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Citylover 2011-09-07 01:16:15



We are moving to Hyderabad this month and our son has to enter school middle of the year!!!! He turned 5 and a half last month and I am wondering if he will go to UKG or Std.1 ???? What are our chances of getting in a good school? And if someone can recommend good schools in the area. Looking for good CBSE schools, public schools preferrably.

daughters 2011-09-07 10:52:05


Sancta Maria

Sentia global school

Kennedy high the global school

DPS gachibowli

DAV miyapur



Citylover 2011-09-07 19:01:13


 Thank you for this information. 

 We were concerned as to whether he will go to UKG or Std.1? Also how difficult will it be to get into a school considering it is middle of the year?

What would be the best approach to these schools? Do we need to call the principal or get in touch with admissions office?? 


swadish 2011-09-07 23:26:11


Hi Citylover,

We moved to the city 2 days ago and are struggling with admissions for our kid who is 4 years old. Schools like DPS, DAV said the admissions are closed. Still not able to find the schools that are good and are open for admissions in the mid session.

I have read lot of reviews on Parentree, other blogs, but the question is still unanswered. The list of schools open for admissions in the month of September is not known.

Your kid will be in UKG as per the age criteria. But this may vary in some schools, so depends where you seek admission.

All the best! Do reply, if you find something good.


Citylover 2011-09-08 03:44:21


 Hi Swadesh,

We sent emails to couple of schools yesterday (DAV Kukatpally & Kennedy High) of which Kennedy High replied saying that they will take our son in UKG but won't be able to provide transportation since all the buses are full. They've given us a contact number to get further details. Plan to call today.

We are thinking of sending an email to Sentia global school and see what they have to say. Not sure though how much these schools will charge!!!! But right now we want to get in somewhere and then for 2012 we can fill application on time. 

You could check if these schools work for you. Good luck! Let us know if you come across schools who agree to accept kids mid session.



mickey 2011-09-08 09:53:31


 Hi Swadesh, 
Pl visit Manthan Intl in Madhapur. I think,  the chances are bright.  Though it is an INnernational school, the fee is quite less when compared to other Intl schools.
You could also try in Vikas-The concept school in Miyapur,  The Creek in Bachupally ,Sanskriti school in Kondapur or Phoenix Greens or Prerna Waldorf in Gachibowli.

Hi Citylover,
 You could speak to the Director of Mantan on phone too and find out. You can prefer the above schools which i have written to Swadesh. Many CBSE schools admit kids who are 5.6+ in class 1. So u can prefer class 1 if u feel your child can cope up else join him in UKG so that by 6.3 he will be in class 1. It is ideal to be 6+ in class 1.





swadish 2011-09-08 11:22:34


Hi Citylover,

I called up Kennedy High today and they said the seats are not available. Quite surprising though!  Will call up other schools and check.



swadish 2011-09-08 11:26:49


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for the reply and the list of schools.

Manthan was the first school I picked in the month of June when our moving to the city was tentative. Seats were available then and so they are now. I have not seen much reviews about the school online, wondering if school is really good. Do you know if the school is good in terms of studies, extra-curricular activities. We stay in KPHB colony, so looking for schools in the vicinity.


mili1 2011-09-08 12:08:42


Hi Swadish,

My son goes to Manthan.....He is in SR. kG.....He joined there last june....i have seen a remarkable change in him ....he used to hate study,didn't want to read or write anything .In manthan they don't pressuriesd kids...but they he is very interested to play word game,make sight words  and  do phonics related activities......his communication skill is also improving .... .

For extra-curricular activities they have dance,music ,art and craft and yoga for pre primary children.They have a student portal where they update what the child will be doing for that week in each subject.I find this very helpful as my son does not tell me what he did at school.

I think you can visit the school and talk to the can get a clear picture.




swadish 2011-09-08 13:03:08


Thanks Mili for the update.

We are planning to visit Manthan tomorrow. Few queries I have...

