Pls share your Views - Choose between Kinderkare and Strawberry fields - or any better option !!!

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 Former member 2011-09-03 12:08:50


Dear Parenttree  friends,

I am mother of 3.5 yr old boy, i have been taking care of him at home since his birth but now got an oppurtunity to get back to work. So we looked around daycares near hitech city as i will have to work from Mindspace Raheja from this month end.... i am too confused and anxious as to how he would adjust so i wanted best school cum day care.

I went to Esperanza Madhapur - its hopeless place, very pathetic indeed, theni went to kinderkare they do not share syllabus of kids so i dont know much abt them then i went to Strawberry fields madhapur, its okay type but i didnt find them so profession upto my expectations, they have two different floors for day care and the food is also being provided but i found them too money minded.

I wish to take up work but he is my priority and i want the best daycare for him.

Friends, pls help me in choosing a good day care and school for my son, all your comments and suggestions are very valuable to me , so pls share your views.

Thanks for your time.


Sanam Menon



mickey 2011-09-05 08:47:45


 Hi SanamMenon,

Kindercare is good. You  could write to imbarkha to know more about it through Parentree inbox. She is quite happy and satisfied.

You could also have a look at Sahaja Kids. You could know about it from Kalreth.

 Have a look at Hello Kids in Kondapur. It is also good.




 Former member 2011-09-05 15:23:00


Hi Micky,

I definetely knew u would be the first one to help out with this query, thanks for such prompt reply .

I went to Sahaja kids, i am not much satisfied as its more of home environment, they follow montessori method and the daycare runs there under Balarcade. The place is not child friendly and not in par with current schools, though the owner is a nice person very approachable.

I will check out about Hello Kids and Kinderkare.

Thanks Mickey.





nihsi 2011-09-15 17:00:30


why dont u check once bachpan day care at madhapur ........near image hospital......check it once



 Former member 2011-09-16 10:06:24


Hi Nihsi,

I have checked Bachpan and Kidzee , bachpan the premises and ambience is quite good as its a very new school but they dont provide food facility, which is major setback for me.

Any other views, pls share.




nihsi 2011-09-16 20:19:05


i think they r providing evening snacks part why dont u discuss with them if other things ur ok with ........



 Former member 2011-09-16 21:58:29


yeah today i went there and discussed the sme but they said it is not possible.


 Former member 2011-09-19 16:30:13


Hi Friends,

I have been to Gachibowli Esperanza today, the place is too conjusted, and isnt so lively hmm ...not happy.... after seeing so many schools i think Strawberry fields and kinderkare are my preference still , both are good . Strawberry is little closer to my work place so mostly i may continue with it :-)


vamsi18 2011-09-27 16:32:42


hi ..

why dont u check out swecha kids and CGR international school in ayyappa society..very close to mindspace..jus takes neighbours kids in the apartment are respectively in to these schools and they both are pretty good..




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