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SaiRLTH 2011-09-13 17:18:34



I am new joinee on this website and very much impressed to find how all the parents are helping each other with their issues.

Congratulations! to all the parents...and a special one to Mickey!

We are planning to move to Hyderabad next year and would like to have some information on schools (preferably International schools). I have 2 sons currently in 7th and 3rd Grades.  I would really appreciate if you could recommend some schools in Kukatpally/ SR Nagar/ Yerragadda area - Madhapur should also be ok.

My main concern is my 8th grade (would be in 8th next year) son who does not know Hindi.  I understand some schools are now offering French as second language and Hindi/Telugu/Sanskrit as 3rd language.  I have also found that Sadhu Vaswani International school offers French as 2nd language from 9th grade.  However the school is too far from where we will be living.  Would someone be able to advice if there are any other schools offering French as second language.  My son will be able to manage Hindi as 3rd language.


Appreciate a quick reply.


Worried Parents :-(



mickey 2011-09-13 19:48:28


 Hi SaiRLTh,

You can  try in  Chnimaya (Begumpet), Chirec (Kondapur), DPS (Madhapur), Orchids International, BVB (#71) Jubilee Hills, JHPS (Jubilee Hills Public School),  P Obul Reddy Public school in Banjara Hills, Sister Nivedita in Ameerpet and Little Scholars in SanathNagar.
I am not sure about Sister Nivedita & Little Scholars and need to find out.  

Admission in DPS, Chinmaya, BVB, Chirec, P obul reddy, JHPS  depends on vacancy followed by entrance test. You need to call up and keep a track of vacancy in the month of Jan/Feb/Mar'12. 

If budget permits, you could try in Oakridge at Madhapur. It is an International school.




SaiRLTH 2011-09-14 09:59:27


Hi Mickey

Thanks very much for your quick response.

I will try Chinmaya or BVB Jubilee Hills.

I have heard that Chinmaya had a few Principals change in the past few years and hence the school does not have as good reputation as it used to earlier.  This is a news from a colleague  whose sister's kids study at the same school.  Just wanted to clarify.  People have different opinions so it might just be that the previous principal of the school managed staff and students more efficiently.

Appreciate your advice on this matter.





mickey 2011-09-14 10:14:51


 Hi SaiRLTH,

There weren't many Principals who changed. Previously the Principal was Mrs. Swarnalata Rao who was there for many years and then after her retirement the school was taken over by Mrs. GowriShankar who was there for almost 2 yrs.  My daughter passed her class X in June'11 in her tenure and the school's Class X is excellent  this year and the State Commerce stream topper in class 12 is  from Chinmaya this year i.e during Mrs. Rajani's tenure.

The new Principal, Mrs. Varalaxmi has taken over in June'11 and a few old teachers have left too, so such talks are doing the rounds. I am sure these are the teething problems and the school will regain its past glory very soon under the new Principal as she has a very good record. 



SaiRLTH 2011-09-14 14:31:54


Hi Mickey

Excellent.  I will start contacting the above schools.  My first preference would be Chinmaya.  Thank you so much for answering my queries.  I cant stop praising the way would provide information to all the 'worried' parents especially from other places or overseas.


Thanks very much once again!





mickey 2011-09-14 15:38:16


 Hi Lakshmi,
You are welcome... I mentioned  Mrs Gowrishankar as Mrs Rajani  in my above post. Both are one and the same. Her full name is Mrs Rajani Gowrishankar.



SaiRLTH 2011-09-14 15:56:01


Yeah, I thought so when I read :-) that , Mickey

Also at some stage, I may require some names for good tutors in Hindi and French.  Appreciate if you could pass on some names and numbers whenever possible (no rush).  Let me know if you need my email id incase the details cannot be mentioned here.

Thanks again :-) & have a lovely day!



