Please provide information regarding admissions for 2012 batch Nursery/PP1

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DipsRoy 2012-02-10 17:14:50


It is from 8am - 1pm, as they give breakfast to children from 8-8:30 and lunch from 12-12:30 which can stretch till 12:45pm.



Priyaraj2005 2012-02-10 17:55:49


Thats nice Deepthi ... Pls update in case you decide on this school ...


Raj007 2012-02-10 18:54:13



Think ICSE is better till 5th class. After that CBSE is better for competitive exams and everything.



olnrao 2012-02-11 16:12:41


Hey Raj,

  We wanted to join in class II.  Niraj is highly cramped.  Class I teacher voice can be heard in Class II.  All voices are intermixed.  We spent almost 3 hours and finally decided to not join her.  The ground is not a big ground.




olnrao 2012-02-11 16:43:07


<Please do not quote me for these. But, they are practiced in many schools, what criteria which school picks is matter of their choice>

This post is to bring awareness on what is the filtering critera schools apply.

I did not go for interview for DPS as I have already closed on another school before. However, I would like to give what goes in DPS, CHIREC's and other schools mind for selection. They make all craziest things as there is no way to judge kids beyond a certain intellect level they are born with. Note that, they have to have some filter criteria which is not _logically_ reasonable as there is no reasonable criteria that could filter 1000 applications to 100 or so.

- Kid should be ready to go with people. Age alone does not matter. If the kid is not prepared to mingle, he/she needs more time in 'social' skills. Whether we accept or not, this is important as childrens cry in a chain reaciton. If one kid starts crying, others automatically do.

- Kid should be intellect - This can be derived from interview and parents qualifications

- Another important criteria is whether parents are earning enough and could pay till the end (or 10th class) or they are likely to backout. If you were not honest in quoting your salary, you will be doomed here.


The above crieteria sound resonable for many, but does not endup filtering 90%. So, they go into next level of filtering. Here are other filtering criteria, I have heard:


- Nearest Locality - Transport is a headache than another revenue stream - They would like to reduce the burden as much as they can - Less number of routes, so are the busses, so are the workers (drivers,cleaners) to manage

- Mix of all language people - Like they make sure of a good mix of Telugu native, Tamil native, Hindi native speaking children - This helps people to use common language English more indirectly, plus multi-culture awareness

- Mix of religions - Not in equal ratio as population is not in that ratio, but some schools do consider this

- Mix of gender - Good enough %age of female children - Not necessarily 50-50 - But they do have a minimum percentage - Some schools have as high as 40%

Lot of schools have equations. They give points to each criteria and each criteria has weight. Apply the equation, find out points for each kid. There is no emotional stuff to reject a kid or accept. They are in advantageous position to apply the criteria which may not be digestable to all.

I guess it was DAV, Miyapur that has opened my eye. One of the staff striaght away told that I wont get filtered when I submitted. When I probed further, I got their filter criteria. From then on, I started going behind and enquring what schools apply which criteria. DAV Miyapur has 40 points weightage for nearest locality criteria. If you are in 1 Km radius, you get 40 points full. If you are in 2-5 km radius, you get 20 points or something near.

Hopefully this reduces tension to atleast few people.




VijayV 2012-02-11 22:46:47


Good analysis Onlrao, thank you for the insights. :)




SrinivasS 2012-02-13 14:14:12


 Hello All,

As I have tried in much sought after schools like Bhavans,  Obul Reddy, JHPS, Chirec, DPS etc but  with no luck and as there is nothing to lose now,  I'm thinking to put my kid in the near by school like Bachpan/Kidzee/Euro Kids Play school for pp1 & pp2 and then try for admission in any international schools where I could get admission easily in Grade 1....  like phoneix Greens/Manthan/ Euro School or any new international school.

Any suggesstions ? Perhaps I could save some amount for PP1 & PP2 which I could use it for getting admission in first class.

Ofcourse Money is Not the criteria but as I have missed the advantage of getting into reputed schools right from  LKG can I convert this Loss into gain ? My kid would gain additional advantage of Grand parents time/company-  drop-in & pickup if studied in near by play school.  Does PP1 & PP2(LKG & UKG) really matter if we don't study in International school / reputed school like Bhavan's?  


Please help me with your invaluable sugegstions.


Priyaraj2005 2012-02-13 16:01:44


Hi Srinivas..

