Please provide information regarding admissions for 2012 batch Nursery/PP1

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humaira 2012-02-05 18:04:10


@ ritusaurabh, congrats to you too. We would definitely try to meet some day!

Hey, we are out of town at present and I am arranging a friend to complete the admission formalities for my son.

Can you please let me know the fees details please. What amount has to be maded as DD? do we have to pay something as cash too??




Sharu1 2012-02-05 22:43:24


Thanks Kripa for the feedback..

I interacted with a nursery teacher during my visit to the school and was also impressed by the way she took interest and explained us the activites planned for kids with lot of patience. Banjara Hills campus is ok and not as impressive as Chirec's campus.

Apart from fees do you see any other cons going with Meridian Banjara hills?

And another issue is that they said that they accept the donation only in cash and without receipt.Is it same with other schools?


kripa5297 2012-02-06 09:09:57


 Hi Sharu

Definitely Chirec has a good infrastructure. No doubt about that.

As the kids grow older( in higher grades), I feel emphasis should on the way of teaching,making the kids competitive etc..

After talking to parents from bothe the schools, I got the feeling that Meridian is more focussed and approachable towards education.

Other than money part till now not even a single parent from Meridian has complained about any other issues with this school. Most of the schools are following the same style with regards to donation..

hope this helps...





ritusaurabh 2012-02-06 09:44:16


Thanks @humaira :)

The admission fee is 80k (75 admission charges+5 caution deposit refundable). I am also not sure if we need seperate DDs for these or can combine them.

Any other charges are not mentioned in the fee structure sheet that they gave during application.


Priyaraj2005 2012-02-06 10:14:38


Congrats to all those who got into DPS ... My son didnt make it thru the written test for Class 1... not sure if I need to be happy / unhappy ... :) 

Anyway ... Still hv options open for JPS, Sancta Maria & Phoenix Greens.

sakinaroshan .... Please see my thread on a review for Phoenix Greens ...



humaira 2012-02-06 12:44:12


Thanks Ritusaurabh. I called the school and they mentioned to pay a single DD of 80k. There is no other amount that needs to be paid now.

Tell me when are you planning to pay.


@ Priyaraj, you have all good schools in your list. So no need to worry about your kid not making to DPS. All the very best !



VijayV 2012-02-06 13:21:33


Went to both JPS and DPS today to check regarding second list. Both of them mentioned that they are very slim to zero chances of any vacancy.

Just wondering...what are my next options? :)

@Priyaraj, What have you been told @JPS? Can you please share any details?





humaira 2012-02-06 14:33:16


@Vijay, don't worry something will definitely work out. Have you tried Manthan International or Phoenix Greens? These are also very good and reputed schools. these were in my list too.

Anyone, who has paid DPS admission fees? Please brief me on the process.



Abhi82 2012-02-06 14:49:04


When JPS announced thier results on Jan 18th a few(or many) parents in this forum said, they are not opting for it as they have other better option(Like BVBs or Chinmayas) but now JPS is telling there is no vacancy, does that mean JPS has waiting list at time of thier annoucement?


Priyaraj2005 2012-02-06 14:55:06


@ Vijay, We havent yet submitted application for JPS ... We are looking for Class 1 ... They said any enquires / admissions for Class1 will happen in Feb 2nd week ... So just waiting on that ...

Yes, even I have Phoenix / Sancta Maria onmy list ... Checked out both of them ... I am not planning to go for any recommendation to DPS ... I would rather go for one of these ... Somehow I am not interested in DPS ... Phoenix fees is almost the same as DPS ... But Sancta Maria is more ... But seems to be very good ... be it the infrastructure or student:teacher ratio or their attitude ... everything was fine ...

Anyway ... I think by this month end ... the school hunt would be over and I can rest ...


VVReddy 2012-02-06 15:23:06


Hi Parents,

Congrats to all for their kidz victories :)

My sun is 2Y 3M old, I have recently joined him in BACHPAN in pre-nursery (ends in April) in vanastalipuram which is near to my home. I have joined him to get used to school envronment..etc.

I would like to join him for nursury  in any reputed school like CHIREC, DPS, st Anna's..etc ( affordable fee is max 1 Lakh per anum, 4 now). Can you please suggest when is the right time for me to searching school admissions for next year, 2013.