What kind of education system they follow. Do they have text books in Jr KG and Sr KG, or they follow the concept of work sheets? And how is the school in terms of academics? What is the day routine of a kid going to Jr KG? Will be grateful if you can provide with me little more details on the above points.


UshaC 2011-09-08 13:46:33



You could look at Manipal Hillside Academy which is in Jubilee Hills Road No 46. They have started CBSE for Class 1 and Class 2 from this year and is an IBPYP Certified school.

My daughter goes to class 2 here. Most of the schools we tried did not have any admissions available. We were interested in Future Kids but they did not have any vacancies, then we saw this school and found is reasonable. This is not  very crowded or too big. But it is very neat, big class rooms and well ventilated and atleast a reasonable playground. The fee also is quite reasonable compared to most of the other schools with this kind of infrastructure. They have tied up with Edusports for the sports and physical activities. They seem to be doing a decent job. They are tied up with Edurite for the Smart Board material. They are a part of Pearsons schools too.

As this is the first year and that too 2nd class, cannot comment much on the standard but we felt the syllabus and standard is not very high but their method of teaching is good, with no stress on kids and encouraging group activities, conducting quiz, presantations etc during the circle time.

Any school, it depends a lot on the teachers and how they involve the kids....





Citylover 2011-09-08 19:11:01


Thank you for the update, Swadish. It is strange that they said they do not space..Maybe that is for LKG?? Would appreciate if you could keep us posted on your success at other places...


Hi Mickey,

Thank you for your response. Was hoping to get some insight from you on this matter. I will look at couple more schools you've mentioned to Swadish. 

And I prefer him to be in UKG right now and be in 1st class 6+ 

I have another Q. We plan to live in Miyapur and on map it shows 9 kms to Kennedy High...School has a bus route, but how much would be needed for the commute? is it doable or should look for something closer??




mickey 2011-09-08 19:33:37


 Hi Swadish,
There are many good reviews of Manthan in this forum from parents whose kids are studying here.  You could use the above search engine too. I will list a few links for you. The school doesn't have a big playground but they have made some arrangement , i guess. You can see it after visiting the school and decide.

Pl read detailed review by Isra on 6th Jan’10 on Manthan

 You can see its reviews in the below link by Seema and Atul

 Review by Harsha.

 Review by Bondada(Vijay) on Dec 29, 2010 (relocated from UK)


Review by mithai who has joined her daughter in Manthan after a lot of survey in and around Hi-Tech city and Madhapur for Pre-schools.

Hi Citylover,

You will have to find out about the School bus route from school. If it shows 9kms on map, it might take a bit longer too as it depends on the route as well as the no. of chidren in that route.

If you are at Miyapur, u can prefer Sentia-The Global too in Miyapur. It is almost the same as Kennedy High. 

You could also have a look at Vikas. 

I have also heard of Unicent school in Miyapur but  don't  have any idea about this school.




Citylover 2011-09-08 21:43:38


 Thanks for the info Mickey.

We were looking at Sentia but cannot find any email ID or phone number to contact them. Also we are not sure if they have CBSE pattern. Couldn't find this info on their website.

If you would have some email address or phone number for them and can provide it to us, it would be really great. 

Would you know of good gated community in Bachupally area to reside?

Will check Vikas and the Creek too...

You've been very resourceful and helpful. Appreciate it. 


Citylover 2011-09-09 09:27:43


 Would anyone know how good the following two schools are:

Vikas, the concept school and The Creek Planet School (both for CBSE stream).

If parents who have kids in these schools can give me some feedback, I would really appreciate it.

Where could I find reviews for these schools? 



mickey 2011-09-09 11:01:01


  Hi Citylover,
You could talk to Ms Sunita of Sentia.  (+91 9985188821). I spoke to her sometime back on this phno. You could write to Pkota in the below thread to know about Vikas or through Parentree inbox.

 There are many good gated communities in and around Hi-Tech city/ Kukatpally/madhapur/manikonda I have heard of Maa Villas gated community in Bachupally. May be, u can have a look when you are here.