Somehow I would not agree that the so called "International School" are best ... And also there is a difference in reputed and good school s ..... I would also say not all reputed schools are best .... I feel its just the wrong notion that most parents get into when we just go for the brand name ... For eg. I belive DPS has brand name ... but i also feel academics are a pressure there which is not my idea of educating my child ... Anyway all this depends on how we as parents want our child to be educated like ... Basically education is the same everywhere and at the end of the day parents also have to give a helping hand at home whichever school the child goes to ...

However, these news schools have cropped up with a new tag INternational just to charge hefty amounts... The amts they charge and the infrastructure / facilities they provide just does not match at all ... They just have some lady with good Comm Skills to speak abt wot they r doing and all this stuff so that parents get impressed like anything ...But we need to remmeber that after all, these schools are new and we cannot access their performance on the long run ... What they teach in these schools is just what is taught in the others ... All they do is ... put in out minds that it is taught in a different way the best way and all that ... But I find the same everywhere ... Even JHPS / Shaikpet Internatonal school has all the extra curricular activities that Phoenix greens or DPS provide. .. then why is there such a wide difference in the fee? Its just become commercial ... and nothing more ...

So it should not matter if ur child does not go to an internation school for 2 yrs as long as she enjoys goin to any school ... PP1,PP2 have to be fun rather than study under pressure ...And moreover if she can get her grandparents time tooo ... i dont think anything else is required ... Moreover, you can still try for PP2 also if you need ... Good luck !!!


wellwisher2012 2012-02-13 19:37:48


Hi Srinivas,

I tend to agree with Priyaraj2005 as well...these schools have become more of franchise/corporates with HNI/NRI's/locals/venture capatilists investing for profits...opening new branches across 4 corners and taking advantage of parents for building infrastructure/assets on the name of non-refundable admissions fees from our deep pockets.  Dont want to name brand any school is specific...but originally when some of them started they had 20-25 student-teacher ratio in class with 3-4 the demand/supply has increased and the ratio has gone to 35-45...sections went up to ...G. The quality has gone down in few schools and parents are inversting more time at home because teachers cannot concentrate as numbers have grown...

The comparision should be student-teacher ratio, curriculum covered vs available in books vs how much students really learn in school vs learning at home vs how much they know when you ask student to facility usage ratio (1 swimming pool cannot suffice 300 kids in 6 hr time frame...considering first period is not a swimming class :-) )...fees vs pay scale of teachers (many of us know teachers/staff do not get paid well in comparision to school fees)...utilization of facilities vs availability of facilities...performance appriasals of staff/teachers...

they are poching teachers from each others once the school/brand is established and have enough students....i heared now lot of teachers are preparing for govt teaching jobs because of more pay and they are not satisfied as well..

You need to decide what are your key criterias for your child and for you yourself. Are they pure/core studies, or participation in extra activities, or excellent hygine,beautiful campus, good english speaking admission staff, someone serving hot food, ac buses/classes,  good english speaking kids, attention/learning they get from their teachers which is in and not in books, habits/language they speak/inculcate, techniques taught by schools for socializing/motiviating/calming self, can you/yr child handle peer/neighbour pressure because of name tag or not a name tag/brand ? how much quality time can you/yrparents can invest in them ?

we had our kids in one of the school because we heared/observed that the teachers and school was excellent but 2 years gone by and now we are thinking of changing it because of combination of - studies pressure on student ?, student-teacher ratio, good teachers no more there with the school, overall teaching quality has gone down...or maybe we are not able to handle pressure from neighbours !!! dont know still debating/ evaluating the decision of chaging school or continuing with the same...what if it happens in another school after 2 years...its not about the money is what we say when education comes into the picture...but 1L or maybe more goes down the drain again...:-(...Not sure this will help but at least will give you some insight before plunging ...


SrinivasS 2012-02-14 20:47:11


  Priyaraj & Wellwisher thanks a lot for your thoughtful comments. From both the above feedback's I could see that there is nothing much that we would lose or gain if we don't send the kid to an International or well reputed school for PP1 & PP2. 

Actually even I'm not very fond of the so called "International" schools from the core studies perspective but for other extra curricular activities, the child's over all growth perspective I still feel the Kids studying in International / reputed schools have an added advantage. The Environment , the Quality of competetiveness , socializing etc etc.

As in PP1 & PP2 child is very young they cannot really utilize all the sphisticated blah blah  and hence a decent enough near by school should do I guess. 




saraayu786 2012-02-17 17:13:56


Hi Can anyone suggest me good schools near Gachibowli for class 3 Iam moving to hyd from UK.




