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kirtisarvesh 2011-11-21 10:30:46


Hi All,

I am moving to Hyd before the next academic year and am looking for school admissions around Hitec City. I see that Future Kids is an ICSE school.

Can someone please share some info about this school?

How is the school - considering all aspects - academics, extra curricular activities, teacher-parent ratio/interraction environment, campus, cleanliness etc? What is the fees structure? Any idea when the admission process starts for the school and what are the chances of getting into the school?

Awaiting a reply.





alanvas 2011-11-21 16:04:13


How is the school - considering all aspects - academics, extra curricular activities, teacher-parent ratio/interraction environment, campus, cleanliness etc?

- Academics is not shared becoz they dont give home work. But they share once in six months. Teacher parent interaction is very good. School environment is far better than other schools. Campus is  neat. Toilets are maintained very clean.

What is the fees structure? - Compared to other schools with this quality the fee is less.

Any idea when the admission process starts for the school and what are the chances of getting into the school? - By December they will start


kirtisarvesh 2011-11-22 09:28:48


Thanks alanvas... that was very useful info   really appreciate it.

What classes do your kid(s) study at FKS ? With no homework how do they cope with the studies? Being ICSE - it does get a little tough to manage. Do they follow Gulmohar - Eng books?  

My elder kid is presently studying in class 2 in an ICSE school in Pune. I wish to continue with the same board once I move to Hyd. 

How about extra-curricular activities? What is the avg teacher-student ratio in school? Regarding admissions - can you share your experience? Do they have an entrance test/interview for the children? 

Awaiting a reply.




alanvas 2011-11-22 11:06:36


Hi Kirti,


@ FKS they ensure kids do the class work at school only. I am confident my kid is better taught there. From class 1 onwards they give home work I believe.

My kid is in Pre-Kg only. I am happy about the school.

Teacher-Student ration is good. Pre-Kg they have 22 students for which 2 teachers and 2 helpers.

Parents need not write entrance tests on behalf of kids ;-). Admission is upto their discretion, but FCFS basis. They ask us to fill forms which they collect diversified information. Not sure if they scruitinize that to admit kids. Few of our colleagues' kids are studying there. So I did not find it hard to get admission. It is always good to refer an existing student as reference.

You can write to me if you still have questions.




satiguru 2011-11-25 11:51:06


 How is the school - considering all aspects - academics, extra curricular activities, teacher-parent ratio/interraction environment, campus, cleanliness etc? What is the fees structure? Any idea when the admission process starts for the school and what are the chances of getting into the school?

My kids are in the primary school so far (class 3).  So right now they dont follow any textbooks.   They have a portion to complete by the year end and follow the system which involves lots of hands on exercise.

They do get homework everyday but the kids should be able to do most of it on their own if they have understood the concepts in school.  Incase the child is lagging behind in some topic, they do have a provision where the child will be given some extra help after school hours.

The campus is big and spacious, however a little secluded.  But we have had no probs so far because of this.  There are around 33-35 kids per class.

They do have a lot of extra curricular activities. Each child has to choose 1 performing art and 1 physical activity each year. 

Fees is around 60K including transportation, school supplies, food and tuition per year for the primary section. 

Admission for higher classes happens if and when there is a vacancy. However, you can write to them via : for more information.

Academics - 


kirtisarvesh 2011-11-27 14:16:46


 Thanks for the feedback. So you are suggesting there are no textbooks for class 3 ? What is the reference material the kids use - at school and home ? How frequently are the unit tests etc conducted ?

In FKS, do they follow NCERT books - Oxford University Press ?

You have also mentioned fees as 60K - is that all inclusive - meaning admission fees/deposit etc etc ?


satiguru 2011-11-28 11:09:52


 Yeah, there are no text books for class 3.  They usually get the printout of the lesson stuck to the class work - which we use as referrence material.  

Exams - they have 3 - quaterly, halfyearly and annual. Apart from those, they have assessments that could be written, verbal, auditory or visual. These we do not know in advance. They also have a system called "Online Rigour" - where a multiple choice based questionnaire is uploaded onto the web. The child has a time of about a week or so - to logon and finish the assessment from home.

I still do not know which textbooks they use, since my kids have not yet reached that stage. 

60K is just the annual fees. The admission fees that is to be paid one time at the time of joining will be an extra amount - approx around 60K or so.  I do not know the exact number here. 



Alapati 2012-11-07 15:42:47


Hello sarigari,


I am planning for my kids nursery admission in to future kids,

upto which class home work is not given to the kids?

till 3rd std there are no text books for kids..? strange.. :)

how about the asademics and the extra cirricular activities?

if you can please write a complete detail review.. about all the academics and the extra cirricular activites.








