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Cherri 2011-08-09 20:31:25


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for your valueble info . Really appreciate your help.

any idea on the fee structure and donation on the following schools for UKG and Grade 1 , pls let me know.

1) NAsr girl school 2) geethanjali 3) Niraj school 4) Vidyarnaya 5) future kids

Thanks in advance.





mickey 2011-08-11 10:15:13


 Hi Cherri,

I have fee details of class 1 of  Nasr , Geetanjali (Devashray) & Niraj.

In Nasr for class1 this yr , it is 7K* 3 i.e 21K  excluding transport. Admission fee might be around 40Kor so. My friend has paid 35K last yr for Nursery. Transport is 15K per annum this year.

In Nasr, LKG&UKG fee is collected at one time. It was around 54K this year.

I enquired from my friend whose kid is in Gitanjali Devashray. She has paid around  35K in all for LKG. So for UKG and Class 1, it should be around  40K or so. Gitanjali school in Begumpet would  also be having  approximately the same fee structure.

In Niraj Public School too, the fee is approximately around 50K-55K for class 1.

All the above schools are pocket friendly except for Future kids.  FKS has also mess facility , so the fee would be slightly more.

Vidyaranya is  also an affordable school. I don't have the current fee structure. There is lot of demand for Vidyaranya, Gitanjali and Nasr.



CNR 2011-08-11 20:22:13



Hi Mickey,

I need your advice in selecting a good ICSE school for my daughter. could you pls help me. My budget is 70K.

I am a working mom and a single parent. My daughter is studying LKG and she is 3.5 years old. She is very intelligent , very active  girl and she can grasp the things very quickly. 

most of the time my daughter is with her grand parents after the school. grand parents speak telugu only. in the present school , they do not insist her speacking english. they allow the kids freely speacking in telugu in the school/class premisis. my daughter just sings some english rhymes . thats it . she does not speack at least one  english word. I am very much worried about this.

I am thinking to put my daughter in other school for UKG. I am looking for a school which teaches very good english and which insists the children to speack in english.

is Gitanjali Devashray an ICSE school? which is better school among Geethanjali -Begumpet , Gitanjali Devashray and Neeraj ? can you pls prioritise/rank these  schools .

Pls let me know which school teaches a very good english and insists the children to speack in english in the school premisis .

Thanks in advance,



mickey 2011-08-12 13:44:05


 Hi CNR,

I think, you shouldn't opt for ICSE just for communication skills. There are good CBSE schools too where children are encouraged to speak in English. 

Gitanjali Devashray is a CBSE school. Getting into UKG in Gitanjali is a bit tough coz it depends on vacancies. You can however try in the month of Oct/Nov/Dec'11.
Niraj's students too speak good english. You could prefer Gitanjali Begumpet / Devashray followed by Niraj.  Nasr is infact  very particular about kids speaking only in English. The school has a grade  in its report cards particularly related to communcation skills in English. 

I  think, you should  also encourage her  at home  when u come back and speak in English coz she is anyway speaking in your mother tongue with your parents.Don't worry, she is just  3.5 and children pick up any language very fast.

Apart from Gitanjali& Niraj, u could try in Vidyaranya, kalpa or Chaitanya Vidyalaya. All are ICSE schools and stress on  good communication skills in English.

If you don't get in Gitanjali or any ICSE school next yr, opt for DPS  Diamond point or Mahendra Hills.



CNR 2011-08-12 21:27:47



Hi Mickey,

Thank you so much for ur quick reply. 

.Any idea on Geethanjali devashala ( I learnt that it is from Geethanjali -begumpet) school? How it is doing?

 if i put my daughter in DPS for UKG, in future can i put my daughter in schools like Nasr/geethanjali/neeraj/vidyarnaya/chaitanya vidyalaya for grade1 , in case if there are vaccanicies available for grade1. 

Which is best  between  DPS diamond point and DPS mahendra hills.

Pls let me know. 

Thanks for your time.




mickey 2011-08-14 09:11:36


 Hi CNR,

Gitanjali Devshala is good too. The classrooms in pre-primary are a bit small though. U can surely join her in other schools too which u have mentioned. But u shouldn't delay it much to join her in ICSE schools coz the syllabus is quite vast in ICSE schools and it is better to put kids in ICSE in class 1 than putting them in higher classes so that they adjusted to ICSE curriculum right from the beginning.

If u get in DPS, u actually don't need to shift her to ICSE school too unless you are very particular.

Both DPS at Diamind pont and Mahendra Hills is good. Diamond point is till 10th but Mahendra Hills is till 4th or 5th grade and after that children will be shifted to DPS, Nacharam. However the fee will be much high when compared to Gitanjali . Try for Gitanjali this oct/nov/dec . 



Vijayranga 2019-02-03 16:03:38


Hi All,

Please suggest a good non-international school around Lingampalli, chanda nagar for my child for 1st standard admission.


Clapz334 2021-02-01 11:36:42


Vijayranga, you can go for global edge, tatva global school, vista school and maybe even sentia global and vikas the concept school. Email pranav.veluri10@gmail.com for fee structures.



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