DipsRoy 2012-02-17 17:28:45


Hi All,

Finally I have ended my search of school for son... completed his admission formalities in Hillside Academy for PP1. Happy with the decision we have taken.

Thanks to all for their help & information... All the best to you all!




arunsankaran 2012-02-17 18:42:45




Can anyone provide review about DAV Miyapur School, understand school is an upcoming one and managed by one of the good principal...would like to get more feedback about that school? Main concern is they have till 7th class..not sure about their future plans?


Thanks & Regards



VijayV 2012-02-19 12:58:48



Question out of curiosity, do you know still how many seats are available for PP1 at Hillside Academy?

Also, can you please let me know the total amount you had to pay for finishing the admission formalities?




ritusaurabh 2012-02-20 16:21:09


Congrats Deepti!!!



humaira 2012-02-22 13:26:55


Hello all,

Congrats to all parents and kids who have successfully got admissions in their desired schools.. All the very best !!



 Former member 2012-02-22 13:30:26




My daughter is 3.1 years old can anybody suggest a good school near madinaguda to put her in LKG 




VijayV 2012-02-22 18:37:18


Priya & Deepti,

Based on your inspirational posts on Hillside Academy :) I visited the school today and echo whatever you both have mentioned. I have bought the registration form and intend to finish the joining formalities by this weekend.

Deepti, I saw in your later post that you have already joined your kid. You had also mentioned that you are planning to talk to parents and get their feedback as well. Did you get a chance to connect with any parent(s)? If yes, can you please their experiences as well? 

Priya, have you joined your kid too?

Looking forward for your additional inputs.




VijayV 2012-02-22 18:38:19



Were you able to finalize on any school?




Cherri 2012-02-23 00:35:31


Hi Saimom,

did you finalise the school for your kid


saimom 2012-02-23 10:17:34


Cherri, not yet... still scouting :-) and of course GlobeTot'ers is always an option for me if any where else :-)



Priyaraj2005 2012-02-23 10:38:33


Hi Vijay,

I havent yet decided... My husband is on a business trip for a week and so we would decide by next week. Atleast we have decided on the final two and now it's between Hillside and Sancta Maria ... All the other schools are now out of the list including JPS ... My husband is for Sancta and I am for Hillside ... Will let you know who wins finally :)

Meanwhile any more reviews from parents in Hillside are welcome ...

Deepti, have you got a chance to get in touch with any ?




VijayV 2012-02-23 14:47:48


Thanks for the update Priya. :)

Let's wait to see if Deepti could get us any more feedback.




humaira 2012-02-23 16:52:53


Hi Vijay,

I finished the admission formalities of my son at DPS, Hyderabad.

Have you decided on Hillside Academy? What is the fee structure?



Aahiri19 2012-02-24 10:23:54



I wanted to know about admissions to St. Ann's school secunderabad for Kg/PP1 class. When do they start?

AlsoI always wanted my children to enjoy learning. I studied in an expensive ICSE school in Calcutta which had world class infrastructure n good academics. But the system did not allow much creativity and there wasn't much encouragemnet given to "out of the box" thinking. Teachers were so normative and "good" students were only those who scored good marks. It was so performance oriented.

I want my daughter to have an education which stresses on creativity and appreciates the process of learning rather than the outcome (marks/grades) or measures their success on the basis of entrance to IITs or engineering/medical entrance exams. 

I also want her to be in an ICSE school.

Also I want her to have good exposure to extra-curricular activities. I have been reading the discussion boards in Parentree for sometime now and feel VIdyaranya school, Nasr girls school and Abhyasa Waldorf school are good options for me.

However I live in Tarnaka and feel St. Ann's secunderabad would be near my house and my daughter would not have to travel long distance. Could anyone please tell me more about St. Ann's school and whether they have an interactive approach to teaching and encourage creativity n all....or is it like a normal school stressing on performance.

I would be really indebted to you all if you could guide me.

Thanks a lot in advance to all you good parents out there.


AnuV 2012-02-24 15:40:58



Very very informative thread. We would be moving to hyd in April. Will be joining my 3.2 (by june) yr old son in Nursery/LKG.  I think most of the schools have closed their admissions. Pls advise if there are any good schools where admission process is still going on. Looking for schools near BHEL, Chandanagar,Lingampally etc...Looking at all the info in this thread worries me since am left with no choice but to join my toddler in a playschool nearby. Pls advise.





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