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vclibra 2012-01-08 13:36:25


Hi Freinds,

We are relocating from Nagpur to Hyd.So searching for school for class-1 admission.Some schools name are on list like  Pallavi Model School / DAV safilguda & DPS Mahendrahills. Pls guide me which school will be best for Class-1 from thirrumulgheery.

Will there be any hope of getting admission in Bhavans (Sainikpuri Branch) in Class-1. I went to Bhavans.They have asked to inquir in Feb-12 for admission.

Thanks & Regards,


snehavigu 2012-01-08 20:56:32


dps diamond point is gud i beleive, and dps nacharam too...bhavans doesnt have much activity...class I in bhavans is difficult as last year there were 37 applns against 3 or 4 vacancies...DAV in safilguda is a best option although admission date is over...for applying..still u can always try as they entertain transfer cases...



vclibra 2012-01-10 16:52:23


 Thanks Snehavigu. DPS diamond point  will burn uer pocket. I inquired fee structure of DPS. Its 80 k + 32 k+transport + etc. DPS nacharam will be too far from thirmulgheery. How about Pallavi Model School?? any idea.

In my last visit, I have taken application form of DAV,safilguda.Entrance test is on 11th Feb. Before that Pallavi"s entrance test is on 11th of Jan by tommorrow. As u know schools insist to take admission immediatedly if uer child has cleared entrance test. So do u think i should wait for DAV school entrance??? Pls advice

Thanks pls reply.




Buran 2012-01-10 17:14:30


 I just admitted my daughter at DPS Mahindra Hills. I fees is not as much as DPS Diamond Point . It 35k + 5k+ 31K. The Mahindra Hills branch in till class 4. After that the kids are shifted to DPS Nachharam. 

But if you plan to put your child in DPS Mahindra Hills, then you must hurry. They are almost closing. 


vclibra 2012-01-10 17:22:39


 Thanks Buran, yes same was informed to me at DPS mahindra hills that after 4th class kids r shifted to Nachharam and asked to rethink for admission as from thirumulgheery it will be far for us.so we dropped DPS option.

Have u heard of Pallavi model school , Alwal rating in term of academic any info pls provide.tommorrow is his entrance test. 

Second option is DAV safilguda that too is far but  less than nachharam.



Buran 2012-01-10 19:03:50


 Honestly vdibra, I don't have much knowledge about schools all over Hyderabad, as we are not originally from Hyderabad. Currently we stay in Vizag and are shifting to Hyderabad in another monther month. 

We were aware of certain well renowned schools like Bhavans, Jubille Hills Public School, P Obulreddy, Chinmaya , Meridian etc. which are right in the heart of Hyderabad. We did try in some of these schools, but our experience was bitter.

Then we came to know of DPS, Mahindra Hills. We met them and things fell in place. Be it fees, be it school name, be their admin; we were quite impressed with all of that. And last week they called us for admission. We are quite satisfied as parents to put our daughter in DPS. We being north-indians, the brand name of DPS is well acceptable to us as it is renowned through out India.


ramaswamy 2012-01-10 19:14:04


cant say of Pallavi model school...but yes...DAV is anyday better...and as I am

in AS Rao Nagar, I have admitted my kids to DPS Nacharam..


s1828 2012-01-11 15:21:40


Hi Vdibra,

U can also try St.Andrews  if  u like.........


vclibra 2012-01-14 12:00:17


 Thanks Buran. Since DPS has branches in every state i was opting that. But in hyd travelling disatnce is big issue, specially for kids.

i m thinking of DAV,safilguda. Lets see how the day comes.

Dear s1828

St.Andrews has not issued forms for class-1.  Any idea of admission procedure. ANy idea ??


Buran 2012-01-14 16:56:32


 yes vdibra

if you are not in the nearby area of the school, travelling is an issue for the kids. Thats why we chose the school first and now looking for a house nearby


s1828 2012-01-14 22:49:59


Dear Vdibra,

St.Andrew has branches at Maredpally (from classe Nursery to 4 th ), Bowenpally ( from classes Nursery to 10  both CBSE & SSC & has plans to start  11 th &  12 th CBSE)  &  Keesara  ( from classes Nursery to V th new branch opening in the year 2012 June 6.5 kms to ECIL)

Regarding admissions usually entrance test will be in the month of March/April . pl check with the school. For entrance usually Maths ,English & Hindi will be conducted.


Conctact Phone No :  91  40    6999  5422


barapraveen 2012-09-05 13:58:57



Just wanted to confirm if DPS Nacharam has from Class 1st? Coz when i enquired in DPS Mahindra HIlls they told me that they wud transfer after class 3rd to Nacharam campus. If DPS Nacharam has from Class 1st i would prefer joining my son there directly.

Please guys let me know.



nilesh1010 2015-08-28 17:48:41


Dear All,
This thred has gave me a lot of info,
I am also from Nagpur recently transfered to hyderbad,
Anyone please update the fees in Pallavi and St. Andrews ??
DPS told Me. 85K donation + Fees + Transport thats just rubbish.
I stay in Thiryumalghery. Also please advise if any other good CBSC school nearby.


 Former member 2015-09-10 19:31:51


Pallavi model school is gud for studies,activities,campus also gud ...my sister son studied till 5th...teachers tk care of kid...u cn visit once before making final decision..their fees also not high

Luk33 2018-03-16 00:30:04


Hi Barun have you taken your kids admission in DPS Mahindra hills


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