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 Former member 2011-11-08 21:21:53




Can anyone advice me how is Global Edge School. I want to join my kids there. My kids will be in nursery and older one in year 3.


Please suggest me.



mickey 2011-11-09 09:42:53


 Hi RP,
Global Edge is a good school. It was known as Euroschool before. My neighbour's daughter is studying in class 1 here n she is quite happy with the school.



 Former member 2011-11-09 13:15:32


hi mickey

thanks for the feedback. could yu also tell us the fee in that school. any idea?





Neni 2011-11-09 15:24:08


My Son is going there for PP2.

Fees will be reasonable with good teaching methods, when compared to all schools in Madhapur area.


 Former member 2011-11-09 17:45:34


hi neni


thanks for the feed back. it will help us to decide.




 Former member 2011-11-09 18:25:12


hi Neni


What is the fees paid approximately by you when you joined your son. I enquired the school about the fee and including admission fee it is coming upto 60-70k.


Please do let me know.





NishaSingh 2011-11-12 11:51:17


 Hi RP,

The Admission Fees is a one time fee and need not be paid every year. For Pre Primary, the fees is Rs.31,500/- + per annum. I think you should visit the school to get a more detailed fee structure.




UshaC 2011-11-14 10:38:42


Wanted to share my personal experience with this School. My daughter studied for one year in Class 1 last year - 2010 - 2011. By the time we came to hyderabad from US admissions were closed in most of the established schools in Hyderabad. As this was a bit close to my office, joined  her in the Banjara Hills Branch of the then Euroschool.

For the fee they are charging, the infrastructure is not really good. Bathrooms are not too clean and well maintained. There is no playground or place for proper activities. Last year they were supposed to have skating but out of the total year, they would have had the classes not even 1/4 times.  They have a small place next to the gate where they try to accomodate all activities for all kids. The principal was not friendly at all.. and did not have patience to listen to me. When i took the admission, there was a different lady( who it seems was the acting principal and based on my interaction with her,  I took the admission and i did not know she was not the regular principal) but the actual principal came back from leave and few concerns i had which i already discussed when i was taking admission.. were not even heard properly. My daughter is Feb 2004 born.... so they said she is eligible only in Class 1 as per their norms and they follow them very strictly.. but later in her class I saw that there were kids of Feb2005 and even July 2005. Not that I wanted to force her into 2nd class.. but as she was doing well and was quite good in English and Math..... maybe she could have coped up in 2nd class too...Whatever, the way they spoke was not right - I can never forget the way the principal spoke in the first week when i was checking with her.. just discussing.. what would be the right thing to do.. to put her in Class1 or Class2 -" She said - " I know these kids who come back from US" they cannot cope with 5 subjects and some many activities.. she will have to be in Class 1 only".  There definitely was a better way to talking to parents and communicating!!! The reason Iwas finding out more was, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan have different age criteria.. and she would not fit into Class 1. They said she is above age for Class1 and they do not have any admissions for Class2 left.

Also, the teachers there are not trained at all. for lower grades it is fine.... but for higher grades this will not work. There were 3 teachers in first 1-2 months. Fortunately the last teacher was very good and stayed till the end of the year. They had very good workbooks and were of high standard which were of Euro School. But once they came out of Euro School, we did not want to continue there as they would not even have those workbooks. I think they got the CBSC certification recently after they renamed it to Global Edge but last year they told me they have CBSC affiliation. Even the way they communicated the moving away from Euroschool to parents was absolutely wrong.. in the last minute leaving no choice to parents. For some reason, the management of the school is not at all plain and frank. They talk to you well, until admission but later.... they do not maintain that. Had i known about the political background of the school.. i would not have admitted my daughter last year there. I haven't heard a lot of positive things about the Euro school madhapur principal - Ms.Ranjita Rao too but i have not personally interacted witih her.

I do have to add that, when we were coming out of the school. everyone was extremely nice and polite and talking well.

I am not sure if they have improved, but parents should verify well and personally find out things from higher grade students before taking a decision.




