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RamyaRamaswamy 2011-08-17 01:45:58


Hi Mickey,

This is Ramya Ramaswamy from Chennai. I have a daughter who is 3 and half years old  we will be relocating to hyderabad  in Oct/Nov . I am looking for LKG admission for next acadamic year in a best CBSE school. My budget is around 80K. we may plan to rent a flat based on school. As we are new to hyderbad, we really do not know anything abt schools in hyd.

I went thru the parent tree site and read your valuble information. we have selected the following CBSE schools.  BVB (banjarahills), Jublihills public school, Meridian,P. Obul Reddy school, DAV banjara hills, chinmaya vidyalaya. But we do not know the best school among them. We are totally confused in selecting the school from this list.

Could you pls help us.

what I am looking in the school:

Very good acadamics, Extra circular activities, Infrastrucutre, students&teachers ratio, personal attention/care taken on each student, and more perticularly students from the school should have very good communication skills .

my daughter speacks tamil fluently and she can understand english. we do not understand telugu. So  I am looking for a school which insists students speacking in english start from the begining . so that my daughter will not face any problem with other students.

After considering the above things:

Mickey , could you please suggest me the best school among the above schools. Pls  prioritise these schools and give us the pros and cons of these schools ( if possible).

any idea on when the above schools start issuing application forms for LKG?

your help will be greatly help us. Thanks for ur time.

Warm Regards,



mickey 2011-08-17 12:17:51


 Hi Ramya, 
In most of the schools, admission forms are in given in Nov/Dec. You can keep a track of it from Oct'11 onwards.

Out of all schools listed above, you could prefer BVB, Chinmaya, P Obul Reddy  followed by Meridian and JHPS.

You could have Meridian as your first choice too if u  r  open to high fee structure.

JHPS takes heavy donation which can be upto 1 lakh.  BVB , Chinmaya and Obul Reddy are easy on pocket.

Last yr, BVB & P Obul Reddy had lottery system in LKG. You need to apply in atleast 3 to 4 schools. Getting in Meridian is not that tough when compared to BVB, Chinmaya and P Obul Reddy.

All the schools do encourage children to speak in English but u definitely cannot expect more stress on communication in Pre-primary in these schools. You should look for schools where most of  your requirements are met. You can opt for any of the above mentioned schools as such. 

You could include Chirec and DPS too in the above list.
Chirec, DPS and Meridian exceed your budget.



RamyaRamaswamy 2011-08-18 01:42:15


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

What will be admission procedure at chinmaya for LKG? how many seats do it has in LKG? what is their selection process? how difficult is is getting seat for LKG in chinmaya? what is the students and teachers ration in each class/lkg in chinmaya? do they pay attention on each child?

Pls let me know. Your  feed back  will be greatly helpful to me.



mickey 2011-08-18 08:58:20


 Hi Ramya, The admission forms for Chinmaya will be given in the first week of Dec.
Last yr, it was given on Dec 6th and 7th. You can keep a track of it from Nov'11 onwards. The school gives a paper notification too. The selection is based on the interview of the child and parents. Yes, there is lot of  competition for  LKG. There are 25 students per section.

Of late, i've heard from a few parents that the school is giving lot of homework in Pre-primary.   You can always talk to the Headmistress and bring things to her notice. 

You will find parents of Pre-primary children after 12noon near the school. Please talk to them and  then decide.



Darshika 2013-01-28 12:55:29


 mickey please help me out...

suggest best cbse schools in hyderbad with annual fee not more than 25k,has playground,upto 12th class,good results....

is it easy to get admission for private employed like me with out any reservation to get into kv?

is it easy to get seat in lfs,uppal and is it good school

is panineeya mahavidyalay ,dsnr good school?



behappy 2013-01-28 14:24:41


Mickey the angel........somebody's awaiting ur answer.................


Pranie 2013-01-31 17:07:12


Hi Mickey,


I want have feed back about Meridian ,Madhapur branch.If you have any idea please share at the earliest.About Academics,Extra circulat activites,student teacher ratio and student parent communication about our ward....etc


mickey 2013-02-07 13:54:35


 Hi Pranie,
Its quite good. One of my friends is planning to get her kids admitted here.
She is relocating to Hi-Tech city and has spoken to couple of parents and went around the school too. Pl  visit the school.

Hi Darshika,

Sorry..... a bit late in replying......I was quite occupied

Well, LFS at Uppal is just picking up. Not heard of great reviews as such. 

No idea about Panineeya. Most of the schools in DSNR are following SSC and  housed in apartments which are purely academic oriented.........





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