Shifting to Hyderabad in mid term need help with Schools for LKG

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Pbhat 2011-08-03 11:43:09




We are shifting to Hyderabad in Sept 2011. My son is Oct 2007 born and is currently studying in LKG. Most of the good schools in Hyderabad have closed addimission for this year. Please suggest how I can get my son admitted to good schools in Hyderabad and/ or not loose a year. Our preference is CBSE schools but we are open to others if that means saving his year. Also, I will be working in Hi-tech city and will prefer staying closeby so a school near by will be good.

Please help!!



mili1 2011-08-03 12:53:41


Hi Pbhat

you can check at  Manthan International School,Madhapur.







Pbhat 2011-08-05 00:48:26


 Thanks for the response Mili.


Any other schools that you can recommmend.





mickey 2011-08-05 09:42:52


 Hi Pbhat, I agree with Mili. Manthan would be a very good choice.  Apart from it, u could try in Phoenix Greens & Prerna waldorf school in Gachibowli close to Hi-Tech city. U can also try in Euroschool & Meridian in Madhapur.

You could also get in Sanskriti school in Kondapur and Sancta Maria in Lingampally. Sancta Maria is a bit expensive and  far from Hi-tech city.

There are chances in Sentia-The Global & The Vikas-Concept School in Miyapur apart from Fountainhead.

Your son doesn't have to lose one year just bcoz you are seeking admission midterm. All the above mentioned schools are CBSE and have good reviews in this forum except for Sancta Maria which follows International curriculum.

Alternatively you could join your son in pre-school chains like Euro kids, Bachpan, Hello Kids, Bubbles etc  in LKG and try for UKG or class 1 later. 



saimom 2011-08-05 11:56:04


Hello Micky,

I have always seen your replies and turst me was very much impressed with the way you answer.

I had started a discussion about CBSE school in around Madhapur, kondapur Hi-tech city. Can you also please reply on that thread.

And also if possible can you please share your views on Chirec





mickey 2011-08-06 10:56:23


 Hi Saimom,

Pl send  me the link. There are many threads where schools near Hi-tech city have been mentioned and discussed too. You could use the above search engine to find.

Well, in my above post to Pbhat, i have mentioned schools near Hi-Tech city/ Kondapur and Madhapur. You can have a look.

Below are the schools near Hi-Tech city/ Madhapur/ Kondapur :

 MVM, Sentia-The Global, Vikas, The Creek, Sanskriti, DAV,  Sanghamitra,  Euroschool, CGR Intl , Prerna   Waldorf , DPS, Chirec  , Oakridge, Orchids, Meridian, Sancta Maria , Phoenix Greens.

 Chirec is good. There is lot of competition for Chirec. Pl fill the enquiry form  i its website and submit it at the earliest so that you will be informed about the vacancy. It is better to  keep track of the admission process from Oct end.



prasasri 2011-11-27 10:25:35


Hi Mickey,

My daughter is gong to 8th next academic year and she will be transfering from Bangalore to Hyd.  Presently her second language is Kannada and my question is can she be able to choose Sanskrit as second language in CBSC schools in Hyd

Also, would like your comparisons with respect to ICSE, CBSC AND State syllabus.

Appreciate your swift response.






mickey 2011-11-27 12:46:10


 Hi Prasad,
If your daughter knows sanskrit, she can go ahead with sanskrit as second lang in class 9 else it will be difficult for her bcoz it needs lot of basics. Hindi would be the safest option.

You cannot opt for SSC at this stage coz telugu is compulsory in SSC. Choose between CBSE or ICSE. CBSE would be a better option i guess at this stage. CBSE doesn't have X Boards and follows CCE where only grades are given. The class X report consists of grades in class 9 &10. Shifting to ICSE would put lot of stress on her in class 9 . CBSE is equally good and has become stress free now. There are many threads in this forum where u can read CBSE Vs ICSE. 



mickey 2011-11-27 12:48:55


 Hi Prasad,

In class 8, your daughter can opt for sanskrit as a 3rd language provided she knows a bit of it and hindi as second language . From class 9, there is no third language. 






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