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Lakshmipathi 2011-10-24 13:47:49


Hi Parents,

My sun is studying PP1 and i am looking for admission to pp2.Can you please any one suggest me which one is good between MVM and DAV miyapur.I am ok with DAV miyapur but I hard DAV miyapure is taking 50K towards Building fee other wise DAV is ok for me .Ny budget is 25-30k Including transport.what about MVM>.I am looking a school which is having student:teacher ratio is 1:30.

Please suggest me other than the above mentioned school.I am staying in miyapur now and my son stuyding in sentia but in sentia 40k is very burden for me plase suugest me a good school

Thanks & Regards

Lakshmipathi K

Lakshmipathi 2011-10-24 20:34:34


Any sugession/reply would be appreciated


tua 2011-10-27 13:31:07


I do not know about DAV Miyapur but my daughter goes to MVM (LKG). She has adjusted well to the school. The timings are rather long which was my initial concern but it looks like she sleeps for sometime at school so in the long run it turned out well. (I am a working mother so I would have had to put her in daycare anyway.)

Class sizes are small. There is no pressure on the children at all and the parent teacher interactions I had with her class teacher were very good. Communication channels are always open, whenever I have put forward any concern (by writing in her dairy) it has been promptly addressed.  She is picking up her lessons well and seems to enjoy them.

The only drawback I have seen is the tendency of the teachers to do her art and craft for her ! I would rather have her paste imperfect pictures in her scrap book than have the perfect work done by the teachers. However this I felt was a minor thing. 

Otherwise I have no problems with the school. 

MVM also takes all payments in cheques and issues receipts for all of them. There are absolutely no "cash payments without reciepts" as I have encountered in some other Hyderabad schools.   

The transport facilities are also very good.

If there is anything specific you would like to know you can write to me in the PT mailbox



Sayama 2012-01-04 13:25:23


 Hi Soma,

Could you please provide your feedback on MVM. Read couple of reveiws about the school regarding the poor communication skills and high attrition among the teachers.

What is your experience with the school ? Are you happy with the school?

Thanks and Regards,


yndvijaya 2012-01-04 17:11:07



My son is studying 1st class in MVM. Overall I am happy with this school. Few points

> gives adequate time for kids to learn - no pressure and heavy work loads and they teach the concepts well

> good in physical activities (my son always come with lot of dust on his dress and sweat which is very much required in this age :-))

>His English teacher has changed for 2-3 times. So that could be a concern as the younger kids need some time to adjust with a new teacher

> There is an opportunity for other activities like singing, story telling, essay writing etc but not sure how far they are encouraging kids to participate

> Transportation arrangements are very good

> spoken English is not upto the mark, but my son learnt to speak in Hindi (because of his north indian friends)

> parents-teachers meeting - happens with lot of crowd but teachers respond with lot of patience

I am satisfied with this school because 2 points which I have mentioned initially.


Veej 2012-01-04 18:55:27


 i like your point on dusty dress for your perspective. many parents rule out the school for dusty playgrounds and going to those that provide comfy buses & dubious well-maintained playgrounds that get parents the foot-in-the-door.


NarendraReddy 2012-01-05 00:35:58


 Hi YndVijaya/Tua,

I am staying at KPHB, i would like to join my kid in MVM. Only concern that i have is: distance. Would that be fair enough to join him in MVM.

Does teachers and everyone communicate only in english? (by seeing your comment on english communication)

How about fee structure?





yndvijaya 2012-01-05 13:13:32


Hi Narendra,

many kids come from KPHB and kukatpally, so I think the distance is reasonable. I prefer the commute should not be more than 20-30 mins for the kids<6 years. The buses always come on time and their routing is quite good. So I think MVM buses take the kids in minimum possible times.

Fee structure - it is quite reasonable when compared to all other schools in this area. Annual fee is 20k for 1st std. I enquired atelast 6-7 other schools in this area and all of them quoted minum 40k and upto 1.5L (even more than that).

Regarding spoken English - all teachers communicate in English only. It is usual tendency for the kids to talk among them in their mother tongue. It seems they dont bother much about it and I think it should be completely fine. We can encourage the kids to talk in english but speaking in their mother tongue is not at all a sin!  As I am not a big fan of speaking mandatorily in English, I am fine with this school. So, it is upto your preference.


NarendraReddy 2012-01-05 17:27:05


Thank you YndVijaya, for your valuable feedback.


tua 2012-01-05 17:35:58


Sorry for the late reply. Was out of station.

I agree with yndvijaya completely on the first two points. My daughter is in PP1 and the total time she needs to devote to studies at home is less than twenty minutes.  Also parent teacher interactions have been very satisfying. Never felt that the teacher was not giving us adequate time. 

I also want to mention that even though they give a rough menu for lunch when I asked the teacher if I can give her other alternatives she agreed as long as they are vegetarian.  

About English communication, we are Bengalis and my daughter communicates with her teacher in English, she does chatter with her friend in her mother-tongue and the teacher does not discourage that  (I guessed from the feedback I got from my daughter) . That is okay for me, I believe that language is there to build bridges not to make barriers. 

Also recent scientific studies show that the more languages a child is exposed too the better it is for their brain developement. Frankly I don't mind if she picks up telegu from her school friends. 

Again as mentioned by yndvijaya, fee structure is reasonable. I pay all fees by cheques (no hidden payments), one of my chief reasons for choosing this school.

A lot of people shout themselves hoarse about corruption but do not bother about combating the corruption tugging at the roots of our school education system.

Altoghther I have no big compliants about the school. Small problems may be there but I belive they are general problems which would have been there if I had chosen any other school.  


