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ChanduM 2011-08-29 15:02:32


Hello everyone,

I am a keen follower of this site and keep reading all the latest information that we have on schools from Mickey and others.

My kid is 1.9 years young and we are planning to send her to a play school in kukatpally. I need your suggestions on the best pre/paly school that we have in that area. I am actually thinking her to join from nursery and but need pros and cons of joining her in playschool.



mickey 2011-08-30 11:06:35


 Hi Chandu,
Bubbles in Kukatpally is quite good.

Joining in a playschool is optional as such. If the school is very near and the timings are suitable for your child as well as you, u can go ahead.  It is ideal to join the child at 2.5+.  



ChanduM 2011-08-30 12:16:14


Hi Mickey,

Thank you for your reply. What would you like me to prefer out of Bubbles, Bachpan, Eurokids and could you let me know the fee details if you have them ready.


mickey 2011-08-31 16:03:44


 Hi Chandu,

Both Bubbles and Bachpan are good. One of my friends had admitted her daughter in Bachpan at Kukatpally  before relocating to US. She was quite happy and satisfied.

Bubbles has very good reviews too in this forum. Sorry, no idea about EuroKids (Kukatpally).  Pl  go through the below link.

All are quite affordable schools. I don't have  exact fee structure.





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