Curriculum to chose for NRI kids returning to India

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Paddy2978 2020-07-30 03:09:12


Hello Friends, we are planning to relocate to Hyderabad from Scotland after 10 years, my children will be going to Grade 3 and LKG. Any views about the Birla Open minds School and Chirec International 

anushaa 2020-09-17 11:43:29


Hello We are planning to move to Vashi, Navimumbai next academic year. My boys would be in 9th and 4th grade. Kindly suggest good schools CBSE. Trying to reach out Reliance Foundation School last so many days but not able to speak to anyone. Only email comes from them awsking for India number which i dont have. Kindly help me with your experiences of the move and how kids got settled and coped up. What ups and downs you had to go through. Thank you

IndiaCalling 2020-09-28 23:27:16


Hi Friends, We are also planning to return from US to Gurgaon next year. My kids will be going to grades 4th and 9th next year. I would really be thankful if anyone can share their experiences with me.

1. I am confused between CBSE/ICSE/IB board. I have read online CBSE is better for cracking entrance exams after 12th grade but IB is better for overall talent development. We are not planning to send our kids to do undergrad in US so should we rather focus on CBSE or ICSE?

2. As with most of the NRI kids, mine also can't read or write Hindi language. I believe now many CBSE schools allow Spanish or French as an optional language instead of Hindi. Can you suggest few good schools in Gurgaon for both the kids that can cope with language barrier? Does ICSE give flexibility to chose other than hindi in grades 4th and 9th?

3. How did you overcome the timing part as schools end in US in June but in India they start in April?

Thanks in advance!

Reddy2021 2021-01-19 04:00:09


Hello Everyone,

Looking for some suggestions on selecting CBSE or IB. I have tow boys elder one going in to 9th and the younger one in to 5th. 

I am looking for suggestions on what to choose CBSE or IB and pros and cons. 


Vangala123 2021-06-10 11:34:16


Hi Backtohome,

Could you provide me the details on how you guys got an admission for your 10th grader student in India?

How was your experience on getting the right syllubus and school?

I planned to relocate to Hyderabad last year but due to covid19 situation I dropped my plan. But now I am planning to relocate in Aug 2021.

Please let me know the details.

Note: My son is in 10th grade in US now. Planning for 11th grade in Hyd.



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