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deeps786 2011-09-16 11:22:57


Hello Mickey,


Can you please help me out with the admissions to Chirec Preschool. My daughter will be 2.5 yrs next June, so i am planning to try for Chirec admissions in Jubilee Hills/Kondapur  Branch. Can you tell me when are the admissions likely to open and what is the fee structure of the school? And what are the chances to get admissions there , as i have heard they rely on lottery systems?

mickey 2011-09-16 12:09:19


 Hi Deeps,
The admission process starts in Nov, the same will be mentioned in their website too. Pl keep a track of the below thread started by smitasi.

The fee should be around 80K to 1 lakh. My neighbour has paid almost 1 lakh last year for PP1.

Sorry, Iam not aware of lottery system. I will have to find out. 




deeps786 2011-09-17 09:15:38


Thanks mickey for your response.



shashi0309 2012-01-18 13:57:28


Has anyone got confirmations from Chirec....i have applied for my son...not yet received any information from the School...


ritusaurabh 2012-01-18 15:02:56


The results shall be out by this weekend as our 4 weeks get over on this 20th Jan. We had our interaction on 20th Dec.

The delay can be because of nursery results getting delayed as well or may be on the fact that they are finalising on thier new campuses coming up.


Srini333 2012-01-26 22:44:41


All -

I've received a confirm mail from Chirec for 2012-13 admission for my son for PP1 (LKG).  Tomorrow is the last date to pay the fee and block our seat.

My elder son is also studying in Chirec, 2nd Class, CBSE, Kondapur. 

The Chirec management told us that the PrePrimary would be in new campus at Gachibowli ( they are really hesitate to disclose the place and facilities of new campus).  If Opt for younger son for Chirec, he would have to go to new campus in Gachibowli only....I am still thinking of accepting or not.....

Please suggest me what to do.....shall i admit my younger one or not.....

The major concerning fact is the Management has shown their attitude towards the parents on the orientation day and they are not even disclosing the gachibowli campus, amenitie etc......This is sheer redicilous...right?  If some one, comes with new campus, they will do enough publicity, but here, they simply avoiding to disclose the facts.....


humaira 2012-01-27 09:52:07


Hello Srini333,

I guess you should go for Chirec if your child doesn't have to travel too much to go to the Gachibowli branch.

Both your kids would be in the same school and that is a good thing. Chirec is a good school, I think you already know that as your elder one is studying there :-).  Gachibowli branch if not the best would definitely be a good one in par with Chirec standards.

If you have any other good schools on your list that are closer to your home, then you may opt for those also as distance is a big factor for little kids.

All the best to you and your kids.



Srini333 2012-01-27 12:58:49


I've made up my mind and planning not to go ahead with Chirec for my younger son...Iam planning to put both the guys in BVB Atmakuri ramarao if i get admission


shashi0309 2012-01-27 14:04:07


I have been to the school today...they have mentioned that Nursery admission list would be out in a day or two...did anyone hear anything on this.



ksharma 2012-01-27 14:34:34


 Hi All,

This Saturday, 28th Jan, Chirec will be conducting orientation for higher classes from 9.30 am.

(I know of classes 5 & 6)


sakinaroshan 2012-01-27 18:09:19




We have also been visiting the school but there is no information regarding nursery admissions.Our orientation was on the 8th of december but no response still from the school.


We have applied in other schools and they are not willing to wait.Can anyone suggest what to do.


SriniHYD 2012-03-23 18:07:23


 Chirec increased their fees 50% for 2012-13 academic year for existing students also. That too without any advanced warning and we got update only about a week ago.
. So parents considering Chirec keep this in mind. Consider that they would increase 20-25% every year on average when you plan your school budget
Just to give example, For pre-primary  we paid around 70K last year for Fee, trasnport and lunch. For this year it is 1.05 lakh for 

They did not increase much on tuition fee and annual fee to satisfy govt rules per GO MS 91. But went crazy on increasing recreation fee Rs 36K/year now against 13K/year last year. Big increases in lunch and transport as well. We all know they are not into charity and in for money making. but when inflation is 10%, it is swindling to increase by 50%. We were all prepared for 15-20% but 50% came as shocker to most parents. However for my kid going primary school, increase is 30% (about 20K increase) which is steep also. When parents protested on Pre-primary fee increase, they said they will not increase fee next year. 

If they informed in Nov/Dec 2011 about their intent, would have helped parents to plan better in considering other options.
I think they are determined to make us pay for two new campuses they are plannign to build in few years time frame. 
I am sure there would be lot of people in HYD who dont mind paying this kind of money to get into Chirec but for salaried software/other professionals, Chirec is no longer affordable international school.

I heard Meridian is high on greed list too and they increased fee over 30% this year. DPS also increased 60% between 2008-10 but wonder they increased from last year to this year. Wanted to get feedback from other parents from other schools on what % your kid's fee increased from last year.



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