You can also use the above search engine to find the reviews. 



mili1 2011-09-09 11:22:19


Hi Swadish,

Manthan follows IPC(International Primary Curriculum)for pre primary.They don't have any text books for pre primary.They do follow worksheet  and send one worksheet per week as homework which hardly takes 5 mins to complete.I don't have any idea about Jr. Kg but in my son's class they have study hours,story telling,physical education,library,art ,craft ,music,dance ,computers,and free play at the play ground as per the schedule.

Hi citylover,

I stay at Miyapur and lots of kids from my complex go to Vikas.I  know some of them......their parents are very happy with the school.....don't have any idea of Creek.



swadish 2011-09-09 15:07:43


Thanks Mili and Mickey for such a detailed feedback. Had been of great help.

Thanks Usha for the response. I have talked to Manipal Hillside academy. Surprisingly, the fee structure is very less compared to others. Well, have to visit the school.


Citylover 2011-09-09 20:22:29


 Thanks Mickey and Mili for your inputs. 

Vikas and creek have not yet replied to my email, but if I don't hear anything by today, I will try calling them.

Thanks again.




swadish 2011-09-11 19:15:54



Can someone provide me feedback on Glendale Edufun. It is a preschool of Glendale Academy International school, one of the branches in Banjara Hills.


mickey 2011-09-12 10:36:48


 Hi Swadish,
Glendale Edufun (behind Kirtilal Jewellers, Somajiguda Circle) is quite good. I too visited the place twice  for admitting my daughter in the playschool cum daycare but dropped the idea coz it wasn't near my office.

I found the fee quite exorbitant though (esp. for playschool).
The campus is really good  with lot of acivities for children.

Two of my neighbours are sending their kids to Glendale Edufun (Somajiguda circle) and are quite happy.



swadish 2011-09-12 20:06:51


Thanks Mickey for the update. Got to know only today that Edufun Banjara Hills bus does not come to my place.


Citylover 2011-09-28 11:01:55



Would it be possible for someone to give me the fee structure for Manthan International School, Madhapur?



mickey 2011-09-28 11:35:06


 Hi citylover,

Below is the fee structure of Manthan Intl for classes Nursery to Class 7



Citylover 2011-09-29 09:35:29


Mickey, thank you for the information.


MaheshB 2011-09-30 13:07:42


Hi all,

Just wanted to know about Manthan. i think they have only class 1 to 7 at Madhapur. Is their Gachibowli campus going to be ready soon. Do they readlly have the school starting at Gachibowli near future. Please let me know.




Leelamahesh 2013-09-12 11:56:16


Hi All,

  My son was born on March 5th 2009. He will be completing 5 years 3 month by 2014 June.

As per AP Govt. rules he is eligible to join 1st  Class for 2014-15. But some school are not accepting to take admission

Please let me know what are the schools will give admission to him in and around Pragathi Nagar,Bachupally.

Leela Mahesh



KPSSS 2013-11-29 13:50:01


Hello Mickey,

As always your valuable suggestions are priceless and I remember taking your email help when I was getting my kids getting admitted in the play school and now I need your inputs

My daughter is 5.3 years old and she is in UKG and my son is 3.9 years old and he is in LKG

They both are studying in SpringBoard (earlier Happy Nest) Play School near MIYAPUR

So, I am now looking at the following help from your side

1)      Reasonably good schools near Miyapur

2)      If possible, admission acceptance dates, for getting my daughter admitted into Class 1

3)      Will it be a good idea for me to move both (Daughter & Son) now into a different school or do I move my daughter first and next year my son

Hope it is not too much of asking but will appreciate and look forward to hear from you.




sk87 2014-06-01 13:39:53


Hello KP,

As your KIDS are studying in SpringBoard  Play School near MIYAPUR, can you please advise how is it ?Because we would like to join my SON in VV Nagar branch.

Please advise



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