudnt get an admission in FutureKids ) ...

But yes, if the same amount was quoted as some admission fee or something more decent ... it would have been better ... But demanding money like this and treating us like nothing just because we refuse to give in to their demands is definitely not right ...


Rajakk 2012-01-18 17:23:48




 What NDATHHYD said is 100% correct, they are mainly concentrating on money for the last three years and the communication is not good for some of the teachers also, if you put add donation nearly 1 lacks you have a chance to get seat.


Peegee 2012-01-23 17:43:11


NDATHYD, This school was one of the options on my list.

I would be interested to hear more about the process. As far as I have heard schools aren't technically supposed to hold entrance tests or interviews with parents for admission and payment of capitation fee is unlawful.

Wonder how the system works at Hyderabad though. Would like to hear more on mail about this.



Sidsumi 2012-01-23 20:23:39




I also had a similar experience.  I had posted this one of the parents earlier.

"I went to JHPS two years ago when we wanted to put my son in Nursery. The whole process felt like an eye wash. They said they are going to asses the child. First of all they called us for an assessment in the afternoon. I feel they do not understand child psychology. There were parents who were waking up the children becuase they were fast asleep. They take all the children into a room and then my son comes out with two stars in both hands. We noticed that only he and another girl child had two stars. Some with no stars and some with one, which meant he answered most of the questions. His communication skills in english are very good because we speak primarily in English. Then they take us to a room with the board of directors. Before asking us anything, all they do is go through the salary column and tell us that they are looking at voluntary contribution for building fund. So we thought since it is voluntary, it is what we want to pay. They tell us then that we need to pay 20% of our annual income as building fund. When we said we are ready to pay 50K, the principal of the school says that there is a very meagre chance for my child to get through. If this had come from a board member, i would not have had a problem. Seriously speaking their full admission process is an eye wash. They could be good in academics, but when a principal does not have the basic work ethics, I do not expect my child to come out as a good citizen out of that school. This is my view. You can weigh the pros and cons and take a decision".


I am sick and tired of the system in Hyderabad.  I come from Ooty where there are very good schools and the best schools there who provide everything possible do not charge as much as they do here.  I can pay a nominal fees of 30K per year and give my child the best education. 

I was not impressed with any school in their selection procedures including schools like Chirec.  Everything is an eye wash.  It looks like only the society which earns well can educate their children in good schools.  Sad state of our country. 

I have put my son in NASR boys.  Their selection procedure was so transparent.  No tests.  They called the child for interview and asked valid questions that anyone can expect from a PP2 student and their fees is so nominal.  I heard good feedback about the school too.  I am sure my son will come out with flying colours from that school.





Peegee 2012-01-24 15:15:44


Hi Sidsumi, i wanted to know about the questions they ask during the interactive session for parents as well as students. It helps to be prepared you know. Is there any way i can contact you?


Sidsumi 2012-01-24 17:19:44


Can you please let me know which school are you referring to.  Is it for Nasr boys?  I am freel to help....


Peegee 2012-01-24 19:49:56


Thanks. I wanted to know regarding JHPS. Though they tell me the process has been completed for this year, i can always opt for next year right?



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