Nursery admission in shaikpet international school?

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saazeez 2011-12-20 16:07:06


Hello all

My kid is 2.5 years old and I am planning to put him in Shaikpet International School for nursery in June 2012. He doesnt go to any play school and stays home. Is it good to put him in international school from such an early age (or) try some small schools nearby my home (Marica Public School, Tolichowki) for 2-3 years and then join him in international schools? 

How good is Shaikpet International School? I know it has ICSE syllabus and they provide strong foundation in early years of a kid's education. Is there anything particular that I should look at?

I stay in Tolichowki. Please provide your valuable suggestions. Thanks.


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