SaiRLTH 2011-09-19 05:49:40


Hi Mickey

My in-laws have checked with Chinmaya School, looks like it will not be easy to get admission for 8th grade and 4th grade :-(

Would you be able to give me some idea on SVIS in Kompally or BVB Jubilee Hills (we have the option of staying either in sainkipuri or somewhere near begumpet)  I have read GShravan's blog in this website about SVIS however it is not in detail.

I understand the school has same values as Chinmaya. 

I would really appreciate if you could advise or knew any parents whose children go SVIS





mickey 2011-09-19 08:42:53


 Hi Lakshmi,

I don't know any parents whose kids are in SVIS.  But i have been reading good about SVIS. Iam not aware of  studies in higher grades in SVIS. One has to visit the campus and find out from the parents/students. The school is pretty new and picking up.

BVB can be preferred anytime but like Chinmaya, admissions purely depend on vacancy followed by entrance test. 

 You could also try in Sec'bad Public School, Indus World School at Yapral  or BVB at Sanikpuri i.e Bhavan's Ramakrishna vidyalaya if u r  staying at Sainikpuri or Sister Nivedita in Ameerpet or Meridian in Banjara Hills. Meridian is  expensive  out of all the schools mentioned above.  It is till class 12.

Meridian's Principal is the recipient of Prestigious CBSE National Award from the President of India this year for her contribution in the field of education.

www.bhavans.info/bsrv/default.asp           bhavan's sri ramakrishna vidyalaya


You could also try in DPS at Nacharam or Diamond Point.




SaiRLTH 2011-09-19 08:55:23


Hi Mickey

Thank you so much.  We will be shifting in Feb-Mar next year, so will personally go to SVIS and find out.

My in-laws live across the road from Bhavans Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya however they have heard from someone in the colony that the school is not that good now..Even same about Indus...any ideas about these schools.

I was just reading the blog from all you ladies who try to meet often there.  I would like to join the group once we are settled there :-)

I read about SAP.  Is anyone in the group working on SAP? (sorry not relating to schools but just thought i would check as I work on SAP here as well)




mickey 2011-09-19 10:25:05


 Yes Lakshmi,  one of our friends is working on SAP.  You are welcome to join us anytime.
You could even join us  now by introducing yourself on the latest page . I will send u a mail through inbox when we plan to meet up.


We can surely meet up once u come to India (Hyd)  . Till then , keep connecting in GFB and have a nice time....

Indus World school is good too though its a bit slow in academics when compared with schools like DPS. Recently one parent who has relocated from Delhi has admitted his two  children in class 7 and 4 in Indus and is quite happy.

Cheers !


SaiRLTH 2011-09-19 13:33:14


Hi Mickey

Thanks :-) for the invitation, i will surely join.

I will try SVIS.  My preference is staying near somajiguda.  But I think there are not many schools offering French there.  I wanted to try Sister Nivedita but upon looking on the website, understand they do not offer French.

I will try BVB.




garfield 2011-09-26 02:27:08


Hi Lakshmi,

We are pretty much in the same boat as you. Two boys (currently Year 7 and Reception/UKG) and have issues with second language. We are planning to relocate around Mar 2012 to Hyd.

Based on useful input from Mickey in this forum, we shortlisted Meridian in Banjara as it offers French from Year 7. We visited Meridian in Banjara (children also gave the tests), Chirec, DPS, Oakridge and Glendale when we visited Hyd in Aug.

Meridian looks positive so far. Oakridge is expensive but the one in Bachupally is slightly cheaper than the main branch. One school that a friend recommended (since our visit to Hyd) is Vikas. As we are flexible on the location, we are evaluating all options.

I hope the input is useful. Good luck. Please post in this forum what you find.

Mickey, Thanks for the tireless input to the questions posted on schools.




SaiRLTH 2011-09-26 03:59:43


Hi Garfield

Thank you so much for the above info.

What was your impression about Meridian?  What is the fee structure.  Did you get to visit DPS...From Mickey's inputs about we are planning on DPS Nacharam.  However, appreciate if you could provide the above info on Meridian.  We will have to look at Meridian school that is closer to Begumpet. Sorry about the multiple questions.

