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Jainy 2011-12-01 15:29:45


Hi All,

I stay in Miyapur. Want to know your view about Lotus Nation School.

Any  review or other information about this school will help for my 5 yrs old kid for class 1st.

Also want to know about other good schools (CBSE) near Miyapur.


wellWisher 2011-12-02 13:12:06


Hi Jainy,

Form my view , Lotus Nation School is good in context of low fees, good building,exp staff and transport facility .

as it is affilated to CBSC board also.

Good to go from 1st class onwards....



Jainy 2011-12-02 13:15:15


Thanks wellWisher  for storng information.

As I have very bad experience from DAV Miyapur school.As their school is in demand so the attitude thay have to talk to new parent is very bad and unexpected.

so DAV is out of  my search of new school to 1st class for kid.

please be careful as i think DAV is looking for more money for new admission to cah the demand.

So i am lookinf ofr other good school.


cutepoo 2012-11-06 11:30:05


My view about DAV Miyapur is same as "Jainy"

They told me to call next day about the info of admisiion and next day they put the phone receiver aside and after visiting the campus nobody from the staff to talk just a notice on the wall.



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