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mickey 2011-12-16 17:01:21


 Hi Jwalapathy,
Getting admission  for 2011-12 would be a bit difficult coz the schools will be completing 2nd term as well. Is it not possible for u to extend your stay till  your children finish their academic yr ?

You could try in Sister Nivedita, Slate & Gautam Model School in Ameerpet. Sister Nivedita is a CBSE school whereas Gautam Model and Slate are SSC schools.

You could also try in Vikas, Sentia (in Miyapur) or CGR  International (Madhapur) for mid term admissions. I am however doubtful of Vikas n Sentia.  Kindly call up these schools. 

Madhapur/Miyapur and Ameerpet are different corners of Hyd. So pl decide where u want to stay and select the school accordingly.
You could try for leading schools once u come to Hyd. DPS and DAV will be issuing the forms in Jan first week mostly. U could try in  these schools once u come.  Last yr, DAV gave the forms in Jan. 



deeps786 2011-12-16 17:06:21


hey mickey,

just needed ur help in deciding to finalize on which school to put my kid in? Went to Chirec for registration last week. They have said they are going to change their school campus for kids admitted in 2012. They are not revealing any details about the campus and also said they might move to narsingi also after a few years. They said they will confirm the admission in 2 weeks. The fees has also gone pretty high compared to last year. After the orientation, i am not quite convinced on their new campus. No matter what, they are not revealing any whereabouts about the campus. Now, i am scared whether to pay the fees ( around 1 lakh if seat is confirmed) and compromise on the campus and after a few years send them to the campus i.e., 20kms away or put her in someother school.

Also looked at other preschools near my house. they have admissions open on first come first serve basis. We have to pay the 1st term fee and block it. So now i am confused whether to wait for chirec or go ahead and block the seat in the preschool. Am just scared if i would miss out on the admission at pre school if i delay waiting for chirec which is uncertain on its campus.?????


mickey 2011-12-16 17:51:02


 Hi Deeps,
I am told that the fee in Chirec for PP1 is around 1.95K which is too exorbitant. Even i have no idea about the new campus. Without any genuine inputs about the campus, it is very difficult for the parents to decide. I personally would not prefer a school  which has no transparency. But opinions differ. 

You could still take a chance of going ahead with Chirec if your budget allows else opt for a good pre-school near your place and apply for Chirec next year  once their new campus is ready. By that time, you will have an idea of the new campus.




brownie 2011-12-16 21:00:53


hi all,

I called BVB atmakuri today, seems they atarted issuing admission forms for L.K.G (year 2012-2013).  Office hours are between 9 AM  and 12:20 PM.


Thanks and Regards






 Former member 2011-12-16 21:25:07


Hi Mickey


Thanks for your reply. It is not possible for us to extend our stay as there are some visa issues. So we need to come back and that is end of december. I know that getting admissions now is a bit difficult. As far as Sister Nivedita is concerned...my son two years back studied there and they are ready to give admission....but i am not very happy with that school as it does not have campus..and english standard is not that good, though it had a reasonable fee structure. i Have called some schools and the following schools agreed to admit my kids:-


1. Globad Edge (my son did his UKG in Eurokids, Ameerpet)...i liked that school when he did his UKG...and called Global Ege...they are ready to give seat...but for my daughter i cannot join her as it does not have pre-primary. ....could you please suggest me about this school?...total fee is coming around 75k


2. Sadhu Vishvani International School, Kompally...they have also kindly agreed to give admission to my kids. Could you please give me some feed back about this school. I am just thinking about the distance as we will be presently staying at Ameerpet, Balkampet Road, Near Nature Cure ...


Your suggestion will help me to decide on something.






mickey 2011-12-17 12:35:08


 Hi RP,
Both are good. Global edge as well as SVIS. I think, Global Edge would not be that far as compared to SVIS. Check out the distance of both the schools once u come. My neighbour's daughter is in Global Edge. Your younger one can join in any good pre-school like Euro kids or Kidzee. That shouldn't be a problem.