Hope this helps


Ramich 2012-01-05 23:17:51


Hello Yndvijaya/Tua,

Can you tell me what is the admission procedure in MVM? How they can select  the kids. May be tomorrow i want get the application for LKG.



tua 2012-01-06 10:47:03


For LKG, they just talk to the parents and kid together. They asked my daughter simple things like the colour of her dress, a pen that one of the teachers had....since we were also present so my daughter was quite comfortable .....she answered all the questions, played around the class room.....then we met the principal , who asked her a simple question (I have forgotten exactly what she asked).  Nothing stressful at all.

We had a few queries from our side as well and they (the teachers) answered all our queries patiently.  The interview was over in about 15 mins. Basically what I felt was that they try to see whether your child is able to communicate in English daughter used to attend a preschool before joining MVM so it was very easy for her. 


RameshNair 2012-01-06 12:43:28



Do you have any idea if MVM compulsorily requires both parents & the kid to be present for admission to LKG? The only reason am asking is because, my family is not with me at the moment. Just trying to save them some unnecessary travel (if possible).


Ramich 2012-01-06 15:17:35



Thanks for your information. Today my cousin was enquired; they said same as like you. They said like, parents and kids needs be come to the school and attend the interview and submitted the application from after few days we need to pay the half of the admission fee for reserved the seat. As per them now 50 seats has been completed. We forget to ask them for theinterview both parents are need or not. Now we are in Chennai. I am planning to travel on next.



gopi08 2012-01-06 18:32:50


I must mention that they have a very big playground which very few schools in Hyderabad can boast of. I have gone through the admission process in the school. The teacher asked my son very simple questions like his name, color of the dress he is wearing etc. This was for LKG.

I had a few questions regarding the long timings and they explained to me patiently that they allow the kids to sleep in the class and also that they give ample time for them to have breakfast and lunch.

It is more of an old style school where they also give importance to the spiritual development of the kid. They teach yoga, slokas and sanskrit is compulsory from standard 1.

Please note that they do not have the latest gizmos for teaching which may be used in other schools for example multimedia presentations etc. This is based on my observation  of the classroom and I may wrong with this point



tua 2012-01-09 11:26:05


Not really sure whether it is compulsory for both parents to be can talk to the school, they are quite receptive.


drishi 2012-01-11 10:03:46


Thanku so much for the valuable feedback... it helps lot of parents....


drishi 2012-01-11 10:38:31


 Hi All.... i am looking for UKG admission for my son. Can we compare MVM with BVB Atmakuri Ramarao school? which one do u suggest? Thanks in Advance.


 Former member 2012-01-22 07:45:53


When I consulted MVM for admission into LKG for my younger son they assured me of admission and asked me come along with the child for a brief interview. My elder son also study there in 1st class. For 1st class admission they conducted written test for him. After the test I'm surprised how quickly they assessed my child and told me his strengths and weaknesses in the subjects.

What I experienced, the school is good. All our concerns/queries that we mention in the diary are addressed to our satisfaction many times. The teachers and staff are kind and I notice the children feel free and move along comfortably in the school. I am also very much impressed their buses are very punctual and very clean.

They allow around 40 children in a class and I feel it's not practical for the teachers to focus on every child more closely. Parents should be prepared to spend some time teaching the children.

It can be more good if they could improve greenary and facilitate bit more play ground infrastructure.



mickey 2012-01-22 11:30:11


Hi drishi,
I think MVM would be better as it is an old and established school. You could also look for  BVB-Atmakuri's review given by Star1 in the below link



Kalidindi 2012-01-24 10:11:35



My kid is an April 2009 born.Will she be eligible for LKG in the academic year 2012-2013 or is it better to join her in the next academic year.We stay in Kondapur.We zeroed in on Maharshi. They are ready to give an admission but the only issue is the school timings are till 4:00PM which we don't prefer for a kid of 3 years. Will MVM give an admission in LKG for the academic year 2013-2014 as she will be 4+ then. I just came across in some discussions that BVB doesnt admit in LKG if the kid is  4+.Kindly suggest..


tua 2012-01-24 13:51:38


You can ask Maharishi whether they will take at 4+ or not .....You are right at this age even a few months makes a big difference. There is a May 2008 born child in my daughter's class and intially he had a lot of problem adjusting to the schedule. Now he seems to be fine.


drishi 2012-03-15 11:37:04


 Hi All,

My kid's admission was confirmed in MVM into UKG. Any parents staying nearby in Shilpa park? We are looking to shift there in April.

Thanks in Advance,



morasree 2012-03-15 12:42:30


Hi Drishi,

Can you please share the fee details of MVM for UKG?. And also other details like Campus,Transport and Selection Criteria details. I am also planing to put my daughter in UKG in MVM.





drishi 2012-03-15 15:24:46


 Hi Sreeni,

A test was conducted asking him to write A-Z, a-z, 1-30. Campus was good with a big playground etc. Fee details -around 55k(30k+25k) for the 1st year without transport, uniform, stationary. I have just seen around 35-40 buses parked  in the ground. Not having good idea about bus routes and all.

Hope this helps you.


morasree 2012-03-15 15:47:28


Thank you very much for the details. I hope the 30k you mentioned is one time payment (like admission fee) and the other 20K is annual fee. Hope the admissions are still open.....and we will visit the school soon.....




123Deepthi 2012-12-26 12:53:42


 Hi Parents,

How is MVM school? I know its not fair to ask same question, but as anxious mother , I could not resist asking it again. Are you happy with the school, Iam just worried about comments on English communication. How much does the schools encourage extra activities like to improve kids development.

I also read some comments about unhygiene in the rooms where kids take food. I don't expect super clean but decently hygiene should maintained.

Please give inputs on this schools.


Sana777 2013-01-16 17:35:11


Hi, am new to this forum.

My daughter is Apr 2009 born. Is she eligible for LKG or UKG in MVM? How abt Fee structure for 2013-14? Please help



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