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hlrao 2014-02-11 15:01:01


Hi Vhar,

We are seeking admission for our son in  PP1 . We like PG aand Arbor intenational School.

The fee stucture which they provided is 

Refundable Caution deposit - actual 15K but need to pay 10K now

Non-refunable Admission Fee - actual 65K but need to pay 25K now

difference amounts of 5K and 40K should be paid when the kids moves to grade 1. 

Annual tuition fees is 70K  in 3 instalments

Transport (optional) may be around 18K to 27K in 3 instalments

Foods (optional) 18000 in 3 instalments

From your post looks like fees was 57K, 2 years ago. How much did it increase yearly ? Did u get any fee structue for next year. 

The admission team  from PG was telling that for the existing parents fees increase by just 2K or 3K or max 5K. Also any idea if thy have any clause like max fee increase  will be less than 5 or 6 % ?. Looks like  the school fee has increased by 13K in just 2 years.


nsgb 2014-12-28 14:37:36


Hi all,
Can anyone please share some recent feedback about phoenix greens along with fee structure?  The past feedback in this threads seems good.  I am moving to Hyderabad and am looking for a good school to admit my child in class 4.
Thank you


kiran4hari 2015-01-07 14:57:26


Does anybody know the latest fee structure for class I for next year in Phoenix greens?

pradhyu 2015-01-07 15:37:42


IF u can afford money it is good school .i went to school for my son PP1 admission .They showed me fee structure nearyly 2 lac for PP1.One thing i want to know till now one batch has not came out but they are hiking fees as they like.Pls think once before joining

marzook80 2015-08-06 14:04:33


can any one provide with the fees structure of PG for grade 1.
Im planning to enroll my son in next academic year.


marzook 2015-08-10 17:29:41


Hi All
Can anyone tell me how far is PG from kondapur?
What is the fee structure for grade1? 


namish2010 2015-09-08 12:46:53


Hi im looking for my son's admission in 2016 for 1st class.Your review gave lot of positive things to choose this school.Can You update whats the latest review of school.
Thanks in advance

 Former member 2015-09-10 13:12:39


read very gud reviews about phoenix which r few years back..can u share latest reviews on this school w.r.t staff,academic CBSE/ICSE,activities,chide caring how frequently teachers available for contact

siri86 2015-09-25 10:04:33


Any parents pls share reviews of phoniex green int school whose kid going to this.i had read reviews in this forum bt what to know present shcool updates fee ,other activities.also what to know dps vs PG.

arnav12 2015-09-25 15:11:52


Hi saiblessing, this is really a very helpfull review... can u please tell the name of the school which u r planning to join your kid now?

durgab 2015-09-25 15:39:11


Can anyone tell us about fee structure of the school and food quality ,TImings..Iam looking for admission for class-I.


siri86 2015-09-25 15:45:18


Thankyou so much saiblessing for giving feedback regarding school which would help many parents to decide.

Saiblessings 2015-09-25 22:16:45


@arnav12 we reside in nallagandla area so manthan is here nearby,lookng forward to visit the scl next week then will decide...from nallagandla the phnx int scl is arund 11km is again another -ve parameter for not considering the scl ..i dont think it would be a wise decsn for a 4yr old kid to travel 22km daily ....this scl hunting phase is really really a very tough task ...we r also in the same boat but still trying our best to make this forum more helpful for better decsn...lookng fwd to see  any helpful exp from any parent thru this forum....thanx


arnav12 2015-09-26 01:13:16


Hi... try visiting green gables international school in madhapur... u will most likely like the school...

RajendraB 2015-10-31 18:31:35


The fee structure was "affordable" (as marketed by the school) till PP2. The current tuition fee for PP2 students is in the range of 70-76k. But, in the upcoming academic year i.e. April 2016-2017 there's a massive increase in tuition fee for 1st class and the existing students i.e. those who are studying in PP2 currently need to shell out One lakh five Thousand (105k) as tuition fee. This is an increase of ~50% for someone who is going to transition from PP2 to 1st class. If a child is going to be a new joinee in 1st class next year, their parents need to pay ~115k per annum as tuition fee alone. 

Transport fee (optional) is based on distance and ranges from 8k-13k  per term (1 term = 4 months), so for 3 terms i.e. per annum, the transportation fee is between 24k-36K.

Food (optional) 18000 per annum.

So, from next year for 1st class students the fee structure is:

Tuition fee + Transportation fee range per annum  is: 129k -151k.

Tuition fee + Transportation + Food  fee range per annum is: 147k - 169k.

I doubt if we can call this fee structure affordable as marketed/advertised by school. So, parents beware from next academic year the fee structure is changing and it's becoming at par with schools like Chirec.


Krishna768 2015-11-27 14:51:50


Hi  Saiblessings,
Me too stay in Aparna and looking for school for my kid in Grade-1. I checked near by schools Epistemo, Manthan ( <5KM) and Phoenix Greens (11KM), but still not arrived on any conclusion Each school has pros and cons and really tough to take decision. Did you finalize any one? Please let me know. Thanks.


vishkids 2015-11-29 08:57:34


Myself in lingampally, I am also looking for admission for my kids following schools are shortlisted

We were impressed with the Birla Openminds but location and fees are the main drawbacks for us, We are looking for a school which gives a good platform for kids to excel both in personality and academics, at the same time worried about the side affects of hi-fi schools.

Birla Open Minds 
Backed by strong education trust.
good infrastructure.
special interest on personality development , life skills, sports etc.
Fees is little expensive( Subjective) - 1.8L pa for Grade -II  + 30K one time fee.

I haven't got any known contact to get a feedback on this school.

Good infra
Proven track record ( compared with Samashti)
Fees is little expensive( Subjective) - 1.75L pa for Grade -II 

Good feedback from friends and spoke to couple of parents at school no negatives.

Excellent Infra
Reasonable fee compared to facilities and other nearby schools.
School is new

Please share if you have any views on above schools and if there are any other schools you felt better and worth for money.


Mittu6 2017-08-27 22:35:12


Hi did U decide for Phoenix green school if so can you please let me know the details as we are moving back to India and my kids will be going to 8th and 5th grade 
so wanted to know the reviews and fee structure for this school
thanks a lot 

dumbeldore 2018-02-13 19:59:22


Hello Arnav 12

why do you say Green Gables is good? you seem to be very positive with green gables, other reviews suggest the same. however need to speak to you regarding school. if you can please drop me your no. at We are relocating to Hyderabad in April and seeking for schools for my sons. thank you




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