Shalu16 2011-12-17 13:24:58



Can any one help me with the admission process in  The Creek Planet School, as i'm looking  for 1st Class admission for my kid .... 


mickey 2011-12-17 18:57:44


 Hi Shalu,
Geting into Creek wouldn't be a problem.
Generally class 1 admissions are done in the month of Feb/mar/apr.

The school is quite approachable on phone . U can easily keep a track. I am not aware of the exact month.



Shalu16 2011-12-17 19:34:55


Hi Micky, 

Thaz g8t ... 

But before i could approach the school, is it possible that you or any one could help me in knowing exactly about the creek planet school how far it would be good for my kid coz i heard that it has g8t ambience where kids will love it..... But still can one help me with more information..........


mickey 2011-12-18 12:42:23


 Yes Shalu, The school has sprawling lush green campus. I have never visited the school though.If u are in Hyd, pl do visit the school. The good is as such good and picking up.



olnrao 2011-12-19 10:41:51


Andhra Mahila Sabha (AMS) P. Obul Reddy Public School has issued admission notification.

URL: http://www.amsporps.com/pdf/admissions.pdf


Admission Forms Issue Timeline: Nursery to Class 1 (2012-2013) - December 19 to December 21 - 9 AM to 12 PM

Admission Forms Submission Timeline: Nursery to Class 1 (2012-2013) - December 19 to December 24 - 9 AM to 12 PM

Result: Nursery & LKG - December 30, UKG & Class I - December 31





RameshNair 2011-12-19 10:59:13


olnrao - are we required to submit any documents at the time of submitting the application form?


deeps786 2011-12-19 11:14:57


Hey Mickey!

thnx a lot for your response.


olnrao 2011-12-19 17:09:48


Hey Ramesh,

  Of course you need to submit :).  Usual ones like Birth Certificate, Residence Proof, etc.  Many of those details would be there in the instruction sheet to fill the application form.




RameshNair 2011-12-19 18:31:21


Laxmi/Olnrao - Thanks a lot for this information. Any idea on the fee structure?


Shalu16 2011-12-19 18:55:20



Thanx for the reply micky, Surely i'm gona visit the school, as of now i'm not in Hyderabad. So, by next week i'll visit.


olnrao 2011-12-20 11:29:20


Hey Ramesh,

Fee is not heavy on pocket in both.  In JPHS, it is around 25 K and in AMS PORPS it is around 35K (35K in their brochure includes only term 1 fee).




sri6 2011-12-20 11:42:50



Hi mickey & all,

We are shifting to secunderabad and my  3.5year old daughter is presently studying in class nursery. I am open to both cbse or icse board schools. Would love it if someone could guide me.

Have applied for gitanjali devshala secunderabad, st.andrews school marredpally.  Please suggest  me if any other good schools i need to apply for  . Thanks in advance:)


RameshNair 2011-12-20 13:02:50


Obul Reddy

My son is Feb-2008 born, but he's currently studying in Nursery and I wanted to admit him to LKG. Based on Obul Reddy's instructions, he was eligible for UKG (which I didn't want). I was tensed whether they would accept the form, but luckily they are not too stringent on the upper limit. Have submitted the form. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Jubilee Hill Public School

Went there and saw a huge line (to submit the application form). Tried to get in touch with someone from the office, as I needed to discuss about admitting my kid to LKG. But no joy

I ultimately spoke with someone from the office and was informed that they are very strict about the age criteria, so had leave. Please do let me know if anyone had a different experience


Kalpa School

Located at a nice and serene place. Unfortunately the office guy didn’t have (or was not willing to share) much information. They are going to start the admission process in January 2012. But we may try and call the office on/after 28th December. Their number is 23350164/23350020



RameshNair 2011-12-20 13:06:48


olnrao/laxmi - Thank you once again. Had been to Obul Reddy today and submitted the admission form. But had it not been for your comment, I wouldn't have noticed that the Term fee is only for Ist term.

Unfortunately I couln't submit my admission form at JHPS because my kid doesn't fit their age criteria. 


PSharda 2011-12-20 14:22:57


We are shifting to Hyderabad and my  son is studying in class I and looking for schools near Miyapur, Kukatpally and hitech city for class II. I am open to both cbse or icse board schools. Would appreceiate, if someone could guide me.

