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jahnavidr 2011-08-31 04:15:26


Hi Mickey & others,

            I am a new member of the community. Have a few questions regarding my daughter who turned 4 last week.( born in august 2007) We are planning to move to hyd next summer. hoping to reside in begumpet/ ameerpet/ srinagar colony. searched a few schools on line in neraby places. My preferences are CBSE / ICSE board. My queries are

Which class would my daughter be joining in june 1012?  If its UKG what are the chances of admission ?  What consists of the admission process?   It may not be possible for us to come personally and sit the the entrance exam so what other options do we have ?

I have shorlisted a few shools looking at this website with all the parents input and mickeys advice

Geetanjali , Meridian, bharatiya vidya bhavans, chinmaya vidyalaya , P obul reddy

My emphasis is on extra curricular activites as wella s academics. I read that a parent wrote a school has eleven subjects in 1st standard. thats a little too much for the young minds.

Can you please answer my questions as early as you can


mickey 2011-08-31 15:45:12


 Hi Jahnavidr,

Your kid will be 4.10 by June 2012. It is better u  put her in UKG.
The chances of admission in schools like Gitanjali / Nasr / BVB / Chinmaya Vidyalaya/P Obul Reddy purely depends on vacancy. 

You could try in Sister Nivedita (CBSE) Pre-primary & Niraj Public School (ICSE) in Ameerpet. Chances are bright. Please call up these schools . Generally one has to keep track from Oct onwards. You could get the phnos  from the website.

You could also try in Meridian in Banjara Hills and Radcliffe in Balanagar.
Meridian is quite expensive.

Below are the websites     sister nivedita
In one of the threads where there was a discussion about CBSE Vs ICSE, one parent mentioned about the number of subjects in higher grades in ICSE.
You will not have so many subjects in Pre-primary or Primary. .. so don't worry..




jahnavidr 2011-09-01 06:42:54



thanks a ton for your prompt reply. I have all the phone nos of the school. I will start calling them soon. regarding the admission process- do you think any recommendations work or is it purely on merit basis( entrance exam / interview). As I mentioned it wont be possible for my  daughter to sit for the exams in dec or jan as we wont be able to come to hyd till summer. What is the criteria for admission in general in any school?




mickey 2011-09-02 09:50:20


 Hi Jahnavi,
The foremost criteria is the interview/ test for the child on the basis of which the child is selected. Recommendations don't work always but you could try if you have any.

If you don't get in leading schools of your choice, you could put her in preschools like Bachpan, Kidzee or Eurokids as of now and try for leading schools in class 1.




jahnavidr 2011-09-03 04:52:55


HI Mickey

Thanks for the reply

 I dont have any recommendations whatsoever so thats out of question. If I put my girl in a preschool now how easy or diifficult is it to get admission in above mentioned schools in 1st class. I was keen on chinmaya vidyalaya. Are there more chances of getting admission in 1st std rather than UKG? What is your opinion about DPS? Is it on par with other schools like chinmaya, meridian, bhavans?




mickey 2011-09-03 10:02:07


 Hi Jahnavidr,
You can meet the correpondent of Chinmaya Vidyalaya and submit your application.This year, there was no vacancy and i went to school thrice to enquire for class 1 for one my friends. I was told to submit the application to the Correspondent. 
You can as such try for UKG too. If there is any vacancy, the school will let u know. Try to keep in touch.

DPS is good too and it's fees is higher than that of Chinmaya & BVB. 

Yes, it is at par with the schools which  you have mentioned above.




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