 Former member 2011-11-14 12:48:12


Hi Usha,


Thanks a lot for all the information about Global Edge. My son is May 2003 born and accroding to his age he should be in year 3. We are returning back from Geneva and i am thoroughly confused about schooling at Hyderabad. Prior to Geneva he was studyng in Hyderabad in Sister Nivedita School, which is OK...but does not have a play ground and the premises is small and lot of books for my child to carry home...home work...etc....lot of stress..i feel. Now as we are returning back in December...which is middle of the year.....i am not going to get admission in any other good school like vidyaranya or chinmaya or BVB or Gitanjali, etc.. though sisternivedit said that my son can join back. I am only worried that after studying here at Geneva (which school has all the facilities), i do not know how he would cop up with sister nivedita.


Could you be kind enough to suggest any other school which you think is the best school near ameerpet area. We will be staying there. And by the way which school is your daughter studying now. I have a son and 3 and half years old daughter too.




 Former member 2011-11-14 18:18:32


 Hi all,

My son is with The Global Edge and my son and I both are very happy with the school. My experience over the last four years (of which one year was at Banjara) has been very pleasant and this year, after the name change to Global Edge, the best.

As a parent, I am very much satisfied and recommend Global Edge as a good school as their class strength is also not more than 25 per class. There teaching standard is very good and the parent teacher interaction is also good. The teachers I found are well experienced and the Principals in bothe branches have been quite approachable and parent friendly. Their Learner's Canvas is quite unique and the best of its kind that I have heard of or seen.

All through, before the current academic year, they had issues in receiving the workbooks from Main Branch in time and delay in sending the workbooks would result in a last minute rush to complete the workbooks, and a lot of stress for the children. But this year they are very systematic and are doing it thoroughly. The assessment pattern is also very child friendly and well-planned. We have got a complete schedule of assessments at the beginning of the year itself.

There is space constraint in the Banjara Branch, but they do many more activities both sports related and other extracurricular activities than most schools. The Madhapur branch addresses the space issue also and has a reasonable playground. I know of kids who have come back from abroad and happy in this school. They have settled quite comfortably.

Their annual cultural event conducted recently was an amazing non-stop three hour show, which would match up to international standards! This year they have newly introduced Clubs and after school activities too which are very good.

A happy parent,



 Former member 2011-11-14 20:22:35


hi Rishi,


Thanks for the feedback. could you please tell me the fee also.




UshaC 2011-11-15 09:52:53


Hi RP,

I do not have much idea about the schools in and around Ameerpet. Regarding the age criteria, from what I have seen, some schools are very strict and some schools are not. And each school has different cut off dates. For example, BVB has different cut off dates, Obul Reddy has different cut off dates, Chirec has a different cut off date.

Last year the fee paid my me was,

Refundable deposit - 10K

Non-refundable Deposit - 25K

Yearly term fee - 40K ( approximately)

School lunch - 18K ( approximately)

Hi Rishi,

Good to hear that you are happy with the school. Maybe I was not provided the chance to develop good opinion about the school. Anyway, it was just my experience and co-incidentally atleast 4 of my daughters classmates have also moved out of this school last year. And unfortunately, i have to share my experience that all the teachers here do not even have the teaching experience or undergo any training.

I cannot stop myself from telling that, this school was not plain and frank in their communication. They could very convenietly say, they are CBSC school even though they did not even have the certification. They could put a photo of their new school on the notice board and tell the parents that they are starting a new branch in Kukatpally but did not want to inform that it will be in a different name. Their Transport service is really bad. When i took the admission, first thing i double checked was they would provide pick up and drop to our house in gudimalkapur. After paying the fee, the first day experience was.. I accompanied my daughter to show the house and the driver drops us mid way at mehdipatnam and says.. you talk to transport coordinator, we will not come till your house!!! I only dropped and picked up my daughter last year.

It is good if things like these are rectified and if the school is more organized now. If the school is trying to put in place the short comings, that will be good for the current students and future students and parents too. But parents should personally check the premises,curriculum and find out about the teachers and check with higher grade parents regarding all aspects.





paone 2013-01-30 01:51:41


Dear Usha


Good to see your straight forward review.


Parents should learn and take corrective actions by not joining kids or getting kids after bad experiences as we are spending laks per anum on schools.

otherwise schools which give future generation will not learn n correct and improve n will become like our indian system

thank you



happyme 2013-02-06 15:37:59


 Hi frnds,

We r moving from mumbai to hyd,and am considering global edge and manthan school for my 5year old kid i.e admission in SrK.G.

After reading the review from usha am bit confused with global edge school :D.

I heard a new Euro school also got opened,is it gud school? any reviews will help me to take decision.






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