Can you please suggest an international school for 5th grade?

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mlisle 2011-08-07 22:04:22


Hi Mickey and fellow parents on this forum,

can you please suggest an international school for 5th grade.   My family is in India and we are looking for schools in and around kompally/Secunderabad area.  We will be at Yapral area, Secunderabad.  My son has completed 4th grade in the US.  He has knows Hindi - letters, words and can read very little but does know the meaning.  Speaks telugu at home.  We are thinking to look at - Ivy League, Oakridge bachupally, possibly Neeraj - please suggest other good schools around? 

We are also looking for a school for my younger son - going to UKG.  He completed two years of preschool here in the US - he is 5 years old.  can you please suggest any good schools? 

thank you all very much -


shailajakaranam 2011-08-07 22:46:09


Hi Maruthi,

Please check out Abhaya, the Waldorf school. One of my friend's daughter( who studied till 4th in the US) is studying there and she is quite happy.

They follow Waldorf curriculum till 7th and then move to CBSE.




mlisle 2011-08-08 08:21:16


thank you very much Shailaja.  appreciate your reply.   We will go to Abhya. 



mickey 2011-08-08 08:48:10


 Hello Mlisle,

Niraj International School at Kompally would be very good. Pl do check out. You can speak to Ms Anita Nair. The fee is not that high when compared to other International schools. The school is real value for money. The school encourages active parent participation in student learning and development. They are welcomed as volunteer partners in the school. The school also provides remedial classes for languages.

Abhaya also would be stress free school as suggested by Shailaja and the fee would be less when compared to Niraj Intl. However, it might not have all the activities, infrastructure and other amenities as Niraj.

You could also have a look at Indus World School at Yapral & DRS International in Kompally.

Pl have a look at all the schools, talk to the academic counsellors, Principal and other parents too before taking a final decision.



mlisle 2011-08-08 10:15:59


thank you Mickey!  appreciate your time and efforts!

have started exploring Waldorf - looked at and spoke to folks at Diksha and Abhaya.  we will check them out. 

Read about waldorf system in the forum... hope to make a final call after the visit.  we will based in yapral - indus world will be around 2.4 km... but heard the school is not good ?? 

I am thinking we will probably decide between abhaya/diksha/sadhu vaswani/neeraj and ivyleague.. ofcourse after school visits and checking out the school - like you said.    any comments on Diksha compared to Abhaya ?? 





mickey 2011-08-08 10:32:54


 Hi Maruthi, Diksha is equally good. Read good reviews about Diksha  last year in this forum. Don't know the current status........



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