Priyaraj2005 2012-02-06 15:39:35


Thanks @Humaira ...Even though there are many ... still not ableto take a decision ... I think Too much is never good :)

Btw ... is it true that DPS is accepting only DDs this time for the admission fee ??? That would mean by all means you will get a receipt for the entire 80K that you pay ... If that is so ... Good to hear that ... It had got bad reviews that you dont get a receipt for the high admission fee that you pay and all that ...

@ Venkat ... Admissions for any academic year wotuld generally start around Nov on the previous year ... so you can keep a tab on your preferred schools anytime from Oct / Nov 2012.  But I guess you willbe very far from Chirec ... unless u think of relocation ...


ritusaurabh 2012-02-06 16:20:16



I am planning to go tomorrow to deposit the fee. Will let you know when done.


SrinivasS 2012-02-06 18:03:37


 Hi Priyaraj & Others,

Can you pls help me with these below questions

1. Any cutoff dates for Phoneix Greens & Sancta Maria for LKG(PP1)? 

2. Sancta Maria does NOT  have CBSE Curriculum right ?

3. Fee Structure in Sancta Maria for PP1 ?

4. Any one here decided to go with phoneix Greens ? I have few more questions which I can drop into your inbox.





Priyaraj2005 2012-02-07 10:36:11


Hi Srinivas,

I am not sure of the cut off dates for these schools ... Since they are new schools and they get relatively lesser enquiries when compared to those like DPS and so ... They take up enquires till as many as they can accomodate ... But if you have decided ... the earlier the better so that you would be guaranteed a seat ...

Sancta Maria follows the Cambridge syllabus ...

The fee structure for Class 1 was 1.79 Lacs( tuition, Mess, Books, Activity fee) + 18K ( Transport depending on the Kms it varies ). For PP1, the transport would be same ... i guess it would be little lesser in the tuition fee ...but i dont think it would be lesser than 1.5 L ... Uniforms NOT included in this ... They have waived off the 1L Admission& Caution fee for this year.



humaira 2012-02-07 12:38:44


Hi Ritusaurabh,

Request you to please update me on the admission procedure if you have completed the same today.



kvc 2012-02-07 13:15:03


Hi Aurondhatee,

Thanks for your feedback. I too have heard good things about the school academically...all the best on the choice you make.


ritusaurabh 2012-02-07 16:10:20


hi humaira,

we have the completed the admission procedure today.We just have to submit DD of 80k in favour of ( Delhi public school,Hyderabad )along with enrollment form that they will give u.u need to carry two photos of child,one photo of each parent and  DD.

After submitting form they will give u detailed information about books ,uniform and timings of the school .


Raj007 2012-02-07 18:10:46


Hi Ritusaurabh,

Did they mention how much is for books,uniform and lab etc...??





 Former member 2012-02-07 20:12:14


 Congratulations to all parents who r free from this admission tensions.... I am new to parentree and in total confused state.... I came to US for 1yr project and will be back by Apr last week.... My daughter is now 3.5yrs old and is presently studying Kindergarten-3 here in USA. 

Now my questions are

1)  Can she join in LKG as per her age? She will be 4yrs in Aug2012.

2) After we come in April last week (i guess we might come by 28th Apr) can she get admissions in good school?

Most of the schools have already completed their admission process by now so i am worried... 

What would u all suggest now?


