Please provide information regarding admissions for 2012 batch Nursery/PP1

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saimom 2012-01-30 14:38:48


Guys check your spam folder also regularly :-) My orientation mail from Chirec went into Spam folder and i kept on calling the school for the date , and finally it landed in Spam.


ritusaurabh 2012-01-30 14:52:24


I agree with all on the selection process intimation. It does not sound as transparent as by other schools.

Also their mumness on the campus is a bit troubling.


ritusaurabh 2012-01-30 15:21:24


I checked my spam mail and could not find anythng either :(


Nivmad 2012-01-30 15:45:02



For those whose children did not make it to CHIREC don't be disheartened. I am sure there is better in store for them. My daughter did get admission in PP1 but I choose not to put her there considering the distance (I stay in kukatpally) and the lack of openness about the new campus.


deeps786 2012-01-30 15:59:30



how is globetoters school in Jubilee HIlls. U mentioned that ur son is going there for Nursery. How do you like the school. Could you please tell me more about it?



saimom 2012-01-30 17:10:11


@deeps786, its a good school. Last year also my son went there for pre-nursery, and he improved a lot in many aspects after he joined school .

Last year was their first year, and they did quite well . I have no complaints and also my son loves going to Globetoters. The teaching staff and support staff are really good.

I know you have put your child in Globetoters, don't worry , he/she is going to have a good time there .


deeps786 2012-01-30 17:13:46


Thanks a lot for ur feedback.


Deepikamit 2012-01-31 13:37:56


I got a regret mail from Chirec today.


ritusaurabh 2012-01-31 13:59:04


we got it an hour back as well. :)

Waited so long to hear this ....LOL.....


MehMou 2012-01-31 14:59:25


the regret mail is for - Nursery or PP1?


Deepikamit 2012-01-31 16:13:50


Its for PP1


Balaji99 2012-01-31 16:29:28



When was ur interaction happened in chirec?


Raj007 2012-01-31 18:53:46



Thanks for your reply. Do you have any idea that How much DPS'll hike every year? i think every school doing hike 10 - 20%??


humaira 2012-01-31 20:36:11


Hello Parents,

I did not get any mail from Chirec even today. Anyone else waiting?

@Raj007, DPS has hiked around 25% in the last couple of years. I do agree all schools are doing a hike this year.




VijayV 2012-01-31 22:53:14



Even I have not got any mail from Chirec, pretty eager for this wait to end. I had attended the session on 29th Dec.




PadVen 2012-02-01 04:45:25


Hi All,


For those who got the Regret mail from chirec is it the content?


Thank you for your application to class Nursery. We have completed confirmations as per the admission guidelines.

Your application has been kept on hold pending payments/ any withdrawals that may come up before the school re-opens after summer vacation.

However, this does not guarantee admission. This information may be necessary for you to decide on your future course of action



Padma Venu


ritusaurabh 2012-02-01 10:21:49


No @Padven

this is not a regret mail. This is a mail which tells you that you are on the waitlist.


MehMou 2012-02-01 11:35:41


Has anyone else heard on Nursery admission from Chirec? we had our interaction during the week of 5th Dec. Have not heard back till now


MehMou 2012-02-01 11:47:58


Any reviews on Bhavan's BHEL?


DipsRoy 2012-02-01 13:40:31



Does anybody have any information on the second list for JHPS?



humaira 2012-02-01 14:02:44


@Vijay, Thanks a lot. All the best to you too for the Chirec mail :-)

Anyways, I had called the school today and they informed me that all mails for PP1 would be sent out by the end of this week.

Since, our mails are coming at the end, I seriously doubt if it would have any good news :-(



VijayV 2012-02-01 14:31:21


Oh! thanks for the update Humaira. All we can do now is wait and watch.




humaira 2012-02-01 17:45:13


@ Vijay, an update : I got a mail from Chirec.

Your application has been kept on hold pending payments/ any withdrawls that may come up before the school re-opens after summer vacation.





VijayV 2012-02-01 19:59:03


Same the same mail. All this wait only to hear this... LoL




PadVen 2012-02-01 21:54:57


Thanks a lot everyone for all the replies ... Lets wait to hear a good news from them


VijayV 2012-02-01 22:02:40


JHPS mentioned that parents who kids didn't make it in the first list could visit the office between Feb 1-4 to check for any availability.

Have anyone visited the office today? If yes, can you please share your experience?




Devesh 2012-02-02 10:08:12


 Folks who did not get any email from Chirec are outright rejected (not even on hold). And I am one of them :D

These are only my viewes and not to offend anyone.



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