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Tahera 2011-12-18 12:50:29


My name is Tahera and i have been born and brought up in UAE, and even my kids are the same born in UAE. but right now i have decided to go for a interior design degree program from hamstech institue. and just because i want to pursue this i will have to bring my kids along with me to hyderabad. my elder son who is 5yrs old is in a british school in upper KG. he'll be having his final exams in june but i am not able to decide wheather i should finish with his final exams or should i bring him in may and will he get admission in grade 1 in any of good schools in hyderabad with out the final reasults. and also can you just suggest me some good schools around 60-80,000inr fees range (CBSE). how about oakridge and nasr, how are these schools standard and education wise and what about the transport does they operate from old city too. will i get admission easily once i reach there.

mickey 2011-12-19 11:53:16


 Hi Tahera,

It would be better if your child finishes his academic yr in UAE before joining grade 1.  You can join another batch at Hamstech which commences from June or so if that's possible. 
 However, if it is inevitable, you can bring a letter from the present school regarding his performance in PP1&PP2 before u apply in any of the Hyd schools. As he is only in Pre-primary, results do not matter much  as such but it is advisable  to finish the academic yr.

Nasr & Oakridge are good schools.

I called up Nasr Junior school  (Girls) regarding grade 1 admissions and the admission in-charge told me to give a letter in the last week of Dec. Same procedure applies to Boy's school as well. You have to submit the letter in Nasr-Boy's school (Gachibowli).


As it is not possible for you to come down, you could  speak to the admission–in charge  and see what can be done. Nasr-Boys numbers are not working. I tried couple of times in the morning.

You could send them an email and talk to the Principal of Nasr Boy's school on phone if the need arises. 

There  is a bus  from Nasr and Oakridge to Old city.

You can download the application form and complete the required formalities of Oakridge online. www.oakridge.in . You can get all the details from the website. Pl  write to the admission-in charge.

The fee is quite high. Rs 1.5 lakh is the admission fee and 2 lakh or so  is the annual and term fee for Grade 1 in Oakridge.  If that suits your budget, you could go ahead.

As you are planning for a short term stay, I wouldn’t suggest u to invest so much on school.
Nasr would be an ideal  and best choice if you manage to get  else try for some SSC or CBSE schools.

It’s better for u to come in Feb or Mar’12  to have a look at the schools or tell any of your relative to follow up the admission process coz most of the schools do it in the month of feb/mar/apr’12.

You could call couple of   interested schools and keep yourself informed about the dates so that you can plan your trip accordingly to India.

If you are staying in old city, you will have to look for schools in King Koti/ Abids/ Himayat Ngr.  Schools in Begumpet/Ameerpet/ Banjara or Jubilee Hills/ Hi-Tech city would be very far for you.

You could try in Little Flower in Abids, Sujatha Public School (Basheerbagh), St Pauls (Hyderguda),Oxford Grammar(Abids) , St Josephs (ICSE&SSC).All the above are SSC schools . Oxford also has CBSE now.

You could try CBSE schools like Rishi Public School/ Vasavi Public School / Howard Public School in  Himayat Ngr. You could prefer Rishi Public School  (RPS).

Hope this helps.



Tahera 2011-12-19 14:08:37


Thanx mickey! i appreciate your quick response... Mean while do you have any updates regarding fees structure of Nasr and what kinda letter they want....and also if i wait until my child finishes his academic year it will be too late for me to get seats for my kids.and also about the schools you have mentioned near by ld city. how is their standard and education level, language, fees etc.





mickey 2011-12-19 14:36:54


 Hi Tahera,

Pls talk to the school (Nasr). The fee is quite nominal when compared to other schools . It should fall within your budget. I don't have the exact break up of class 1. Last yr, i paid around 55K for PP1&PP2  (combined annual &term fees for PP1and PP2) excluding transport(15K).  It  would be a bit more for class 1. You will have to pay additional admission fees of around 35-40K or so. I will come to know  the admission fees  once my friends  go for Nasr (Nursery)  interview next month.

Regarding other schools, all the above mentioned schools are quite established esp the SSC schools. You could prefer any of them. Pl do call up and keep a track or tell any of relative to do so.

You should be able to get into RPS even after u come as there are many parents from gulf who seek admission for their kids in this school (midterm). 

The above mentioned schools have quite economical fee structure and not heavy on pocket.

If you are planning to come to India , then better plan to come in the month of Feb or so.
But please call up and keep yourself informed coz the schools at times, keep changing the dates. 




Tahera 2011-12-20 16:24:17



which syllabus is hard CBSE or ICSE, and which one would be better????????


mickey 2011-12-20 18:23:57


Hi Tahera,
This question is  like 'which came first ?? ...chicken or egg '. .....  

Just to understand this i have put my younger daughter in ICSE school while my elder one has  passed out from CBSE school.

You can use the above search engine to go through CBSE Vs ICSE.  Lot of discussion has taken place in this forum. You can read the views of many parents in the below threads.
I will however list a few links for you below. Pl go through them.

As u r planning for a short stay, you can take up anything.
It's better if you take up CBSE but Nasr doesn't offer CBSE.

Nasr-Boys phno -040 23301885
040-23301248 . I forgot to mention the phnos in my previous post. 

CBSE in the long run is stress free when compared to ICSE.

ICSE stresses more on languages. Standard of English is too good in ICSE and children develop very good communication n written skills. However it becomes very vast from class 6 onwards with 10 or 11 papers in Class X boards while CBSE has only 5 papers in class X. For ex, CBSE has a single paper comprising Physics, Chemistry n Biology whereas ICSE has separate papers for all n same is the case with Social Science.(History, Geography, Civics)

CBSE is also doing away with  Class 10th Board from next yr. There will be no Board exams for Class X. It also follows CCE (Continuous Comrehensive Evaluation) where the child is assessed throughout the year and is given grades. No marks or ranks are mentioned in the report cards. Equal importance is given to  extra-curricular activities while assessing a child. You can know more about CCE in the CBSE website. www.cbse.nic.in

Below are the links of CBS Vs ICSE


http://www.parentree.in/groupdiscussion-2749/ICSE-Syllabus.html  by some14u

my reply to tanco in  cbse vs icse on 21 sep'10 in the below link









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