Tikly 2012-02-08 00:40:44


SCHOOL Chirec DPS Rockwell Manthan Euro School Phoenix Greens Global Edge Orchids Meridian Oakridge Sancta Maria Application Fee 1000 600 500   500 1500   3000   600   Admission Fee 70000 75000 40000 25000 35000 20000   25000       Admission Kit Fee                   1200   Security/Caution Deposit 30000 5000 5000 25000   10000   5000   5000   Tution Fee 30000   49500 60000 45000 50000   69000   66300   Annual Fee 12900 52000               22100   Recreation Fee 21000                     Lunch 13200 14000 9000 12000   13500   18000       Transport 12000 21000 18000 21000   12000   18000   8800   Student,Teacher ratio                       Syllubus IC(CBSC+IGCSE) CBSE IC IGCSE,CBSC CBSC CBSC CBSC IB   IB   Total Fee 189,100 153,600 122,000 143,000 80,500 107,000 0 138,000 0 104,000 150,000 Yearly Fee 89,100 73,000 76,500 93,000 45,000 75,500 0 105,000 0 97,200   Hike   10-20%               10%   Installments   3                   Address JUBILEE HILLS BRANCH:
 Plot No. 962, Road No.48,
Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad Survey No 74
Khajaguda Village, Golkonda Post Plot N0. 727, Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills 1150 Ayyappa Society Main Road,
Madhapur Survey No. 54, Near Hotel Quality Pearl Inn, Hi-Tech City- Gachi Bowli Link Road, Gachi Bowli Plot 43, Pine Valley Adjacent to Cyberabad Police Commissionerate Gachibowli Hyderabad AP 500 032  98/B/85/1,Near Venkateswara College,
 Vittal Rao Nagar,
Madhapur Plot No 72 & 73, Phase –I, Kavuri Hills,
Jubilee Hills Extn #5-11, Opposite Cyber Tower
Kukatpally, Bypass, Madhapur Plot No 72 & 73, Phase –I, Kavuri Hills,
Jubilee Hills Extn   Playground Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No No Yes   Phone  Phones:: 040-23540093, 23544484     4220 6060 / 80088 83223
  Tel No- 8099956111 / 8099956222 40-64637100 /1 /2
 Tel : 65888855 / 64588887  91-40-42021001, 42021003  Telephone
 +91-40- 65262631/32, 65440229      Notes   Books,Uniform,activity fee is not included                   Status       Closed              

Tikly 2012-02-08 00:45:01



I tried posting an excel sheet with all gathered information, it became cluttered.....




Tikly 2012-02-08 01:14:48


I had been to Phoenix Greens and Euro School today,PFB my comments:

Phoenix Greens:



>preprimary campus is impressive,gud small play area,it has only till PP2.

>Fee is reasonable

>Location is also good

>they provide snax and lunch

morning time is for learning and aftr lunch nap time after physical activities till 3:00

Day care is also there.


>The counseller

>Why is this school named as International ,even they are not following IGCSE or IB?

>More concentration on charaties etc...

Euro School:




>existence in other cities and had good feedback

>It is not franchaisee, it is direct Euro school, earlier there used to be Euro school in madhapur which was given for franchaisee but suddenly they dropped the franchaisee and then the franchaisee mgt named it as Global Edge school

>No local management all euro schools are uniformely managed

>It is equal to A+ rated euro kids schools

>Good location

>They follow educomp for all classes


>Concrete building without big campus

>they say they acquired govt land in front for play area but after school hrs anybody can use it

>as new school, staff may be new and thay may take some time to get adjusted

>in broture it is said will be affliated to CBSC

>No lunch for this year

>By now construction shld have completed ideallyy asa admissions are going on, they said it will be ready by June.

>What is the guaruntee that the govt land will be succesfuulu utilised without any problems in future?

---If anybody wants to add anything please add to these points....


 Former member 2012-02-08 01:18:22


 Wow thanks for the info Tikly.... Now that the status is closed i think i better wait until i come back and directly try in the schools which r available.... Or else join my daughter in any nearby school such as Bachpan/Euro kids etc for 1yr and try to get admission in bigger schools the next yr.... 

Lets see wat happens..... But anyways thank u so much for takng time and providing me all the schools info...


 Former member 2012-02-08 01:22:19


 I'll still keep trying my best until the schools reopen and positively hope for a seat in gud school.....


ritusaurabh 2012-02-08 07:34:11



The uniform fee is Rs 500 for boys and 550 for girls. They have requested to buy at least 3 sets.

For books they have mentioned in the circular that by End of march it will be avialble on a link (its there in a circular which they provide when you pay teh fee)

No mention of how much would it cost. No mention of "Activity fee" as well.


ritusaurabh 2012-02-08 07:35:50



just to add to what I wrote above, one of the parent needs to sign the enrollment form, so I guess one of you will have to be there in person.

You may check with them if that can be proxied for you by any of your relatives who are here.


Priyaraj2005 2012-02-08 10:24:01


Hi ...

Does anyone have any reviews about Hillside Academy, JubileeHills ... I know it is relatively a new school... so if anyone knows about how it is and the fee structure ... Do let us know ...




Priyaraj2005 2012-02-08 10:33:06


The reviews on Hillside are mostlygood on this site ... but the fee structure is confusing ... In one post the tuition fee was 71K, the other had 45K and other somethng else ... So pls post the correct fee is anyone knows it ...  



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