good cbse or icse schools with bus facility arond yapral

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momofdittu 2011-09-08 23:34:44


Hi mickey and other friends.i find this community very useful for parents who are searching for schools for their kids.My daughter will turn 2 very soon.I need to join her in nursery in next acedamic year(2012-2013).reason i am opting for nursery instead of play school is i want her to be accustomed to the school in which she studies by the time she will be in pp1.i live in yapral.can any one suggest any good schools around.things i am looking for in school are good english,lots of extra circullar activ,good standard of teaching and transport facility. i dont want to shift schools too often. i  have heard of indus school in yapral.what is its fee struc for all it advisable even for higher grades childern  as people are pulling out their kids due to the laid back  attitude of school.(they feel it is wrong to b so laid back as they think kids can't compete in outside world).i know a kid who is in pp2 in this school n her mom says they have lot of fun things in school and she actualy loves that laid back concern is much is for primary school and does it increase with grades.please also tell me if it is ok to b in such school as they dont give much importance to studies.i am also open to consider other cbse n icse schools near by with transport n considerable fee(teaching good english is a must n also co circullar activities).i am also expecting another i want both to b in same school b it boy or girl.some one please answer me.

momofdittu 2011-09-09 00:52:19


mickey please help seems you have good knowledge about schools in hyderabad.



sus1 2011-09-09 10:57:54


where is this yapral. is it near kowkoor darga ?



mickey 2011-09-09 11:13:24


 Hi Momofdittu,

You could try in DPS if u are very apprehensive of Indus. I will however talk to my friend whose kid is in Pre-primary in Indus and will let u know soon. What's wrong if the school is giving importance to Sports and other fun activities? It is infact very good. Pl do check out the results, academics and reviews by visting the school personally and talk to parents and don't go by just one  negative review.

Recently one parent has admitted his children in middle school in Indus and is quite satisfied.  

You could prefer DPS (Diamond Point or Mahendra Hills or Nacharam).

You can also in Gitanjali Devshala in sec'bad or Johnsons Grammar school or St Anns. All are good ICSE schools. However St Anns is  not a co-ed school.




momofdittu 2011-09-09 23:35:16


yapral is near sainikpuri



momofdittu 2011-09-09 23:45:02


thank u mickey.i actually love my kid to have fun while learnig.i would b thankful if u ask our friend's kid in mid school some review on teaching and also fee stucture.i ill surely visit the school personally soon.but i wanted to know even reviews of parents.that is why i was searching in this page.kindly notifyme of fee structure of dps also.i have heard st.ann's doesn't have a school bus(kompally it true.kindly answer my questions



mickey 2011-09-14 11:12:27


 Hi Momofdittu,

The parent whom i was talking about has taken admission in class 4& 7 in Indus World School at Yapral. She has paid 93K for both the kids. Though academics wise, the school is a bit slow when compared to DPS but  she is quite happy as she wants to have a breathing space for kids and herself and is going to continue in the same school.

DPS fees would be around 1 lakh. I have no idea about St Ann's bus facility. You can call up and find out .



momofdittu 2011-09-20 14:03:11


thank you mickey.i think the fee is quite high in both the i better join her in a school where even the fees is pocket friendly.what are the other icse schools which have comparetively less fee and also pocket johnson grammer school you know any co ed schools in icse which teach good english and have moderate fee they have enough extra circullar activities.sorry for bothering you mickey but i want to see that my kid goes a decent school.thank u.



mickey 2011-09-20 16:41:44


 Yes, Momofdittu... You could try Johnsons , Gitanjali & Niraj Public School too.
Infact HPS at Begumpet  would not be that stressful coz it stresses on extra curricular activities too. Gitanjali and Johnsons stress more on academics.



fughcfhhchfhcgh 2015-08-08 18:30:41


Gitanjali is a great school my child studies their it is top 7 in india
It has a lot of activities about 162 in a yr (isa activities)



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