Curriculum to chose for NRI kids returning to India

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back2roots 2011-11-14 22:20:53


 I am returning to India with 10 years and 7 year old and they wll be enrolled in

to 3 rd and 6 th grrade ?


What is the best curriculum for then to enroll ?



or IGCSE ?

People who studied IGCSE or IB, would they be allowed to write  nationwide entrance exams to enroll in to medial or engineering or Management ?

I want to make sure transition easy and at the same time have opportuinity to get in to one of those top schools ..



back2roots 2011-11-14 22:37:52


 Also, does IGCSE goes to 10 th grade,  what about +2 options ?

Does CBSE run to +2 or just 10th grade., please provide me with details ..


back2roots 2011-11-15 00:06:30


 Also, is it easy for students finising IGCSE to geting in to private professional colleges, medicine/engineering/management


Aum 2011-11-16 04:31:14


Hi back2roots,

I am in same situation as you are . We will be returning back to india with 10 yr and 6 yr old. I have been seeing various posts on similar topics regarding schools for NRI kids.I believe the challenge with be more for these kids in  2nd laguages like Hindi etc  ! At least that what i feel my situation would be.  I would prefer ICSE or ICGSE if its more liberal in this matter.

I am looking forward for other parents to chime in with more information.




back2roots 2011-11-16 07:59:24


The problem chosing IGCSE is, it's not aligned with competitive exams of India ... that's a big draw back ..

As per ICSE, from what I read, CBSE seemsto be a bit more application oriented than ICSE, we kind of inclined to go for CBSE, since  it's seems sort of hybrid between international and local approach. Yes, there would a bit of learning curve especially with language, I guess we have to gut it out ...


Aum 2011-11-16 23:18:21


They will be entering into competitve exams would be from 10th grade i belive! yes, this is a long term preparation too . At the same time they should not be struggling on secong languages instead of putting addiitonal effort on primary subjects. At least that's what my perspective was  when i looked at CBSE books .

i would suggest if possible take a look at the text books, that would give us some idea as to where the kid would fit better. Ultimately we would prefer a smooth transition for them.




back2roots 2011-11-17 00:13:10


I did not rule out the option of attending a year or so, in IGCSE and slowly converting in to CBSE syllabus. But, kind of hesitant of too many transitions, although second transition of moving from IGCSE to CBSE is not that bad .. 


What grades would your kids be joining ?


Aum 2011-11-17 03:12:19


yeh! i am planning the same to gradually move them to CBSE.My kids would be coming to 6th & 2nd grade. Just to build up some hope, other parents who have moved from here to India has transitioned on same lines & were sucessful.But they did it at very young age(kindergarten/1st grade).

what age are your kids? Do you have any area /schools in mind?

As for me, i have been watching feedback from various parents on this site & thinking broadly about hitec area etc. Nothing in particular yet.


back2roots 2011-11-17 05:36:20


 Will be attending 6th & 3rd grade, we most likely live in the same area, do not want them to commute more than 20 mts ...

Have you guys decided on the school ?  we are leaning towards Chirec, as everbody has been suggesting that ....



Aum 2011-11-18 05:24:06


I am still shopping on the schools.Based on many blogs i have few  in my list like chirec, oakridge, manthan, Sentia, Phoenix Greens etc. will have to make the final decision after moving there. we are planning to move in may/june time frame, so may be a bit late already. Thought of holding the seats but there are no gaurantees!



 Former member 2012-03-28 09:30:04


Hello Back2Roots, Aum,

I am returning back to India in June 2012. I have 13 year old son who will be completing 8th grade in US (and is an Indian Citizen) and 4 year old who would be going to KG next year (he is USC with PIO card). I am also thinking on the same lines as you have been.  I have following questions and would like your help with those:

Would appreciate if you share your experiences of settling down your kids and provide some inputs.

Thanks in advance.


 Former member 2012-03-28 09:38:42


another point is offcourse the langauge. In CBSE or ICSE pattern, can my elder son skip taking the Indian langauge for 9th/10th Grade? He will not be able to compete on the Hindi/Marathi at that level.

Would appreciate your help and inputs on this.


rani1 2013-10-16 19:30:48


Hi Yogesh, we  are currently thinking to move back to india, we are in the same situation as you are. would appreciate your feedback on transition of your elder son to indian syllabus and school who joined gr 9 in india.