My sons will be in Year 8 and Year 4 and we are also planning to move in March 2011.

Good luck to you too and keep in touch! i will keep posting my updates. 




garfield 2011-09-27 14:56:16


Hi Lakshmi,

Meridian Principal (Ms Usha Reddy) was excellent. We did not go on the official school tour as that meant waiting until the end of the school day but from what we saw it looked fine. I do not remember the exact number but the class size is not  more than 30. We managed to see the PP2/UKG side for the younger one - this section looked very clean and the HM for that section was very good too. We also met an NRI mum whose child was in Meridian who was pleased with the school.

There was some building work going on around the PP2/UKG side. The playground area is restricted though.

Fees for Year 7 (was considering moving in Dec then and hence the fees for Year 7. Not sure of year 8 fees)

Total: 89120 / year (includes tuition fees and mess fees but not transportation)

One off: 75000 (15000 is refundable)

DPS in Khajaguda village - we visited briefly. We were told that admission chances are slim for Year 8 (only based on vacancy) and generally admissions are open for upto Year 1. We were asked to check in Dec. We were also told that other DPS schools may have seats.

I am unsure where Nacharam is wrt Gachibowli (where I'll be working) but am keen on what you find on DPS, Nacharam.




SaiRLTH 2011-10-02 07:50:45


Hi Garfield

Sure, will let you know once I have an update.

We are planning to move to Hyderabad in Feb-Mar 2012.

We are slightly getting worried to hear that the school kids are getting affected by Hyderabad-Telangana issue.

Hi Mickey

Hope you are doing well.

Would you please advise if this hyderabad-telangana issue is really affecting the kids education there?  I hear schools have not been operating since past 20 days. 

Appreciate if you could advise as i sometimes really get worried to hear all this :-(

I am sure many people moving from overseas are worried about the current tense situation in Hyderabad.

Looking forward to hear from you.




SaiRLTH 2011-11-08 16:57:45


Hi Mickey,

Hope you doing well?

Its been a while, i have logged on as we are busy with our move to india (yay!!!!!!!)

I just wanted to check with you regarding BVB jubilee Hills,  I rang the school to understand that they do not offer French at all.  I am not sure if the  lady at the reception had the correct information. The reason I am saying this is when i rang DPS nacharam, the lady there at the reception also said they do not offer French as SECOND LANGUAGE.  But I am very sure they do as their online previous year test papers show French as second language.

Would you please be able to guide me with BVB jubilee Hills - if they offer French as second language.  We will also be trying Chinmaya which is our first preference.

Thanks and looking fwd to your reply.



mickey 2011-11-09 09:56:32


 Hi Lakshmi,
Welcome to Hyd ! 
Well, I spoke to my daughter's friend who recently completed her class X from BVB, Jubilee Hills. Yes, the school doesn't offer French. The students can only opt for Sanskrit , Hindi or Telugu.

DPS, Nacharam does offer French. I verified it again from one of my friends whose daughter is studying here. Her daughter has taken French as third language.

You could also try Meridian, Banjara Hills.



rani1 2013-10-16 19:37:04


Hi SaiRLTH, 
We are planning to move back to India,Iam in the same situation as you are, my son is in grade 7 now, will be joining gr 8 in india. would appreciate your experince and feedback on schools and transiton of your children to indian schools and syllabus.



Ostrich 2021-02-13 09:56:37


Hello All,

I am moving to Hyderabad to join at new job. Office location in near Manikonda Village, Gachibowli, IN. I am looking for school for my two daughters seeking admission in class 6 and class 10 in schools providing CBSE curriculum. Both of my daughters are looking French as 2nd language. My daughter who is current finishing her class 9th has English and French as her language option.

The similar question were enquired 9 years ago however now today options and school options has changed significantly who is still teaching French as option in these classes.

I would seek your guidance on the same. Also refer schools which offer admission directly in class 10.


sumasud 2021-05-25 22:21:07


Hi Ostrich,

I am also looking schools french as 2nd language near tellapur/kollur area. Please let me know .


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