Thanks in advance.


SrinivasS 2011-12-20 16:58:14


 Hi Laxmi,

If term1 fees is 35K then  what is the total per annum fee for pp1/LKG @ obul reddy.




SrinivasS 2011-12-20 17:13:55


 Hi All,

Any one here thinking about waldrof schools ? I'm in a dilema....




morasree 2011-12-20 19:46:39


Today I went to Obulreddy school and collected application for my daughter for UKG.

Application cost is 500/- ( 100 rupees application and 400/- registration)

Fee details are below.

One time fees ( To be paid only the first year of joining)
Students facilities fee                                                               15000
Admission Fee                                                                            6000
Caution Deposit (Refundation when you withdraw your child)   3000
                                                                  Total   (a)               24000 

Annual Fees ( To be paid every year depending on the class the child is studying)
But the below are the Nursery, LKG and UKG details
Annual Fee             6000
Sports Fee               100
E.Learning fee          700
Tution fee              12600 ( payable in 3 terms @4200/- per each term)
       Total      (b)     19400

So the grand total amount that one has to pay for first year is (a + b)   43400/-
From the next year onwards one has to pay only the amount  (b) depending on the class.

Note: Transportation ( max 9600 per year), School uniform, books,....are extra.

Anaybody wants to submit the application on the same day as you collect, bring one DOB certification with proper attestation by gazeted officer.



piglet 2011-12-22 14:09:03


hi ramesh, i am nirmala, right now working in chennai, would soon move to hyd. 

same issue with me, my son is March 2008 born.  As per chennai schools norms, he is studing in pre-kg now, ideal age for the kids.  But many schools in hyd have the age criteria 3yrs by june 2012 and our kids would be 4 yrs by then.

i have applied for

1. BVB, Jubilee hills,

2.St. Andrew's

3. St johns, CBSe

4. Opul reddy

I am worried, even if any of these schools accept, these kids would be the eldest in the class with other kids much younger, not a competitive atmosphere though? like to know your idea?

Any icse schools in hyd that i can try?


RameshNair 2011-12-22 17:45:44


Hi Piglet,

I understand your fears, though i never really gave that much of a thought to this. I was more concerned with a scenario, wherein my kid would be (forced to) join a higher class and then being unable to cope with the pressure.

With regards ICSE schools, I may not be the best person to advice at this point as I'm still new to Hyderabad and (till sometime back) was not planning to enrol my kid here. I joined the race, a bit (too) late and guess I missed applying to renowned schools like BVB, Chinmaya etc.

But am sure you would get plenty of help on this forum from like minded individuals. But just for your reference, the one ICSE school I visited was Kalpa School, which hasn't started admission yet. I personally liked the surroundings, but do not have any other information about the standard/quality of education.But am sure, the "Rajnikant" of this forum MICKEY would be having all info at her disposal


p.s - I'm amazed how you managed to fill in all these forms sitting in Chennai (just kidding. All the best with your school search.



piglet 2011-12-23 13:20:59


thank you Ramesh,

Of course, have already written and got replies from mickey,

got interview dates from 2 schools (St andrew's & Jhonson's grammer schools)

Hansel schools in Hi-tech city is good, but have some issues like less strengh in higher grades and small play area.  Check if it suits your expectation.

Would like your opinion about taking ICSE?


SrinivasS 2011-12-23 18:24:43


  Hi All,

What is the process for LKG admission @ Maharshi (MVM) ? My kid would be 3 year 4 months old by May 2012 . Would she be eligible for LKG ? What are the admission forms timelines ?




vishakhapotdar 2011-12-24 16:11:07


Hi Everyone

We are relocating to Madinaguda from Mumbai and are looking for Sr. KG 2012-2013 admission ( CBSE / ICSE ) for my son.

( We are looking for a school like Singhania in Thane, Mumbai )

How is Geetanjali IIT Olympiad school ?

Any more good schools u can suggest nearby madinaguda ?

Since we are relocating and hailing from Mumbai I wud appreciate if anyone cud guide us abt the same ... ur help and guidence will help us alot ...


vishakha potdar




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