 Former member 2013-10-17 13:01:11


Hi Rani,

We could find school in Pune with CBSE pattern which offered him French instead of Hindi or Marathi. He adjusted very well in the Indian syllabus. I was in favor of CBSE pattern more since I learned that it is probably best suited for Entrance Tests.
All the best to you.

rani1 2013-10-17 14:21:23


Hi Yogesh,

Thank u for the quick reply. which class do they start french as second language in CBSE, and does your son know french before he joined in CBSE school in India, and how hard /easy it is to learn a new language like french in grade 9, did you send him to any special tutions for french. please advice. because my son doesnt know french, as they teach afrikans as second language in schools here.


 Former member 2013-10-20 18:15:26


Hi Rani,

They start French in 6th standard in CBSE. However when I consulted one of my friend whose daughter opted for French in 9th, I was told that it is not all that difficult to catch-up. My son was studying Spanish as Foreign language while being in US. Actually CBSE has lot many foreign languages (including Spanish) but finding out a school that has it as part of their curriculum is difficult. So for my son we have to take French since school did not have Spanish. He did not go for any special tution outside of school.


rani1 2013-10-20 23:55:59


Once again thank you for your quick feedback Yogesh, hopefully my son will adjust to the indian syllabus.



NidViv 2014-01-05 19:46:29


Hello Mr. Yogesh, 

We are also planning to relocate Pune in March. We have 2 kids . One in grade 6 and another in grade 2. Both of them never learned HIndi before. Can you please suggest some CBSE school in Baner area which provides other French as second language! Are your kids got adjusted to Indian curriculum?

Thanks in advance!
Vivek, Bangkok!

 Former member 2014-01-08 05:45:28


Hi Vivek,

I think Orchid only offers foreign language until 8th. Atleast thats what they told me that time. 
Akshara in the only CBSE school in near vicinity (Wakad) that offered Foreign language (French) to my son.

Apart from that, Daffodil may also be an option but its not CBSE (I guess its ICSE).
You may also check with Vibgyor. It is also near by.

My kids adjusted pretty well to Indian curriculum. Some adjusting is required as Indian curriculum focus more on how to write answers exactly instead of having more focus on learning the concept itself.

All the best.

Also share your experiences here so that we can build repository for many others having similar needs.

Thanks and regards,
Yogesh Balel

mops1969 2014-11-09 00:15:25


Hello Backroots/Aum,

I am planning to relocate to Bangalore next year(2015-2016) and i am searching for schools for my 11 years(6th grade) and 15 years(11th grade) old kids. I am more concerned about my 11 old year kid as she needs to take Hindi/Sanskrit/Kannada for 2nd language. Do you know any good schools that has other foreign languages as 2nd language? 

Ram Mopuri



vinrah 2016-04-16 11:57:35


Hi Yogesh,
we may be moving to Pune in this month.. wanted to know which CBSE school is offering second language as French in IX & X class.
Would really appreciate your inputs.. Thanks

Komal77 2016-04-26 21:33:17


Hi Yogesh,

We are contemplating returning to India this summer of 2016. I have a 5th grader who will be going to grade 6 and has no knowledge with writing languages. Do you think it will be tough getting him into a cbse school in Mumbai? Any suggestions?

 Former member 2016-04-26 23:13:33


Hi Vinrah,

Askhara International is the CBSE school in Wakad which offers French.
You can contact them though the e-mail provided on their website.
I think Sri Ravi Shankar school in Bhugaon may also be offering that, but I am not sure.
Let me know if you need any other information.
Thanks and regards,


 Former member 2016-04-26 23:18:54


Hi Komal,
I do not know about schools in Mumbai, but I am quite sure that there are schools who would offer you alternative language to Hindi, Marathi. When I returned, my elder son was in IX and hence taking Marathi or Hindi was not an option at that level.
However for my younger son who was going to be in 1st, he has Hindi since it was CBSE school.
You can check with several schools in area you planning to relocate to. I do not think that it would be an issue.
Thanks and regards,


Komal77 2016-04-27 19:38:25


Thanks Yogesh.

Komal77 2016-04-27 19:38:48


Thnx Priyanshi.

Poojanadkarni 2016-07-26 23:08:19


Hi Yogesh ! 
I am in the same situation. We are turning to India in Mar 2017 and my son will be doing his 8th grade here but wont b able to complete because he will be short by 2 months. I wanted to know whether the schools will still accept him in 9th next year. Also hindi marathi is an issue for him. I am so worried. my email is can you please contact me. I wanted to know the syllabus of cbse , icse schools or even the state board schools.


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