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charanireddy 2011-09-13 22:03:09


Hi All


Can any one please update me on the admission procedure for Gitanjali devshala located in secunderabad ? Also let me know  into which class is my daughter eligible for. her DOB is 28th Jan 2009

When are the applications given ? And what is the criteria for selection



mickey 2011-09-14 10:39:15


 Hi Charanireddy,

Pl go through below link to know the eligibility criteria and admission procedure in Gitanjali.




mickey 2011-09-14 10:50:32


  Hi Charani,
The website isn't opening coz  it hasn't been renewed. ..  You could admit her in Nursery.  She will be 3.5 yrs  for PP1 in June 2012. Few schools do admit kids in PP1 too but being an ICSE school, i  think it is better to admit your kid in PP1 when she is 4+.  Applications are mostly given  in Nov/Dec'11. Kindly follow up from Oct'11 onwards. Admission is based on interview of the child and parents.





 Former member 2011-09-14 18:50:37


Hi Mickey,

I learnt that Githanjali and Geethanjali Devshala are under sma emanagement and they both are ICSE schools.

I heared that geethanjali devshala gives admissions in the month of december. where as geethanjali gives admission in January month. So I thought , as geethanjali is better than devshala , they are issuing applications for devshala first in december month . and  once the admissions are over in geethanjali devshala, they issue applications for geethanajli. I amay wrong also. do not know.

Can you pls let me know which one is the best for acadamics and communication skills. Which one has the excellent teachers between these two.

do these 2 schools really pay attention on each student?  what is the teachers and students ratio at pre primary level?

Thanks in advance


mickey 2011-09-15 09:41:03


 Hi Nidhi,
Both are good schools. The only difference is the campus. Devshala has a bigger campus. You could prefer the one closer to your place. 

Sorry ,  I am not sure about the application process and teachers:students ratio at pre-primary level.  




charanireddy 2011-09-16 16:20:04


Mickey thanks for ur immediate response.  in their website it is mentioned that 2 1/2 yrs + would be nursery and 3 1/2 years plus would be eligible for LKG.  But my daughter will be 3 years 4 months only by june 2012.  What can be done ?

Also do they follow cbse or icse syllabus



mickey 2011-09-16 16:36:32


 Hi Charani,
The school follows ICSE. Pl contact the school regarding the age. I am not sure , if the school  would   consider  3.4 for PP1. A few schools are very strict with the age.




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