Fksp 2012-12-07 10:38:02



 My little one is doing to future kids in pre school however i am not happy about the school, the school is ok in general but a few things are not acceptable, it might that the play school is neglected as its not in the same building as principal. the teachers should be more gentle to kids as they are little most of the time it seems they dont care even if you complain, they will rather try to find faults with you and dont take much responsibilty.

For studies since they dont have books you dont get visibility of how your kids are doing and you cant teach them at home even if they want to, As per the fees its higher then normal schools but with these drawbacks i am not sure if its worth it.


SriPP 2014-01-25 07:12:44


Can you please share which school you finally decided on for your kids. we are relocating from mumbai to hyd. our kids are right now in class 3 and UKG (ICSE) do you think future kids is a good option ?

Sunny6011 2016-10-09 14:28:23


Hi all, I am joining my kid in pp1, one of the schools I have zeroed in was Future Kids. Can you please update us your present experience with your children studying there.

hydparent2016 2016-11-30 15:44:32


I recently visited Future Kids, Puppalaguda & here's my feedback:

I called up the school the previous day and said that I wanted to visit the school. The receptionist asked me to register online and said that there is no vacancy for primary school but if there is anything available they would call back, but I could come and have a look at the school meanwhile.

I went the next day and they refused to show me the school saying that as per rules only if there is vacancy and if I'm invited for open house I can see the school. But I said that I spoke to someone who said that I could come & visit. The lady had a word with the vice principal and came back to me saying that they cannot allow me to see the school. She offered a talk with the vice principal if I waited for half an hour. By this time I had already waited for half an hour.

Here are the reasons why I would not go for this school:

1. I'm horrified by their attitude of "The school chooses you & not vice-versa". They were simply not inviting. I'd never send my ward to a school where I don't have a say in it. Imagine I haven't met anyone from the management yet & I'm feeling the "Attitude" already. I cant imagine their attitude after the admissions!

2. Quite isolated from the city. It took me 45 min to get a cab back home. Signals were weak. Ola cabs don't have a service in that area. No autos available.

3. Classrooms looked like had clay roof tiles & I wonder how it'll be during summers. I felt like I was in a dhaba.

I'm not sure about the academics though. It may be excellent, but with that kind of attitude, I'm not going for it.


Meethu82 2017-02-22 11:27:33


Hi @ alanvas, R ur kids in FKS....??? If yes in which standard r they presently??? N how r they doing??? We r planning our child to put in fks from grade 1. .. So pls give us ur valuable reply..... Thanks @dr sreshmitha

Meethu82 2017-02-22 11:32:42


Hi @ sunny... Pls let us know the procedure for fks admission.... We r planning for my child(5yrs) to put in fks for grade 1....probably next academic yr.... This yr we were a bit late for open house n registration.... Pls share ur valuable feedback n process... Thanku Dr sreshmitha☺

Sunny6011 2017-02-22 13:46:22


Hi @meethu82, For fks admission the best thing is they call on a first come first serve basis for the open house and for that you needto register your details and wait till they call you. So first thing and only thing in your hand is get registered then wait for their call. More importantly there will be more than 1open house so dont be under the impression that you are late and they might not take your child. In the open house they describe the ideology with which they are running the school and encourage us to put questions on academics n expectations and then we will have to fill the forms about child details, habits and all. They say that they will call back for confirmation and usually within a week we can expect the call. No interview for the kid or for the parent. Since you are planning for grade 1, the school is at puppalguda , so i suggest you to get registered in same campus and make a note of date for further correspondence.

Meethu82 2017-02-22 15:18:17


@sunny Thanks for the response.... Will get registered then... Can we give ur reference , I mean ur child....??

Sunny6011 2017-02-26 22:08:54


@meethu82 They will ask only few details like name of child, age, parents name for registration. Nothing more and they dont even listen to ur next word ☺ï¸

dimpymom 2017-03-08 09:06:07


Hi @Sunny, thanks for the information.
Can you please tell me how soon can I expect their call once I register ? I registered on Monday, March 6th.


Sunny6011 2017-03-08 13:54:33


Hi @dimpymom, I dont know and as i have said earlier you have to just wait. I registered in September and got the call in december, till then we had to just keep the fingers crossed and at times even worrying whether we will get a call or not in first place. We will get a call depending on the vacancy of seats, and who else is registered ahead of us. We cannot predict or expect, their only response is we will call. Always better to have plan B option in hand.

dimpymom 2017-03-09 07:50:08


Yes you are right..thanks once again 😊


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